Nicole Chan

Nicole T. I. Chan is an attorney at law and industrial consultant. Current position and engagement includes Board director of Dot Asia (serving until Feb. 2022), ICANN ASO/AC (reappointed by APNIC and serving until Dec.2022), Vice Chair of Digital Transformation Association, as well as many distinguished positions in the areas of Internet and Technology law, policy making and strategy.

Nicole is a frequent speaker, panelist and moderator of domestic, reginal and global Internet, technology, and digital transformation related conferences, such as APNIC and APrIGF, TWNIC, APNIC and ICANN Engagement Forum, APSIG, SIGGRAPH, etc. Previous roles have included Chairperson of National Communications Commission (NCC), Taiwan.

When she took the position of Chairperson of NCC Taiwan, Nicole was responsible for planning the 5G and IoT regulatory development of Taiwan, coordinating the National high level of Security Strategic Project, and also co-working with TWNIC for promoting and implementing the Internet Governance and multi-stakeholders model within Taiwan and connect to the APNIC, ICANN, and other Internet International Organizations. And also deeply involved in the Internet and technology development issues raised and discussed by the Internet society,

When Ms. Chan worked as the Board director of Dot Asia and ICANN ASO/AC in the past few years, she helped the achievements including completing the Governance Documents of DotAsia, processing the collaboration projects with Internet Communities, and the election of No.9 seat of ICANN Board.

Nicole’s areas of expertise include Internet Law, Intellectual property law, international cyberspace law and jurisdiction, internet governance, cybersecurity, Regulatory Mechanism, and many vertical domain Industries such as Electronic, Health Care, Audiovisual and film, etc, and the relationship with Internet Organizations making her an excellent candidate to offer academic and practical knowledge to the DotAsia. Especially, she has been dedicating to the promotion of law-making on Digital Convergence Regulations in Taiwan so that she has consolidated her highest level of understanding on the Internet-based industries.

Nicole is a graduate of University of LONDON, UK and National Taiwan University, qualified as a lawyer in Taiwan. Her areas of expertise include Science & Technology Law, Intellectual Property Law, Telecommunication Regulations and Policy, Internet Jurisdiction and Policy, Internet Governance, Cybersecurity Governance, Internet & e-Commerce Regulation, Creative Industry Regulation and Management, Hi-tech & creative Industry Policy, Enterprise Investment & Management…, etc.

Last modified on 11/01/2022