ASO AC Teleconference 6 November 2013


ASO AC Attendees


Alan Barrett APB (Vice Chair)
Fiona Asonga FA


Naresh Ajwani NA (Vice Chair)
Tomohiro Fujisaki TF


Louie Lee LL (Chair)
Jason Schiller JS


Ricardo Patara RP
Hartmut Glaser HG
Jorge Villa JV


Hans Petter Hollen HPH
Wilfried Woeber, WW
Dmitry Kohmanyuk, DK


Douglas Onyango, DO, AFRINIC
Andy Linton, AL,  APNIC
Ron da Silva, RS, ARIN


Adam Gosling, AG – APNIC
Barbara Roseman, BR – ICANN
Carlos Reyes, CR – ICANN
Ray Plzak, RPL – ICANN Board


German Valdez GV, NRO
Ernest Byaruhanga EB, AFRINIC


1. Welcome
2. Agenda Review
3. Open Action Items
4. Global Policy for RIR Principles
5. ICANN 48 ASO Activities
6. RIR Meeting Reports
7. ASO AC December Meeting
8. AOB
9. Adjournment

1. Welcome

LL welcomed everyone to the meeting and asked for a roll call. GV conducted the roll call and quorum was realized. LL called the meeting to order at 1205UTC.

2. Agenda Review

LL went through the draft agenda an asked for comments or additions. He requested to add “Approval of minutes from the last meeting” to the agenda, and asked for a motion to approve the minutes from the last meeting. RP moved to approve the minutes of the last meeting, and TF seconded. There was no opposition or abstention. The motion was approved and LL asked GV to change the status of the published minutes from draft.

3. Open Action Items

LL asked GV to go through the open action items.

GV provided an update as follows:

Action 131002-01: Done

Action 131002-02: GV stated that this is pending.

Action 131002-03: GV stated he still needs information about who will be elected at next AFRINIC meeting before he can set up a Doodle poll, as he needs all 15 ASO AC members to participate. GV proposed to wait for AFRINIC confirmation of their elected representative after the AFRINIC19 November 2013 meeting.

#RPL joined at 1211UTC

4. Global policy for RIR principles

LL asked JS to provide information about what was discussed on this proposal during the ARIN32 meeting. JS stated that the proposal, ARIN “2013-4” was in last call, and that the ARIN AC will meet and recommend that board looks at it for adoption if there are no legal issues.

LL said there is a similar proposal at LACNIC that has passed through their PDP at the last meeting, meaning that so far, 2 regions have addressed this topic somehow. JS asked if it’s worthwhile to move it to the other RIRs as a global policy proposal. RPL said its better to go through the PDP of the individual regions to get community consensus.

#DK joined at 1520UTC

RPL further said that passing the proposal, as a global policy may be hard, and suggested an official NRO recommendation to IANA, as some sort of MoU between RIRs regarding their principles.

LL said he could draft a letter on behalf of ASO AC, send it the to NRO EC with any agreed suggestions and recommendations. JS said it is an appropriate method, and that any draft should be composed of representatives of the 5 regions, then circulated for review. He said each RIR could propose people to compose the text.

LL suggested that the initial document can highlight the major differences amongst the regions and suggested to table the discussion to the mailing list as members follow the relevant discussions closely, but in the meantime, members would want to consider being on the drafting team so as to follow the discussion closely. JS said there are people who already agreed to draft, but there was no representation from all 5 regions. LL suggested that this goes to the list, to call for members to the drafting team.

5. ICANN48 ASO Activities

LL asked if input regarding co-ordination. GV said he will send a reminder of the URL for the shared Google calendar, which is the same that has been shared in the past, and that it will have details of sessions that ASO members will be expected to attend. GV highlighted on some of the sessions, but indicated details and any changes will be in the calendar. He asked members to confirm who will be in Buenos Aires to assist with proper coordination.

6. RIR Meeting Reports

JS gave an update from the ARIN meeting held on October 16th while HPH and RP also gave an update from the RIPE and LACNIC meetings respectively, and promised to send a summary of the policy discussions to the mailing list.

7. ASO AC December Meeting

LL said meetings were meant to be in odd months, but a December meeting is needed to review the work done during the year. He asked to send the 2013 work plan to the list as a basis for discussions (which could start on the mailing list) during the December meeting. GV also stated that there is a need to discuss the election for the Chair for 2014, and said the nomination needs to happen in the first two weeks of December, and that the process and elections date need to be agreed by members in the December meeting.

8. AOB

LL called for any other business.

HG said there was an i-star meeting in Montevideo (ISOC, ICANN and others), and that a statement was published at the end of the meeting. He stated we are in a critical situation regarding Internet Governance. HG informed that, ICANN CEO visited Brazil, and met with the President of Brazil, who accepted some of the issues raised by Fadi Chehade. HG stated that in April 2013, there will be a high level meeting to discuss Internet Governance future matters. He asked members to follow this issue closely. LL thanked HG for the information.

9. Adjournment

LL called for a motion to adjourn the meeting. FA moved to adjourn, and TF seconded. There was no opposition or abstention. LL adjourned the meeting at 1446UTC.

Action Items

No action items were raised in the meeting.

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