Karl Kloppenborg


Sydney, NSW, Australia – APNIC

Skills Summary

Senior software, infrastructure & Systems engineer, computer scientist and mid-level network engineer, specialized in cloud computing and virtualization with over Fifteen years industry experience developing private clouds and large software systems for Telecommunications, SaaS and Hosting companies.

Skills Matrix


Python (14 years’ experience), Golang (4 years’ experience), C# (Advanced knowledge), C/C++ (Advanced Knowledge), PHP (5 years’ experience), Ruby (RoR, 5 years’ experience).

Other languages with mixed skill levels: JavaScript (NodeJS, ECMA), HTML, CSS, Perl, Bash, Java, Objective-C, Swift.

System Admin:

Advanced knowledge with *nix/BSD platforms, particularly Debian derivatives and FreeBSD.

Experienced in Kernel development, virtualization (LXC, KVM, QEMU).

Code contributions to Kernel development Ubuntu Stream, Debian Stream.

Cloud Systems Engineering

Advanced knowledge in Openstack, core contributor to Openstack-Helm projects.

Contributions to Openstack-Kolla with ISCSI implementation for Cinder.

Large breadth of knowledge with AWS and GCP core and related services, including best practice design.

Systems Engineering / Development:

Skilled and certified engineering knowledge with Kubernetes.

Certified with CNCF-[KCNA, CKA, CKAD], LFCE, CompTIA Linux+ XK0-004

Advanced knowledge of cluster systems including PAXOS and RAFT consensus protocols, distributed computing software systems including:

• Message buses: RabbitMQ, Kafka and Redis (celery implementation)

• Key value stores: Memcached, Redis

• Service Discovery & Visibility: etcd, Consul, Zookeeper, Eureka, Serf.

• Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL/MariaDB, CouchDB, MongoDB, DynamoDB, CockroachDB, Cassandra.

• Formation Services: Terraform, CloudFormation, Packer.

• Security distribution and KMS: Vault and AWS-SecretsKMS

• Virtualization platforms: Openstack, KVM/QEMU

Network Engineering

Mid-level network engineering, deep understanding of the TCP/IP protocol suite and stack.

Mid-level understanding of MPLS, BGP, VXLAN, EVPN and topology design.


Reset Data Pty Ltd

Chief Technology Officer

Designed and implemented world’s first environmentally sustainable public cloud based on a mixture of new and existing technologies and now handle the day to day engineering aspects and staffing of the company.

Real World Group

Senior Systems Engineer

My primary responsibilities are project development for clients. Design, implementation and ongoing operation of systems including Openstack cloud environments for customers.

Invention Labs

Consulting to different clients in virtualization, systems engineering, development.

Clients include: Amaysim Telecom, Commonwealth Bank, Amaze / SIS Group, Digital Pacific, Hostopia, Australia Post.


Chief Technology Officer

Responsible for product delivery of the logistics automation platform and ePOS platform. Headed up development team of 15 mixed roles.


Head of backend engineering

Responsible for design and development of digitalmaas’s data storage analytics platform.

Crucial Cloud Hosting

Head of development

Responsible for the design and development of their blaze VPS platform which was world first to market for SSD backed VPS servers.

Headed up engineering team of 6 mixed roles.

Belrose Satellite Facility / Department of Defense (USA DoDA)

Limited information due to Employment – Satellite related operations.

VioCorp International

Systems Administrator

Responsible for deployment and maintenance of their large scale – on-the-fly transcoding farm. Team of three, reporting directly to CTO.

Dragnet Internet Services

Systems Administrator / Network Engineer

Responsible for day-to-day operations of a national internet service provider, mixed dialup, ADSL and Satellite.


Last modified on 30/01/2024