ASO AC Work Plan 2017

1. Appointment of Chair/Vice Chairs.
Early in January of the new year, hold an electronic vote for the Chair for that year. The list of candidates, and the voting timetable, should have been finalised during December of the previous year.
At the January meeting, confirm the election result.
At the January meeting, the Chair should invite two Vice Chairs. The ASO AC would confirm the appointment.
2. Policy Proposal Facilitator Teams (PPFT) 
In January, confirm or re-appoint PPFT members for all current Global Policy Proposals (GPP);
In January, if no GPP is on the table, appoint PPFT members to be on standby for any new GPP that might appear;
Create a new PPFT for each new GPP, as and when new GPPs appear;
3. Set timetable for meetings 
The time of the January meeting should have been set during December of the previous year.
In January, set the timetable for other meetings during the year.
Set a place and date for a face to face meeting of the entire ASO AC.
4. Approve work plan 
In January, approve the work plan for the year.  The work plan should have been drafted by a volunteer selected at the end of the previous year.
5. Begin the appointment process for the ICANN Board seat No. 9.
Determine the time frame for the selection process.
6. Appoint members to other ICANN groups as required.
7. Participation and outreach at ICANN Meetings 
At every ICANN meeting, plan for attendance by at least one ASO AC member from every region.
At the first ICANN meeting of the year, hold an ASO AC face to face meeting with attendance by as many ASO AC members as possible.
At ICANN meeting(s) that coincide with an ASO AC face to face meeting(s), hold public meetings for reporting and outreach from the numbers community to other parts of the ICANN community.
Hold discussions with the ICANN Board and other ICANN groups.
8. Participation in RIR Global policy process and tracking of ongoing Global Policy Proposals (GPPs)
9. Updates to ASO AC Operating Procedures, if needed
10. End of year process for appointing a chair for the following year. 
In December, call for nominations, seconds, and expressions of interest; finalize the list of candidates.
In December, set the timetable for voting. The vote itself will be held early in January of the following year.
11. End of year review of actions performed during the year.
In November, call for a volunteer to prepare a review report for the year that is coming to an end.
In December, consider the work plan review.
12. End of year drafting of work plan for the following year
In November or December, call for a volunteer to draft a work plan for the following year.  The work plan should be approved during January of the following year.

Last modified on 03/03/2020