Who to Contact

The Address Supporting Organization’s (ASO) and the Number Resource Organization’s (NRO) work overlaps significantly. You can find a list of who to contact and which mailing lists to subscribe to below:

ASO Contacts and Mailing Lists

Who What Contact
ASO Secretariat General enquiries/information about the ASO or about the ASO Address Council (AC) press enquiries or website issues. secretariat [at] aso.icann.org

ASO Mailing Lists

The ASO  facilitates several public mailing lists for discussion and/or information sharing. These mailing lists are open to everyone. All are publicly archived.

List Topics Subscribe Archives
aso-announce Used by the ASO to make announcements relating to ASO news, global policy development, meetings, and calls for comment. Open to all, posting restricted to ASO Secretariat. Subscribe/Unsubscribe Archives
aso-policy Public discussion forum for the ASO to discuss global policy development (gPDP). It is open to all in line with the ASO MoU. Subscribe/Unsubscribe Archives


ASO Address Council Contacts 

Who What Contact
ASO AC Nominating Committee (NomCom) ICANN Seat 9 and 10 Board Director appointments.  nom-com [at] aso.icann.org

ASO AC Address Council Mailing Lists 

List Topics Subscribe Archives
ac-discuss Workspace for ASO AC operations. Posting is restricted, archive is publicly available. This mailing list replaced the now defunct ac-coord mailing list. Subscribe / Unsubscribe Archives

Historical ASO Mailing Lists

An overview of inactive and defunct mailing lists can be found here.

NRO Mailing lists and Contacts

NRO Contacts

Who What Contact
NRO Secretariat General enquiries to/information about the NRO, press enquiries, website issues secretariat [at] nro.net
NRO Executive Council (EC) Secretary ICANN Empowered Community requests/activities secretary [at] nro.net


NRO Mailing Lists

The NRO facilitates several public mailing lists for discussion and/or information sharing. These mailing lists are open to all and are publicly archived.

List Topics Archives
nro-comments (inactive) Mailing list for responses to and discussion on calls-for-comments and feedback on specific documents and activities. Archives
nro-announce (inactive) Mailing list to keep up-to-date with the latest announcements from the NRO. Archives
global-v6-discussion (inactive) Discussion list for those interested in IPv6 deployment around the world. Archives


RIR Contacts

Contact your Regional Internet Registry (RIR) to find out more about Internet number resources, policy development, training on IPv6 deployment, local and regional initiatives and information about public policy meetings.

RIR Region Contact Mailing Lists
African Network Coordination Centre (AFRINIC) Africa Contact Mailing Lists
Asia-Pacific Network Coordination Centre (APNIC) Asia Pacific Contact Mailing Lists 
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) United States, Canada, many Caribbean and North Atlantic islands Contact Mailing Lists 
Latin America and Caribbean Network Information Centre (LACNIC) Latin America and the Caribbean Contact Mailing Lists
Réseaux IP Européens Network Coordination Centre (RIPE NCC) Europe, the Middle East and parts of Central Asia Contact Mailing Lists  

Information provided to the ASO/NRO Secretariat via email or via the contact form below is not reused for any purpose and will not be shared with third parties unless this is necessary to fulfil your request.

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