I was born on January 24th, 1959 in COmodoro Rivadavia, Argentina, having moved to Mar del Plata in l996, the city where I live
since then.
I studied law at the Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata, getting my degree as a lawyer on June 1st, l984. From that moment
on, I have been working in my office in Mar del Plata.
I work actively in the new technologies and computing law areas, having been appointed President of the Instituto de Derecho In-
formático del Colegio de Abogados de Mar del Plata.( Mar del Plata’ s College of Lawyers’ Computing Law Institute)
I am also a member of DCMH COnsulting Group, a private company offering advice on new technologies and marketing strategies.
I am the 2nd. Vice- President of the Cámara de Comercio Electrónico ( E-Commerce Chamber ) for Mar del Plata and its area.
Last year I took part as a regular contributor of the Era Digital TV program, presenting different topics concerning law and the Internet.
In the same way, I have written a variety of articles in specialized law magazines and web sites, such as:

.Revista Era Digital ( New Technologies magazine) :
. “Internet el fenómeno que llegó para quedarse” ( may 2000)
. “Dominios y marcas” (august 2000)
.Revista Dec. ( Law magazine) : “La autodeterminación informativa Internet y los bancos de datos” ( Dec. 2000)
.Revista Fundacion Reunion de Administradores. : ” El Administrador cibernético” ( Oct.2000)

Web sites: I have written about : Domains names system, trademarks, resolutions policies, telecommuting, software protection, digital signatures,
e-commerce, and computer crimes.

My web site is :

I have submitted several works to international meetings:

1) I Congreso Internacional Virtual de Aspectos Juridicos del Comercio Electronico “ECOMDER 2000″ ( 1st. International Conference on the
Legal Aspects of E- Commerce. Available at .Furthermore, I was in charge of preparing its conclusions on the subject
of privacy.
My Thesis: ” Privacidad, globalización y autodeterminación informativa” Bs.As. 2000

2) I Congreso Internacional de Administradores ( 1st. International COnference of Administators) Iguazú 2000 .
My Thesis : ” El administrador cibernético , Internet y los bancos de datos”.

I have given talks and lectures at the:

1) II Congreso Mar del Plata Ciudad Virtual ( Mar del Plata Virtual City) : Domains and trademarks, privacy. I am currently preparing the third issue
of such series, to be held in this city in october 2001.

2) I Encuentro de Emprendedores ( 1st. Meeting of Entrepreneurs) (August 2000)

3) Colegio de Abogados de Mar del Plata ( Mar del Plata’s College Lawyers) ( August and December 2000)

4) Universidad F.A.S.T.A. ( October 2000)

5) Mar del Plata Community College ( August 2000)

6) U.C.i.P ( Commerce and Industry Union ) March 2001

My first book is in print now an will be published under the title ” Manual de Derecho Informático” (Computing Law Handbook)
It addresses the most important issues dealing with domains and trademarks, name conflicts, privacy, e-commerce, telecommuting, computer
crime and legal aspects of the Internet.

To continue to develop domains names policies for the benefit of global community.
I think my taking part and such efforts might be of help.

I take advantage of this opportunity to confirm my nomination.

Bibiana B.Luz Clara
luzclarabb [at] infovia [dot] com [dot] ar