AC Meeting Participation Records

Each ASO AC member’s attendance is recorded at each monthly ASO AC Teleconference.

The attendance record is published online shortly after the conclusion of each teleconference.

ASO AC Meeting Participation 2024 Record

Member Region 10 Jan 7 Feb 4-7 Mar 3 Apri 1 May 5 Jun 3 Jul 7 Aug 11 Sep 2 Oct 6 Nov 4 Dec  Meetings /out of 2
Nicole Chan APNIC 2
Gaurav Kansal APNIC 2
Nick Nugent ARIN 2
Chris Quesada ARIN 2
Kevin Blumberg ARIN 2
Esteban Lescano LACNIC 2
Ricardo Patara LACNIC 2
Jorge Villa LACNIC 2
Sander Steffan RIPE 1
Herve Clement RIPE 2
Constanze Bürger RIPE 2
Totals   11 11  

Attended Meeting
Did Not Attend Meeting

Last modified on 08/02/2024

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