Constanze Bürger

Constanze Bürger is an intermediary between technical and political worlds. Her deep knowledge of technology, as well as its impact and potential for politics and society allows her to understand and to be understood by both worlds. She led Germany as a pioneer with a ‘Government-LIR’ to the membership of the RIPE NCC in 2009. For her commitment to a free and open Internet in the introduction of IPv6 in the German public administration Constanze was awarded the “Jim Bound IPv6 Award” by the IPv6 World council.
At numerous UN IGF meetings, she successfully promoted political support for the technical requirements to protect an open and resilient Internet. Through these numerous activities in multi-stakeholder environments, she gained in-depth experience in organizing and moderating national and international cooperation.
Constanze Bürger graduated in computer science (diploma) in 1999 and has been working as an executive officer with the German Federal Ministry of the Interior since 2001.

Last modified on 01/02/2024