Fiona Asonga

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  1. McTim says:

    Having known Fiona for many years via TESPOK/AFRINIC and ICANN, I am confident she will make an excellent ICANN Board Member. In fact, I encouraged her to become more involved with the ASO and she has done a fantastic job there.

    I first met Fiona at WSIS and have continued to be impressed at her grasp of policy and politics of interconnection in the region as well as globally. Her global perspective and deep experience make her an excellent candidate for the Board seat.

  2. Walu John says:

    Fiona is truly up to the task of serving on the ICANN board. She has extensive experience in Kenya and internationally as being an influential play in ICT governance and related matters.

  3. Walu John says:

    Fiona is up to the task. I have known her as someone who can articulate issues and deliver results at Board level. She deserves the opportunity to serve.

  4. I believe that Fiona would bring some excellent skill sets and experience to the ICANN Board should she be selected, and is more than fit and capable of successfully undertaking all that is expected and desirable in an ICANN Board Member… I have had the honour and privilege of working with er on a number of projects through ICANN,including but not limited to her work with ATRT2, and the CCWG on Accountability; I am also, of course, proud to count her amongst some of the very talented and tenacious ‘Women Worth Knowing’ from our Women in DNS Network.

  5. Eng. Martin Obuya says:

    I have known Fiona for 10 years and l can confirm she is a suitable person for the board plus her industry rich experience and steadfast leadship will add great value to ICANN. She has my full support & endorsement. Thx. Eng. Martin Obuya, President, ISOC Kenya.

  6. Andrew Alston says:

    Having worked with Fiona over many years, I know her as someone driven, hard working, strongly ethical and deeply knowledgeable. Her involvement in the internet community speaks for itself and is a matter of well documented public record. I believe she would be an ideal candidate and an asset to ICANN.

  7. Aminata Garba says:

    Fiona has been very active in the Internet ecosystem and its development. She will make a positive contribution as a board member of ICANN.

  8. Jean-Robert Hountomey says:

    I have known Fiona for several years at AfNOG, AfriNIC, ICANN. Her hard word, dedication to the community and her commitment to Operation excellence makes her an ideal candidate to serve at ICANN Board.

  9. Kevin Chege says:

    I have known Fiona for several years now and she is a passionate and dedicated individual who puts tremendous effort in all her activities.

  10. I have known Fiona for the past 6 years and she has been instrumental in internet development efforts both at east africa level, Regional level (Africa) and globally. I full support her appointment in the ICANN Board.

  11. Liz Orembo says:

    I recommend Fiona to the board, her contribution to Internet development both at local and global levels is outstanding.

  12. Fiona is very focused and is a clear pride of Africa.

  13. Leonard Obonyo says:

    Fiona exhibits an impressive blend of policy acumen and operational effectiveness. She is a valuable resource to the internet community.

  14. I have known Fiona for close to 2 years during which time she has exemplified professionalism in her dealings with our organization as well as championed our causes through TESPOK. In my opinion, having Fiona in your board will be an asset to your organization as she brings to the table years of experience and expertise on telecommunication as well as passion, persistence and patience in whatever she does.

  15. Seun Ojedeji says:

    I have known Fiona for over 5 years and i believe she has what it takes to serve in such capacity. Myself and Fiona have collaborated on various platforms including within the RIRs (specifically AFRINIC where i serve as the PDWG Co-Chair) and within the ICANN space as well.


  16. Abdalla Omari says:

    Fiona is able to handle board matters owing to her many years exposure to such

  17. Paul says:

    Fiona will represent the continent on the board well as she has already done with her other assignments

  18. BERAN GILLEN says:

    Over the years, I have interfaced with Fiona not only on a technical level through AFRINIC and Afnog (AIS) activities but also on an engagement level through ISOC chapters and most notably women in ICT and girls in ICT programs. Fiona is a very passionate individual, of high integrity, sociable, outgoing and of most importance in my opinion for this role, great interpersonal skills. ICANN is the ICANN community. The community is diverse and one must have an equally rich and diverse background to navigate this complex world of ICANN. I believe that Fiona not only has these qualities but is also heavily involved in local initiatives within the region which I believe give her the edge in driving ICANN more into the grassroots levels in Africa.

  19. Tony Karanja says:

    I recommend Fiona to the board due to her contribution to the growth of internet in the region,i fully support this

  20. Francis Ndegwa says:

    I support Fiona for the position in the ICANN board due to her record and interest in growing the internet ecosystem

  21. Daniel Mpumwire says:

    Fiona’s contribution to the Internet in Africa is remarkable. I support her for the ICANN board

  22. Batuta Gloria says:

    Fiona is a pillar of the African Internet community. Her continued service at the ICANN is a natural fit.

  23. Salma Shaaban says:

    Fiona is fit for this Position.She deserves it.

  24. Arnold Kokonya says:

    Fiona is totally fit for this position with a C.V. as big as this. She deserves it.

  25. Natalie Kokonya says:

    Fiona is tenacious, ethical, hard working and a strong team leader. There’s no better nominee.

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