Ndum Vianney Forewah


Cameroon. AFRINIC

Career Vision

A result-oriented career in the application of Information and Communication Technologies for Development and cyber risk mitigation– for individuals, institutions, Companies and international organizations.


Ndum Vianney Forewah is the Executive Director of Community Participation in Sustainable Development (COMPSUDEV) Cameroon, a social enterprise that connects underserved young people and groups with sustainable development opportunities and foster the use of ICT tools to solve problems facing underserved communities.

He is trained as a Telecom Controller – at the National Advanced School of Posts and Telecommunications Cameroon and a Business Administrator at the Higher Institute of Commerce and Management. Ndum Vianney has completed training programs online and onsite in Entrepreneurship at the YALI West Africa Regional Leadership Center – Ghana, Community Development and Leadership at the NexGen Community Leadership Center, Digital Rights and digital security by INTERNEWS, Human rights and humanitarian response by the Human Rights Frontier (HRF), internet governance by IGF, and IPV 6 deployment by Afrinic. He is a human rights risk assessment expert and a digital security adviser for Great Minds Empire.

Ndum Vianney has been honored with the Bamenda Alive City Award for executing sustainable development initiatives, Cameroon Heroes Award for young impact leader and Digicit Award for ICT contributor. He was profiled as one of the 100 digital impact leaders under 30 in 2018 by the African Dream Leadership Network.

Ndum Vianney is a Security, Stability, and Resiliency Review 2 (SSR2) observer under ICANN and official partner to the Open Observatory of Network Interference (OONI) representing Cameroon.

Corporate Memberships

• Member of the Digital rights Coalition Cameroon
• Coordinator and Project Lead, Internet Advocacy Coalition Cameroon
• Member, Cameroon Community Media Network
• Board member, Digital Rights Advocacy Group
• Borad member. NEXGEN Group Digital Security Consulting Firm
• Board member, National Volunteers forum Cameroon
• Executive Committee member, African Girls Development Network
• Executive Committee Member, YALI west African Alumni Association Cameroon
• Country Representative, MOGi Global Leadership School Graduates Cameroon
• Regional Coordinator, Great Minds Empire
• Vice President of American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS), Cameroon Chapter

Academic Information

2023 Fondation Conseil Jeune
2023 Tavcom Training UK
2022 Pirple – Media and Information Literacy Trainer – Certified CCTV Control Room Supervisor – Certified Ethical Hacker
2021 Heroes Nation Nigeria – Certified Management Consultant
2021 Heroes Nation Nigeria – Certified Speaker and Coach
2020 Heroes Nation Nigeria – Certified Customer Relationship Consultant
2020 Heroes Nation Nigeria – Certified Human Resource Professional
2019 Paul’s Computer Institute Bamenda Diploma in Networking and Information Systems
2019 IGF Youth Ambassadors program Internet Governance Forum Youth Ambassador
2018 YALI Leadership Center Ghana Certificate of Entrepreneurship Completion
2018 Safe Net Foundation Digital Rights Capacity Building Certificate
2017 NEXGEN Security Foundation Information Systems Auditor
2016 Higher Institute of Commerce and Management Bch in Business Administration
2013 National Advanced School of P & T Degree in security systems and Telecom Control
2010 Government Bilingual High School Bamenda GCE Advanced Level
2008 Government Bilingual High School Bamenda GCE Ordinary Level
2003 Presbyterian School Azire, Bamenda First School Leaving Certificate

Major Conferences / Workshops

Africa Check Masterclass for Civil Society Organization 2023
Early warning, Early Response Conference 2022
African Fact-Checking Fellowship Conference 2022
Digital Security Training workshop for CSOs 2022
Digital rights inclusion forum Cameroon 2021
SSR2 observer online workshop 2018 – 2022
Digital rights training workshop organized by INTERNEWS in Yaoundé and Douala -2018/2019
YALI Symposium organized by the American Embassy in Cameroon 2018 – 2023
Hi-Tech innovation and entrepreneurship Seminar organized by the Israeli Embassy 2019
Democratic Governance Symposium by Denis and Lenora Foundation 2019
Internet Governance Forum 2019
First Open Consultations Meeting 2019
Youth initiative for inclusive dialogue 2019
YALI Network Conference Cameroon organized by YALI west Africa Alumni 2019
Digital security – Physical security workshop 2019
Internet Governance Forum Cameroon youth Conference 2019
Human rights risk mitigation training workshop 2018
Internet Engineering Task Force 103 Bangkok, Thailand 2018
Digital Rights Coalition Capacity building workshop 2018
African rising for justice peace and dignity – Coordinating Collective Electoral Roll 2018
Youth, peace and security Conference Yaoundé 2017
ICT4D workshop organized by NexGen Community Tech Hub 2017

Work Experience

2013 Administrative Assistant Global finance commerce and loans 
Assisting in administrative duties and managing and distributing information within the office 

2014 Program Assistant FOTRAM CAMEROON. 
Maintaining the organization’s website, assisting with program logistics, volunteer training, and program monitoring 

2016 Development Manager Community Action for Sustainable Development 
Planning the replication of Youth-led projects and development support for CASDEV 

2017 Executive Director – Community Participation in Sustainable Development 
Leading the institutional capacity development of a social enterprise that uses innovative technologies (ICTs) to improve the livelihoods of underserved young people and groups; 

2018 Computer Teacher till date – Training School for Community Health Care Assistants 
Teaching Computer 

2020 ICT/Communications Officer – BAWAC Cameroon 
Management of BAWAC Cameroon website/Graphic design 
Management of Online Communication and IT unit 

2020 Cyber security Lecturer to date– NJOH Polytechnic Buea 
Cybersecurity Audit, Industrial security, and information system security. 

2021 Internet Censorship Researcher – Netalitica Inc. Canada 
Update Citizen Lab’s test lists that network measurement tools use to uncover blocking of websites. 
Cleaning URLs from faulty entries and advancing recommendations for streamlining the process of lists revision with other stakeholders and grassroots organizations, operating in Cameroon. 

2021 Project Lead – NEXGEN GROUP 
Project conception, design, and implementation. 
Tech coordination and bootstrapping 
Create a workspace that encourages creativity and innovation. 
Organize cybersecurity training programs. 

2022 Operations Manager – BUYAM Cameroon 
overseeing a diverse portfolio of cross-functional operational initiatives 
ensure the efficient and effective day-to-day operational management across all eCommerce offers and processes. 

2022 Telecommunications Controller – MINPOSTEL 
Control telecommunications operations 
Cyber security control and evaluation 


English – Fluent 
French – Intermediate 


Writing, public speaking, traveling and research 

Last modified on 30/01/2024


  1. Mr Ndum Vianney is an IT and cyber security guru willing to serve. He is a selfless person and deserves the best. He demonstrated his abilities and was the brain behind the launching of thampersmedia.info. Good luck to this rare breed of experts.

  2. Mr Ndum Vianney Forewah is a great fit for this position as his contribution in I.T. and digital rights advocacy in Cameroon and continental spaces is outstanding. I have had the opportunity to work with him in related projects and he is a great team player and mentor in these spaces. I strongly believe his knowledge and expertise will greatly spur the work of the ICCAN Board

  3. Frida N. Embolo says:

    I nominate Ndum Vianney Forewah because I think he has what it takes to handle this position.

  4. Taka Sande says:

    I am pleased to wholeheartedly endorse Ndum Vianney Forewah for board of director position. Vianney’s exemplary leadership skills, strategic vision, and unwavering commitment to excellence make him an ideal candidate for this role. His dedication to fostering a positive and innovative organizational culture aligns seamlessly with the responsibilities associated with the board position. I am confident that his wealth of experience and passion for driving positive change will make a significant and lasting impact on the board, contributing to the continued success and growth of the organization.

  5. Dr Frida N. Embolo says:

    I would strongly recommend Ndum Vianney Forewah for this position because I believe he has what it takes. We need to promote such talents in our society

  6. I vote for Ndum Vianney Forewah

  7. Pechuqui Laurata says:


  8. Mankaa Inna Che says:

    Vianney is the Best candidate for this position


    Beautiful and outstanding resume you’ve got, we need such minds to impact our generation and young minds in cameroon and the world.

  10. Joseph Gwei says:

    A devoted young man with a lot of leadership potential. He can be entrusted leadership responsibility.

  11. Faith Antia says:

    vote for him

  12. Board of directors seats

  13. Mbeng Lilian Nkung says:

    Amazing and kudos to your hard work,may God continue to take you higher, we need more of cyber security experts in our society like you ,so stop at nothing but to be the best amongst your piers.

  14. Enow Clinton Etengeneng says:

    I strongly Support Mr NDUM Vianney for 2024 Board of Directors

  15. Eunice nice says:

    He was my greatest idol in the tech world

  16. Dih love says:

    Vianney is a great inspiration to this generation

  17. Dih love says:

    He is a great mentor

  18. Udogu Hm says:

    I love to work with this guy

  19. HOSMAN says:

    Great profile love to work with such an ambitious individual

  20. Mendi Kenneth says:

    Mr Ndum Vianney Forewah is a seasoned and renown IT Expert in Cameroon delivering outstanding innovations, mentoring and trainings to IT peers in Cameroon for several years. Vianney is also well grounded in corporate security management aspects thus I do herein affirmed that he’s more qualified for this position. I’m optimistic that you will enjoy his excellent performance in this role.

  21. BOLAM CONRAD says:

    Forewah’s commitment to transparency and accountability, evident in his work with SSR2 and OONI, would inspire confidence in ICANN’s leadership. His election would send a strong message about ICANN’s commitment to ethical governance and stakeholder trust.

  22. I have worked with Ndum Vianny in different capacities from grassroots to national level and I am proud to call him an exceptional and ideal candidate for this position.

    His mastery and committment towards the social enterprise that uses innovative technologies (ICTs) to improve the livelihoods of underserved young people and and vulnerable groups is something worth emulating.

  23. NKOME Emmanuel says:

    I support Vianney to this position

  24. tamanji theodore says:

    His election would send a strong message of ICANN’s commitment to diversity, inclusion, and representation from all corners of the world.

    1. leku sylvie nakou says:

      Vianney Forewah is very good at everything he does!

  25. Eliote Bessong says:

    Ndum Vianney Forewah’s fresh perspective and innovative approach to internet governance would bring valuable new ideas to the ICANN Board.

  26. Mengot George says:

    I’m impressed by Ndum Vianney Forewah’s dedication to digital rights and community development. His experience as a digital rights activist and member of the Cameroon Community Media Network demonstrates a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing internet governance in Africa. His work with COMPSUDEV Cameroon in promoting digital innovation, ICT training, and human rights further shows his commitment to using technology as a force for good.

    I would strongly consider Ndum Vianney Forewah as a candidate. His background and experience would be valuable assets to the Board, and I believe he would represent the interests of African stakeholders effectively.

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