ASO AC Teleconference 4 December 2013


ASO AC Attendees


Fiona Asonga FA


Naresh Ajwani NA (Vice Chair)
Tomohiro Fujisaki TF


Louie Lee LL (Chair)
Jason Schiller JS
Ron da Silva (RS)


Ricardo Patara RP
Jorge Villa JV


Hans Petter Hollen HPH


Alan Barrett, AB, AFRINIC
Douglas Onyango, DO, AFRINIC
Andy Linton, AL,  APNIC
Hartmut Glaser, HG, LACNIC
Wilfried Woeber, WW, RIPE NCC
Dmitry Kohmanyuk, DK, RIPE NCC


Leo Vegoda, LV, ICANN
Kuo Wei Wu, KW, ICANN Board
Barbara Roseman, BR, ICANN
Carlos Reyes, CR, ICANN
Suzanne Taylor Muzzin, STM, RIPE NCC
Juan Alejo Peirano, JP, LACNIC
Filiz Yilmaz, FY, Elected ASO AC Member RIPE NCC


German Valdez GV, NRO
Ernest Byaruhanga EB, AFRINIC


1. Welcome
2. Agenda Review
3. Open Action Items
4. Consultation on global policy implementation.
5. Review of 2013
6. Meeting Updates
b. ICANN 48 Buenos Aires
7. ASO AC Chair Election
8. AOB
9. Adjournment

1. Welcome

LL welcomed everyone to the meeting, requested roll call and called the meeting to order at 1203UTC after the roll call and consequent presence of quorum.

2. Agenda Review

An issue that LV raised regarding implementation of pending global policies was added to the agenda.

3. Open Action Items

LL asked if there are any open action items from the last meeting. EB stated there were no new open action items from last meeting, but some had been carried over. LL identified the following and their respective statuses:

Action 131002-03 (GV to set up a doodle poll regarding ASO AC teleconference times and dates for 2014. The doodle poll should let participants see or set their local time zones): Status: LL asked members to look at the email from GV to the list and respond appropriately so this issue can be closed.

Action 131002-02 (GV and JS to work on and produce a merged version/text of the already proposed changes to the ASO AC procedures and share it on the mailing list for an e-vote): Neither GV (technical problems) or JS were on the call to provide feedback on this.

#HPH rejoined at 1207UTC

4. Consultation on the Implementation of Global Policy

LL asked LV to provide insight on a question he had regarding implementation of pending global policies. LV said the IPv4 global policy does not clarify if an allocation should begin as soon as the first RIR declares that it has less than a combined /9 in stock, or if a first allocation should wait till the first allocation period starts. ICANN would like guidance on the correct interpretation.

HPH suggested that the ASO AC can contact authors of the proposal in case any issues arise or are unclear. FY said it’s better to make a decision based on how everyone understands it now. LL suggested a discussion on the impact of implementing the proposal based on either methods as mentioned by LV, so that if the community were to be asked for input, the pros and cons can be clarified. FY suggested she may need to look at the text in depth so that suggestions and preferences can be posted on the mailing list.

LV said Geoff Huston had conducted an analysis and there is no difference operationally in using one method or the other. LL asked LV to send Geoff Huston’s analysis to the list.

JS said per section 10.5b of the ARIN NRPM, it appears clear that when one of the RIRs shoots below a /9, an allocation should be imminent by the IANA, and stated that this is very clear in the NRPM. LV stated that all he wants is the ASO AC to advise on the interpretation, but also suggested it is OK for the ASO AC to mention that IANA can go ahead and implement based on its interpretation of the language. LL suggested that each respective community be informed on the request from IANA for input as part of the basis for advice to IANA, and suggested a follow-up email and response in 7 days.

5. Review of 2013

LL asked if the 2013 work plan has been shared and if there were any action items that resulted on this after the ICANN meeting. LL said the only end of year item was to start the election process for the 2014 ASO AC Chair, as well as the procedures update for the ICANN Board election. LL stated that the nomination period is now open for the 2014 ASO AC Chair election.

LL further said the following happened so far in 2013:
– F2F Meeting
– Increased engagement with ICANN community

# GV rejoined at 1228UTC

– Advise to IANA on the implementation of Global ASN Allocation policy.

LL said the 2013 review can continue on the list, but requested for a volunteer to start drafting of the 2014 work plan. FA offered to volunteer. LL thanked FA and said she can feel free to call for assistance from any of the members while also looking at the 2013 work plan for format and ideas.

New Action 131204-01. FA to draft the ASO AC 2014 work plan.

6. Meeting Updates


LL asked any AFRINIC AC member to provide an update. FA said there was one policy proposal (Allocation of IPv4 address space to academic institutions), which did not go through. She also stated that there was an ASO AC election whose result is not yet officially announced by AFRINIC, but stated informally that she was re-elected. LL congratulated FA on the re-election.

b. ICANN 48 Buenos Aires

LL stated that many ASO AC members as well as RIR staff attended the ICANN meeting, and thanked BR and CR for all the arrangements they put in place. He said refining the strategy to engage the ICANN community is one of the key discussion points of note, and said the notes taken from this discussion should have some action items that need to be shared, so as to know which ones can be implemented.

# RS joined at 1243UTC

LL said issues discussed include the 1Net initiative and the Montevideo statement. He said that the president of Brazil suggested to host a multi-stakeholder meeting in April in which ICANN is a participant. He said Fadi Chehade (FC) asked for a working Group to be formed (the CWG) especially for ICANN participation in the Brazil meeting.

LL stated that the Montevideo statement is one of the first activities of the 1Net initiative, which Adiel Apklogan (AA) has offered to lead, and that it is meant to provide a voice for those that believe in a global multi-stakeholder Internet model, and advised everyone to look at the 1Net web page for more information. As AA was not on the call, LL asked BR to provide more insight.

BR said that as LL stated, the goal is to develop a multi-stakeholder non-governmental participation to Internet Governance; main goal is to preserve the inter-operable global network even in the face of the recent challenges that have emerged such as network sniffing. The ultimate goal is to develop more secure mechanisms for transmitting data, and there is still an opportunity for people to get involved with 1net at a fundamental level, but things are moving at a very fast pace given current events, and anyone interested has less than six months to organize themselves for the Brazil meeting. BR said the website as well as some mailing lists that have been established for this initiative are a great resource to start from.

LL thanked BR for the update, and asked BR if the ASO AC will have representation in the CWG that Fadi is putting in place. He proposed that a suggestion be made so that the ASO AC and an RIR staff member be involved in that group.

LL asked what the ASO AC thinks about this. HPH said he does not mind if the ASO AC selects a representative from within or without the ASO AC, as long as it’s a good candidate. He said the current candidate, Mark McFaden, is too remote to the ASO AC and would prefer another candidate, and also preferred that the selected person have NRO EC endorsement.

LL said there is a second volunteer, Martin Levy, who had asked the ASO AC to consider him earlier for the ICANN board. HPH stated that Martin would be an excellent candidate from outside the AC as he is fully knowledgeable about the RIR industry and has attended most RIR meetings.

LL asked if there are any AC members that would like to volunteer.

FY said she is getting involved already with the 1net in her own capacity and would also like to be involved on behalf of the ASO AC, but if the ASO AC selects someone else, she is either way happy with it.

LL said it would be great if she were appointed officially from the ASO AC, and wondered if we are limited to a single or multiple appointees. HPH said that a mail forwarded to the list on 23 November 2013 by LL (from David Olive) does not state how the ASO AC can participate explicitly to the CWG. LL stated that the working group is separate to the 1net initiative and not open to everyone.

KW said he hopes that 1net is not only driven by ICANN but different stakeholders, where ICANN is also willing to contribute. He recommended that the ASO should consult in their respective RIR communities what they think of the 1net initiative and its relevance to them. KW also encouraged ICANN and anyone else interested to help make the Brazil meeting successful. KW further said that he is happy with the ASO AC appointing a representative to the CWG.

LL asked if there is any other AC member interested in working in the CWG. NA stated his interest. LL asked the AC for consensus in appointing FY, NA and Martin Levy to the CWG and forwarding these names to the NRO EC for endorsement. LL asked for motion for the ASO AC to officially appoint these three individuals. LL offered to move the motion as nobody volunteered to.

LL moved that FY be one of the ASO AC appointees and that her name be forwarded to the NRO EC for appointment to the CWG. RS seconded, no objection. JS abstained.

LL moved that NA be one of the ASO AC appointees and that his name be forwarded to the NRO EC for appointment to the CWG. TF seconded, no objection. No abstentions.

NA asked if there is an election after the names are forwarded.

JS said he abstained because there are no approved procedures to conduct these appointments. NA also said if the process leads to a contest, he would like to withdraw his name.

LL said he would love that there be rough consensus and hence a vote eventually and asked for a suggestion for a better way to do these appointments absent of the relevant procedures. JS suggested that we could go with any method desirable, or use the process in the draft procedures currently in place.

LL proposed that a vote be made by members present in the call to move forward the 3 specific names suggested above, and that the names be posted to the mailing list for 7 days after this meeting for any other input from members not present, such as a possibility to receive more volunteers or objections arising. JS indicated he is OK with this approach, but noted that it is important to close the work on pending modifications to the operating procedures.

LL moved that Mark McFaden be one of the ASO AC appointees and that his name be forwarded to the NRO EC for appointment to the CWG. RS seconded. HPH objected, and asked if this would be a public record. LL said it would be fair for the minutes to publicly reflect this. LL also objected. No abstentions.

LL moved that Martin Levy be one of the ASO AC appointees and that his name be forwarded to the NRO EC for appointment to the CWG. RS seconded, no objection. No abstentions.

LL indicated that there is full consensus on 3 names, and that there was no full consensus on Mark McFaden, and asked if anyone on the call could speak on behalf of Mark McFaden. Nobody offered to.

LL then suggested that the three names will be forwarded to the NRO EC as volunteers to the CWG.

JS said the message needs to be sent to the AC members first, and assuming there is no objection from members within 1 week, the names can be forwarded to the EC. LL agreed with JS and confirmed that the email advise will not be sent to the EC until after 1 week, and said there is enough time until the next EC meeting.

LL asked that the small group that volunteered to put together the strategy action items could meet sometime next week to further discuss the action plan.

LL also mentioned that he and the ALAC Chair are drafting a letter to the ICANN CEO to create an extension of ICANN fellowship programme where ICANN would forward regional at large fellows to RIR meetings. The idea is to fund travel to both the domains side and numbers side, regardless of whether the RIRs also have their own fellowship programmes. LL said a draft will be sent to the list when ready.

7. ASO AC Chair Election

LL said nominations are now open for the ASO AC Chair, and asked for anyone that has comments on this. GV stated that the procedures are all on the website, and that nominations will close on 15th December.

LL said the AC must vote on the election window, assuming the January meeting will be around 8th January, as it’s the second Wednesday of January. LL suggested that a motion be moved so that elections start on January 1st to January 7th 2014, and end earlier if all members have voted.

LL moved a motion for the ASO AC Chair election to open on 01 January 2014 and end on 07th January 2014, or earlier if everyone has voted. RS seconded. There were no objections or abstentions. LL said he will wait for confirmation from the Secretariat about their availability to meet the schedule proposed.

8. AOB

LL said HPH will not be on the AC anymore and that this is his last meeting. He further said that HPH was a founding member of the ASO AC, and served in various capacities as Chair and Co-Chair. He said HPH will continue to be on the mailing list as he is still on the nom-com until his mandate there expires.

LL thanked HPH for his service to the ASO AC and looked forward to work further with him in his other responsibilities within the RIPE community especially in his new role as Deputy Chair of RIPE.

LL also thanked GV, EB and other people who supported the ASO AC as the Secretariat, and said that the first year of not having a rotating secretariat has worked very well.

LL asked if there are any other members that may be leaving.

GV said the APNIC board would be announcing Andy Linton’s replacement. LL thanked Andy for his work to the ASO AC.

9. Adjournment

LL asked for a motion to adjourn. NA moved to adjourn, FA seconded. There was no objection or abstention. LL adjourned the meeting at 1343UTC.

Action Items

New Action 131204-01. FA to draft the ASO AC 2014 work plan.

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