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The Address Supporting Organization

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Address Supporting Organization (ASO)

The purpose of the Address Supporting Organization (ASO) is to review and develop recommendations on Internet Protocol (IP) address policy and to advise the ICANN Board. Fifteen volunteers, three from each of the five RIR communities, serve on the ASO Address Council (AC).

Under the ICANN ASO Memorandum of Understanding, the ASO AC’s responsibilities include:

1. Undertaking a role in the global policy development process.
2. Defining procedures for the selection of individuals to serve on other ICANN bodies, in particular on the ICANN Board, and implementing any roles assigned to the AC in such procedures. The ASO AC selects ICANN Board seats 9 and 10.
3. Providing advice to the ICANN Board on number resource allocation policy, in conjunction with the RIRs.


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John Sweeting Appointed to NRO Number Council from ARIN Region

On 14 July, the ARIN Board of Trustees appointed John Sweeting to serve on the Number Resource Organization Number Council (NRO NC) from the ARIN region. John is an interim appointment for the remainder of the year to the seat opened by Ron da Silva’s resignation on 1 July. The Board will appoint a replacement for the remaining two-years (2016 – 2017) of Ron da Silva’s term during ARIN’s regular election/appointment process in October...


Ron da Silva Resigns from NRO NC / ASO AC

Ron Da Silva has resigned from the Number Resource Organization Number Council (NRO NC) effective 1 July 2015. ARIN thanks Ron for his years of service to the Number Council and community and wishes him the very best in his future endeavors. Ron was recently elected to serve a three-year term on Seat 9 of the ICANN Board of Directors, beginning at the conclusion of the October 2015 ICANN meeting. This seat on the NRO NC was appointed by the ARIN Board of Trustees, and there are two (2) remaining years in its term. Per the ARIN NRO NC election/appointment procedures, the Board will appoint to fill this seat after the nomination period of the upcoming general election cycle. The Board will consider whether to appoint an interim NRO Number Council member to serve until the general election during its 14 July 2015 Board teleconference. Regards, John Curran President and CEO American Registry for Internet Numbers...