2022 ICANN Board of Directors Seat 10 Election

In line with the ASO Memorandum of Understanding and the ICANN Bylaws, the Address Supporting Organization Address Council (ASO AC) called for nominations for Seat 10 on the ICANN Board of Directors.

The selected candidate will serve for a three-year term, which will begin at the conclusion of the ICANN Annual General Assembly to be held during the ICANN 75 Meeting, scheduled to be held in September 2022.

Eligibility Requirements

All nominated candidates must met the selection criteria and conflict of interest requirements as outlined in Article 7 of the ICANN Bylaws and will undergo a due diligence review by an independent ICANN contractor.


Nomination Process

Community members were invited to submit their nominations by email to nominations [at] aso [dot] icann [dot] org by Wednesday, 1st December 2021 at 23:59 UTC.

Regional Restrictions

The ICANN Bylaws state that no two directors selected by a Supporting Organization can reside in the same geographic region. The current ASO AC selection for Seat 9, Alan Barrett, resides in the AFRINIC region. Therefore, nominations for Seat 10 will not be accepted from candidates residing in the AFRINIC region.

Important Dates

– Nomination Phase: 15 September 2021 – 1st December 2021

– Comments Phase: 30 December 2021 – 30 March 2022

ICANN Due Diligence for nominated candidates

– Interview Phase: 29 January 2022 –30 March 2022

– Selection Phase (deliberation): 1st April – 16 April 2022

– Selection Phase (voting): 19 – 25 April 2022

– Announcement of selected candidate: around 30 April 2022

Nominations Received and Approved by the ASO Qualification Review Committee

Comment Period is currently open. Comments can be submitted for candidates by clicking on their name above and adding a comment at the end of their biography page.

Further Information

Detailed procedures for election of individuals to the ICANN Board of Directors by the ASO AC can be found in Section 9 of the ASO AC Operating Procedures. <https://aso.icann.org/documents/operational-documents/aso-ac-icann-board-selection-procedures/>

If you have any questions about the elections or the election process, please contact secretariat [at] nro [dot] net.


– Address Supporting Organization Address Council (ASO AC): https://aso.icann.org/aso-ac/

– ASO Memorandum of Understanding: https://aso.icann.org/documents/memorandums-of-understanding/

– ICANN Bylaws: https://www.icann.org/resources/pages/governance/bylaws-en



Last modified on 30/12/2021