Hervé Clément

Hervé is a French citizen, based in Paris. After statistical studies, he has worked within the Research&Development division of Orange (formerly France Telecom) during ten years as network dimensioning and QoS Project manager before joining the Numbering, Addressing and Naming (NAN) Department in 2010.

Hervé is now Head of this Department at Orange. He has the functional responsibility of the ex so-called “extra large” fr.telecom LIR and has consequently the operational experience of the management of IP resources and AS numbers at large scale. Furthermore, Hervé coordinates at Orange Group level the technical policies on Addressing issues expressed in international structures or bodies (RIPE, RIPE NCC and AfriNIC) and supports the LIRs within the Group (Europe, Middle East and Africa) regarding for instance their relationship with the RIRs.

Another mission of the Orange NAN Department is the contribution to the strategy with regard to Internet Naming. During the transition of the stewardship of the “IANA functions” from the US Government to the international community, he promoted the multistakeholder model. After the completion of the transition, he closely follows the current technical ICANN issues within the ICANN Internet Service Providers and Connectivity Providers Constituency (ISPCP) of which he is a member.

It should also be mentioned that Hervé is Vice-Chair of the European Telecommunications Network Operators’ Association (ETNO) Naming, Addressing and Numbering Issues (NANI) Working Group. In close relationship with the chair of the WG, he shares European information regarding Naming and Addressing current topics and drives relevant discussions within that Group.

Last modified on 30/01/2020