Lee Howard


Arlington Virginia USA – ARIN


• Business and technology leader with record of improving productivity and efficiency. Demonstrated increase in revenue and reduction and control of expenses, and corresponding improvements in transparency and predictability, through hands-on leadership, standardization and automation.
• Ability to develop, articulate and implement a vision for an organization.
• Leader in IPv6, including business and political analysis.
• Author of six RFCs and eight patents.


Senior Vice President
IPv4.Global by Hilco Streambank New York, NY September 2019 – present
• Responsible for P&L, managing sales, technology, and operations for largest IPv4 broker. After a first year marked by no growth during the pandemic, increased revenue 3X and net income 5X in the second year.
• Improved systems, training, and processes to double productivity. Built a global reputation differentiated by integrity and excellent service.
• Built a sales team from nothing, restructured pricing, accelerated marketing content, set and reported on KPIs.

Retevia Fairfax, VA February 2017 – February 2020
• Founded company providing IPv6:IPv4 translators, translation as a service, training, and consulting.
• Developed products in in AWS, ansible, git, HAProxy, Jool, VPP, P4, bash, on CentOS and Ubuntu.
• Developed hands-on network training using IPv6 examples. Curriculum includes installing, configuring, and securing an Apache web server, BIND DNS server, and Postfix mail server, on Raspberry Pi, to bring an inexperienced technician to IPv6 Sage in a week. Supplemental work included network configuration, security, troubleshooting, AWS, and layer 4 networking.
• Consulted with large and small companies on the IPv6 transition and the IPv4 address market.

Director of Network Technology
Time Warner Cable Herndon, VA November 2008 – October 2016
• Evaluated evolving technologies 2-5 years from deployment. Led team of principal engineers, developed vision of Software-Defined Networking (SDN), DOCSIS evolution, routing security, and network measurement.
• Sponsored and led company’s IPv6 deployment. Deployed IPv6 to millions of users, for Internet access and device management. Supported IPv6 development for many products, to avoid risks and costs of Carrier-Grade NAT or buying IPv4 addresses. Became world’s fourth largest IPv6 network.
• Participated in standards development, including IETF, CableLabs, MAAWG, BCOP.
• Supported Government Affairs with engineering advice for public policy issues. Worked closely with ISOC, NCTA, BITAG. Improved FCC’s Measuring Broadband America methods, contributed to measurement efforts.

Director, IT Engineering
Stanley Associates Arlington, VA November 2004 – November 2008
• Built network and developed operational processes to support growth from three small sites to enterprise of twenty-five sites, as company expanded, went public, and became compliant with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX).
• Deputy CIO, responsible for reporting and coordination of efforts.
• Managed Network Engineering team, and later, Systems Integration. Combined organization managed Cisco routers, switches, and CallManager telephony, Microsoft Windows server infrastructure, Active Directory, Exchange, ISA, DNS.
• Integrated corporate networks of three acquired companies.
• Audited network operating costs, reduced recurring costs by 30% in first year, and another 25% in third year. Developed process for controlling recurring expenses.
• Redesigned network to reduce scope of potential failures, provided redundancy to reduce single points of failure.
• Implemented monitoring system, configuration management, change management, and standards for hardware, software, and processes.

Technical Project Manager, Complex Hosting
Blackboard, Inc. Washington, D.C. February 2004 – November 2004
• Project manager for ASP Hosting organization, developing processes and procedures to turn around relationship with major clients.
• Documented existing and planned architectures, including network, storage arrays, Oracle 9i RAC, cookie-based load balancing, backup and recovery strategy.
• Documented and provided project management of administrators of Sun database servers with fibre channel-connected EMC storage arrays, and Dell front-end and application servers running RedHat Linux.
• Reconciled inventory to invoicing, audited monitoring systems, developed performance test plan and test environment.

Senior Manager, Internet Service Delivery
UUNET Ashburn, VA January 1997 – November 2003
• Started as engineer, multiple promotions to senior manager. Led team installing Internet access for customers in the U.S., U.K., Latin America, and Asia Pacific. Created IP VPN and VOIP engineering teams. Managed through change (WorldCom, MCI).
• Tripled productivity while managing growth of team to 130 engineers plus nine managers. Increased productivity an average of 50% per year for five years, measured in number of activations per person.
• Used Six Sigma to identify process and automation gaps. Wrote Perl and shell scripts to automate reporting and router configuration tools. Increased customer satisfaction overall as measured by surveys.
• Managed team handling ARIN, LACNIC, and APNIC relationships.
• Designed BGP manual and taught BGP class.

Internet Administrator
Management Analysis, Inc. McLean, VA February 1996 – January 1997
• Technician for Internet service provider. Usenet news administrator and Web administrator.
• Installed 56K and T1 lines for customers. Assigned IP addresses, provided name service and set up routing. LAN administrator for forty-user NetWare LAN.

Network Administrator
Keep It Simple Technology, Inc. Gaithersburg, MD July 1995 – February 1996
• Responsible for thirty-user LAN with three NetWare servers, variety of workstations. Integral to company’s transition to Internet Service Provider.

Network Consultant
Blair, Dubilier and Associates, Inc. Bethesda, MD April 1994 – July 1995
• Managed Novell NetWare networks of DOS, Windows, and Macintosh workstations.

Education and Certifications

Bachelor of Arts, English and French, James Madison University Harrisonburg, VA
SECRET clearance, inactive November 2008.
CCNA, Cisco Certified Network Associate, April 2005.
PMP, Project Management Professional, October 2007 – October 2017.
GSLC, GIAC Security Leadership Certification, September 2008.
AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, October 2018.
IPv6 Forum Certified Network Engineer (Gold)(Trainer), August 2018.
Certified instructor of FranklinCovey class FOCUS: Achieving Your Highest Priorities.


President February 2019 – January 2020
Industry Network Technology Council
Startup business league to support enterprises in network standards development.

Internet Architecture Board (IAB) Member March 2016 – March 2018
Architectural oversight of the Internet and procedural management of the IETF, RFC Series, and IANA.

Working Group Chair
IETF v6ops working group June 2014 – May 2018
• Co-chair working group on IPv6 operations.
IETF 6renum working group May 2012 – October 2013
• Co-chair working group on enterprise IPv6 renumbering problems.

Board of Trustees Member January 2002 – December 2004
ARIN Chantilly, VA January 2006 – December 2010
• As Trustee, responsible for the business affairs and financial health of ARIN, the American Registry for Internet Numbers. Board activities include oversight of IP numbering policy, contracts, and working with related institutions, including ICANN, ITU, IGF.
• As Treasurer, oversee Financial Services staff, manage a budget over $12 million and assets over $25 million, chair Finance Committee.
• As Secretary, serve as Vice Chair. Maintain minutes and records, act as parliamentarian.
• Chaired committee on Board changes to resist capture by a single interest.
• Chaired committee to revise Policy Development Process.
• As member of Compensation Committee, review CEO performance and compensation of Chief Executive Officer.

Member of ICANN ASO AC
ICANN Address Supporting Organization January 2005 – December 2005
• Appointed by ARIN Board to NRO NC (Number Resource Organization Numbers Council), which is the ICANN ASO AC (Address Supporting Organization Address Council).
• Active in developing internal processes and global policy.
• Spoke on behalf of ASO AC at UN WGIG (United Nations Working Group on Internet Governance) open consultation in Geneva, 2005.

Scout Leader
Boy Scout Troop 1533, Cub Scout Pack 1533 August 2007 – November 2013
• Den Leader for four years. Assistant Scoutmaster 2011-2013.

Board of Governors Member December 2012 – April 2014
Open Hearth Foundation Washington, D.C.
• As Treasurer, hire and oversee bookkeeping operations. Prepare annual budget, financial reports for a small nonprofit community center.


• IPv6 in the Data Center. Presented at SCTE 2009.
• RFC6204, DOI 10.17487/RFC6204 “Basic Requirements for Customer Edge Routers.” Contributor.
• RFC6540, BCP177, DOI 10.17487/RFC6540 “IPv6 Support Required for All IP-Capable Nodes.” Co-author.
• RFC6782, DOI 10.17487/RFC6782 “Wireline Incremental IPv6” Co-author.
• RFC7021, DOI 10.17487/RFC7021 “Assessing the Impact of Carrier-Grade NAT on Network Applications.” Co-author.
• RFC7381, DOI 10.17487/RFC7381 “Enterprise IPv6 Deployment Guidelines.” Co-author.
• Internet Access Pricing in a Post-IPv4 Runout World. Presented at NANOG56, 2012 Rocky Mountain IPv6 Summit, APNIC 36 as “TCO of CGN.”
• RFC8501, DOI 10.17487/RFC8501 “Reverse DNS in IPv6 for Internet Service Providers.” Author.
• RFC9313, DOI 10.17487/RFC9313 “Pros and Cons of IPv6 Transition Technologies for IPv4-as-a-Service (IPv4aaS).” Co-author.
• Blog, https://www.retevia.net/blog


• Transition and Co-existence Panel at NANOG 50, convener and moderator.
• Peering Panel at CableLabs Summer Conference 2010, panel member.
• Here Comes IPv6 Abuse at MAAWG, October 2010, panel member.
• IPv6 in Home Networking at Internet ON, December 2010.
• IPv6 in Consumer Electronics at CableLabs Summer Conference 2011, moderator.
• World IPv6 Day (2011) and World IPv6 Launch (2012) panel member at ISOC meetings during IETF and other venues.
• Total Cost of Ownership of Carrier Grade NAT (TCO of CGN) presented at NANOG56, 2012 Rocky Mountain IPv6 Summit, APNIC36 and other venues.
• Costs of Dual Stack presented at NANOG 57, 2013.
• How to Measure IPv6? at v6 World Congress April 2013, panel member.
• Evaluation of the Current Transfer Market panel at INET Denver, April 2013.
• A Game Theory of IPv4-IPv6 Transition presented at NANOG58, June 2013.
• Costs of IPv4-IPv6 Transition presented at ISOC INET-Denver, North American IPv6 Summit, April 2013, and RIPE67, October 2013.
• State of IPv6-only, Lightning Talk at NANOG58, APNIC36, RIPE67.
• IPv6 Performance Bonus Panel at NANOG60, convener and moderator.
• IPv6: Bueno, Bonito, y Barato presented at LACNIC 21, May 2014.
• A Comparison of Public Policies for IPv4-IPv6 Transition presented at TPRC, September 2014, co-authored working paper with Jesse Sowell.
• IPv6 and Security in the Cloud presented at IIESoc Connections 2018.
• Enterprise Experiences with IPv6 presented at IIESoc Connections 2018.
• Game Over IPv4 panel at Internet Governance Forum, November 2018.
• Despliegue de IPv6 en las universidades de México: implementación y seguridad at Encuentro ANUIES-TIC 2022.
• State of the IPv4 Address Market, panel at PTC, January 2023.
• Prisoner of IPv4 presented at NANOG76, June 2019.


• Mechanism for Establishing Reputation in a Network Environment, co-inventor, patents #8,887,238 and #9,432,318.
• Content Discovery and Playback in a Network Environment, inventor, patents #8,925,017 and #9,197,924, #9,462,347, #9,674,581.
• Techniques for Prefix Subnetting, co-inventor, patent #8,995,360.
• Techniques for Assigning Internet Protocol version Six Network Blocks in Unknown Networks, inventor, patent #9,112,764

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  1. Lee Howard has the business, technical and social skills to serve the RIR community as our representative on the ICANN Board. I fully endorse him without reservation and wish him, and ICANN, the most success on his appointment.

  2. Lee Howard has the business skills and temperament to serve the RIR community as our representative on the ICANN Board. I fully endorse him without reservation and wish him, and ICANN, the most success on his appointment.

  3. Tim Wicinski says:

    I know Mr Howard and find him to be technically competent and highly professional. He would be an excellent addition

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