ASO AC Teleconference 2 October 2013

ASO AC Attendees


Alan Barrett APB (Vice Chair)


Naresh Ajwani NA (Vice Chair)
Tomohiro Fujisaki TF


Louie Lee LL (Chair)
Ron da Silva RS


Ricardo Patara RP
Hartmut Glaser HG
Jorge Villa JV


Hans Petter Hollen HPH
Wilfried Woeber, WW


Fiona Asonga, FA, AFRINIC
Douglas Onyango, DO, AFRINIC
Andy Linton, AL,  APNIC
Dmitry Kohmanyuk, DK, RIPE NCC
Jason Schiller, JS, ARIN


Adam Gosling, AG – APNIC
Einar Bohlin, EB – ARIN
Barbara Roseman, BR – ICANN
Leo Vegoda, LV – ICANN
Carlos Reyes, CR – ICANN


German Valdez GV, NRO
Ernest Byaruhanga EB, AFRINIC


1. Welcome
2. Agenda Review
3. Approval of minutes from last meeting
4. Open Action Items
6. ASO Procedures – Selection of individuals to serve on committees/WGs/bodies.
7. Preparations for ICANN48 – Buenos Aires.
8. ASO/ATRT2 Conference Call Review.
9. AOB.
10. Adjournment.

1. Welcome

LL welcomed everyone to the meeting and requested GV to conduct a roll call. Having realized quorum, LL called the meeting to order at 1208UTC.

2. Agenda Review

LL briefly went through the agenda. He proposed to add an item in the AOB to review the 2013 work plan so as to ensure that everything is still on track.

3. Approval of minutes from the last meeting.

GV stated that HG had a slight change request to the minutes of the 07 August 2013 teleconference, and that the change will be rectified before publication. LL called for a motion to approve the minutes from the last two meetings. RS moved, and TF seconded. There were no objections. LL asked GV to publish the minutes after making the minor corrections that had been suggested on the mailing list.

Action 131002-01:
Secretariat to make final corrections to the minutes of the 07 August and 05 June 2013 teleconferences according to feedback from the mailing list, remove the draft label and publish as final.

4. Open Action Items

LL asked if there are any known open action items. GV stated there were none recorded at this point.

5. Results from the Nom-Com 2014 selection process

LL asked GV to present the results of the selection process. GV said there were 14 votes recorded in the voting system, as follows:

8 votes in favour of HPH
6 votes in favour of WW

GV asked for any feedback on the voting platform used, and stated this was LACNIC’s. There was no feedback.

# LL dropped out at 1215UTC, rejoined at 1218UTC

6. ASO AC Procedures – Selection of individuals to serve on committees/WGs/bodies.

LL stated that the ASO AC has no formal procedure in place to select individuals to various working groups or committees. He also stated that previously, an AC member wanted to modify a motion that was already passed, and there was no procedure in place to modify the motion. LL said a process has already been suggested on the mailing list for a while, and wished to know if it can be ratified as posted.

APB asked for the date, subject and sender of the email that contained that process for ease of reference, to which he was provided as the e-mail from JS on 07 August to the ac-coord list. WW stated that from his personal assessment, the proposal is OK but the wording needs some brush up.

LL suggested that members read again through this proposal and be given time for its cleanup and perhaps an e-vote to approve it can be done thereafter. APB stated that there was a motion as well as a secondment of that motion on mailing list to take to e-vote on the suggested process changes.

LL confirmed that HPH moved a motion on September 17 2013 and JS seconded it. APB stated that the motion was to a message from JS on 07 August 2013, and suggested that JS avails the final wording of the concerned text on the mailing list, which text shall then be put to an e-vote. LL asked about the version of text being referred to as it was still not clear to him, and suggested that all versions be merged into one piece of text, and then put to an e-vote.

APB agreed that if there is an e-vote, it must be clear on what text is being voted on. He also said the text seemed awfully long and wonders of it can be shortened. WW said he prefers more explicit text, and that the longer version clearly lays out the intentions of processes and this saves the ASO AC from future ambiguities about the issue. WW proposed that GV works with JS towards a clean copy of the proposal, after which, both could put it on the mailing list. He suggested that during this meeting, the ASO AC can decide towards an e-vote on that text once it has been received. GV said he will consider it and will work with JS on this issue when he’s back from vacation.

Action 131002-02:
GV and JS to work on and produce a merged version/text of the already proposed changes to the ASO AC procedures and share it on the mailing list for an e-vote.

LL said the e-vote could include the final text, so that everyone can be clear on what they are voting on.

7. Preparations for ICANN48 – Buenos Aires.

LL asked GV to lead and summarize what came out of the call he had with a smaller group of individuals a few weeks back.

GV said there are some meetings he had with ICANN staff in preparation for the ASO AC agenda at Buenos Aires, and the outcomes were as follows:

– BR and CR are helping to secure rooms where the ASO AC shall meet.
– Discussions about the coordination of meetings with all other groups at ICANN such as ATRT, ALAC and the ICANN Board.
– Deadlines for room requests and requirements were provided by 01 October to BR and CR.
– GV is working on a shared calendar of events at Buenos Aires and will submit it to the list in the coming days, so that AC members are aware of what meetings will be confirmed for them.
– GV is working on a proposal for ASO activities on Monday 18 November.

BR asked if LL had the chance to see the emails requiring his participation in the cross-constituency sessions on Monday 18th. LL said he hasn’t seen any email on that. BR stated that a session is being setup on Monday for SOs and ACs, and these are the cross-constituency sessions where LL needs to participate, and in his absence, any of the vice-chairs.

BR stated that a room has been arranged in Buenos Aires for the ASO AC meetings. She stated it’s a hotel room that has been converted into a meeting room because, as explained to GV and LL before, they had not contracted for enough space. She said it will have a Polycom and projector. BR stated that the room is available from Monday to Wednesday.

BR said there is also a CEO hosted cocktail reception for the ASO and NRO, whose details are yet to be finalized and that it traditionally takes place on Tuesday evening depending on the ICANN board availability. She further said that the meeting with the ICANN board is scheduled for Wednesday but it may be moved to Tuesday so that the ASO can meet with the board on the same day as the other constituencies.

She said the IPv6 session will have 1 ASO AC person, 1 LACNIC staff and 1 IPv6 expert, and this is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon. She said there are already translation services, jabber and streaming and the final schedule will be available soon.

BR said the above are the only sessions for the ASO AC, but that there is a meeting scheduled with the ATRT. LL and GV are in discussions with the ATRT about the day and time. GV said the meeting with ATRT will be held on Wednesday 1330 – 1430 local time in Buenos Aires.

BR said when all rooms are confirmed, she will send the appropriate information to GV who can then share with the AC so everyone knows when and where to go. GV said CR and BR will be in Buenos Aires to help out with things. BR said she has requested the creation of an AdobeConnect session/room, by invitation only, for all meeting rooms to be used by the ASO AC.

GV thanked BR for her support and said she had a further chat with BR and CR concerning a reception for NRO – where there would be an extended version of the cocktail to recognize the 10th anniversary of the NRO. GV said he will confirm after chatting with the NRO EC.

BR stated that she and CR will soon be sharing the date by which to submit content for the webinar (such as slides).

LL said the IPv6 workshop planned for Wednesday afternoon won’t conflict with the suggested time for ATRT. LL also said he will offer to conduct the webinar and asked if any other members would like to take lead. RP agreed to volunteer.

BR stated that apart from the cross constituency session on Monday, there is no other opportunity to address the public on ASO AC activities, and that this is where the webinar will play a crucial role. BR said the webinar should have information such as which ASO AC activities will be at Buenos Aires that may be of interest to the community. She said it is better to prepare a 3 – 5 minute update, and it should focus on key issues.

LV asked if the ASO AC is planning to update the community on policy matters and particularly, the replacement for RFC2050. BR said this is a good example of something that can be discussed in the webinar – how the RIR community is addressing the diminishing resource, what things have changed since the RFC was written, and related information.

LL said it is necessary to collect these high interest items and put material and content together for the webinar. BR advised that it’s better to pick up a few highlights that would be of interest, those key matters that the ASO community is working on.

8. ASO/ATRT2 Conference Call Review.

LL said GV previously sent a summary of ATRT2 meeting discussions to the list. He asked for any questions or comments. GV suggested that members review those notes and reply to the email thread on the list in case of any issues.

9. AOB

LL asked to review the 2013 work plan and thanked APB for bringing this up. He then went through the WP as posted by APB. LL said that any activities starting in November should be taken care of soon but everything seems well on track. LL said if there is need to make changes to the ICANN board member selection process, it needs to be done a.s.a.p. as the selection process starts soon.

LL said the travel plan is missing and the NRO EC needs to know about it. GV said the December meeting is important as there will be a need to work on the meeting calendar for the next year. He said there will also be some new ASO AC members, and a new secretariat will be supporting the meetings, but there are no radical changes. He said there is some work to do in the coming weeks in preparation for December.

LL asked if a doodle poll is needed to keep the same time and month arrangements for next year’s teleconferences. GV said he can create the doodle poll. He stated that RIPE NCC and AFRINIC have roughly the same time zone, and since RIPE NCC is the next secretariat, they may wish to keep the same timing. LL advised that when setting up the doodle poll, the interface should let people log in and see their own time zones.

Action 131002-03:
GV to set up a doodle poll regarding ASO AC teleconference times and dates for 2014. The doodle poll should let participants see or set their local time zones.

WW said that looking at the list of AC members, it appears that 7 members have terms ending at the end of this year and wondered if this is something that needs to be raised on the mailing list. EBY stated that a call has been sent out in the AFRINIC region for Fiona’s seat and the election will be at AFRINIC19, while APB’s seat is board appointed and will be determined at end of year. GV said TF has been already re-elected at APNIC, and Andy’s seat will be determined by the APNIC board at the end of the year. LL said Jason’s seat election will happen at the coming ARIN meeting in October, and that in RIPE, a call for nominations has been already sent.

LL asked if meeting in November is needed. GV said it’s perhaps not needed but will depend on what’s being discussed.

10. Adjournment

LL called for a motion to adjourn. WW moved the motion, and APB seconded. There were no opposition or abstention. LL adjourned the meeting at 1417UTC.

Action Items

Action 131002-01:
Secretariat to make final corrections to the minutes of the 07 August and 05 June 2013 teleconferences according to feedback from the mailing list, remove the draft label and publish as final.

Action 131002-02:
GV and JS to work on and produce a merged version/text of the already proposed changes to the ASO AC procedures and share it on the mailing list for an e-vote.

Action 131002-03:
GV to set up a doodle poll regarding ASO AC teleconference times and dates for 2014. The doodle poll should let participants see or set their local time zones.

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