ASO AC Teleconference 9 December 2009

AC Attendees:

  • Alan Barrett, AB : AfriNIC
  • Vincent Ngundi, VN : AfriNIC
  • Jean Robert Hountomey, JRH : AfriNIC
  • Kenny Huang, KH : APNIC
  • Tomohiro Fujisaki, TF : APNIC
  • Naresh Ajwani, NA : APNIC
  • Hartmut Glaser, HG : LACNIC
  • Francisco Obispo, FO : LACNIC
  • Louis Lee, LL : ARIN (Chair)
  • Martin Hannigan, MH : ARIN
  • Dave Wilson, DW : RIPE


  • Fergal Cunningham, FC : RIPE NCC
  • Nick Hyrka, NH : RIPE NCC


  • Ray Plzak, RP : ICANN
  • Leo Vegoda, LV :ICANN
  • German Valdez, GV, APNIC
  • Einar Bohlin, EB : ARIN
  • Nate Davis, ND : ARIN
  • Adriana Rivera, AR : LACNIC
  • Filiz Yilmaz, FY : RIPE NCC


  • Hans Petter Holen, HPH : RIPE
  • Sebastian Bellagamba, SB : LACNIC
  • Raimundo Beca RB : ICANN
  • Wilfried Woeber, WW : RIPE


  • Jason Schiller, JS : ARIN

Draft Agenda

  1. Welcome
  2. Agenda review
  3. Approval of the minutes from the 5 November 2009 teleconference
  4. Review of open action items
  5. ICANN Board Election Process Committee update
  6. ICANN Board Nominations
  7. Communications and Procedures Committee update
  8. Global Policy Proposal for the Allocation of IPv4 Blocks to Regional Internet Registries
  9. IANA Policy for Allocation of ASNs to RIRs
  10. RIR Updates – AfriNIC 11
  11. 2009 Review
  12. 2010 Work Plan
  13. ASO AC Chair Election
  14. AOB
  15. Adjournment

1. Welcome

The Chair noted that this was the last teleconference for the 2009 ASO Address Council. He thanked all who were able to join in.

2. Agenda review

The Chair said he had nothing to add here.

3. Approval of the minutes from the 5 November 2009 teleconference

DW proposed that the minutes from the 5 November 2009 ASO AC teleconference be approved with one change to clarify the action item about the receiving nominations mailing list.

FO seconded the motion and there were no objections so the motion carried.

New action item:

Action item 1209-01: Secretariat to amend action item 1109-04 to address nomination mailbox for 2010 ICANN Board elections and change the status of the minutes of the 5 November 2009 meeting from draft.

4. Review of open action items

Action item 1211-01: The Chair to send a message to the NRO EC Chair with a list of items pending a response from the EC.

The Chair said this action was not completed and he asked that it be removed from the list of open action items.

Action item 1109-01: Secretariat to change the status of the minutes of the 3 September 2009 meeting from draft.

This action was completed.

Action item 1109-02: Secretariat to change the status of the minutes of the 1 October 2009 meeting from draft.

This action was completed.

5. ICANN Board Election Process Committee update

Action item 1109-05: HPH to incorporate actions carried out by ASO AC in ICANN Board nominations process into report on suggested changes to operating procedures.

The Chair said he had not seen a message from HPH on this. He said he would ask him about this by email.

The Chair asked if any other Committee members wished to comment. There were no comments.

6. ICANN Board Nominations

The Chair noted, for the members’ reference, that the procedures for the selection process are contained in Section 7 of the operating procedures, available at:

Action item 1109-03: Secretariat to set up the Nom Com mailing list so that all AC members are subscribed to it but only the five volunteers – SB, MH, NA, JRH, DW – receive messages. All other members should have access to the online archives. All ASO AC members can post to the list if they have input.

This action was completed.

Action item 1109-04: The Secretariat to create a mailing list for the qualification review committee and the mailing list archive should be open for viewing by the ASO AC.

The Chair asked if this action item was completed and FC said the Secretariat was unsure what exactly this list was for and who should be on it. FC asked if this was for the nominations mailbox for the ICANN Board nominations and it was agreed that it was. FC said this action was then completed. The Chair asked that the draft November minutes be amended to clarify this point.

Action item 1109-06: The Secretariat to make the announcement opening the Nominations Phase by 12 November and include the timeline.

This action was completed.

Action item 1109-07: The members of the Nomination Review committee to elect a chair from among its members and inform the ac-coord list of the appointment.

DW said that has not been completed yet but it should be carried out soon. He said the committee was in the process of selecting someone but it wasn’t formally concluded yet.

MH said the committee had a tentative person to be volunteered but small details need to be addressed before that occurs.

MH asked who the Secretariat would be in 2010 and the Chair confirmed it would be LACNIC. MH said that because of issues with the last three ICANN election processes that there is a suggestion that the chair of the committee should get together with the Secretariat to work out all the documentation and the processes and then let the Secretariat run with that process.

The Chair said that sounded reasonable. He said the committee chair issue could be deferred until the committee members had arranged matters with the Secretariat.

MH suggested that the Chair should talk to the NRO EC Chair for 2010 and ask if the NRO EC would be willing for the Secretariat to spend two or three days working with the committee chair on the process. He said if there is confirmation of that people can put their name forward to be committee chair.

The Chair said the NRO EC Chair for 2010 would be AP from the RIPE NCC.

MH said that once confirmation was received the process could move forward via email.

The Chair asked the Secretariat to pass this message on to AP and FC agreed to do this.

Action item 1109-09: RP to ask ICANN about official end date of RB’s term on ICANN Board and report back to ASO AC with the information.

This action was completed. Please refer to the email that RP sent on 11/11. – “This means that the ASO AC must notify the Secretary of the Board on or before 30 March 2010.”

The Chair said this should comply with the ASO AC’s process and DW confirmed that this was the case.

The Chair asked how many nominees there were so far and the Secretariat said there were three accepted nominations. The Chair said there was about a month left if anyone wanted to recruit more nominees. DW confirmed the nomination period finished 10 January 2010.

7. Communications and Procedures Committee update

Action item 0409-02: The Communications and Procedures Committee to investigate providing a way for external organisations to easily link to the ASO website.

The Chair said this referred to creating a standing URL to link to ASO elections page or policies, for example.

The Chair asked the Secretariat if anything had been done in this regard and FC said the Secretariat has received no information on this item.

The Secretariat also confirmed that the Secretariat hoped to complete the new external website and hand it over to the new Secretariat shortly.

The Chair said he had seen the new website and that it looked good. He asked the Secretariat to create a presentation template based on the new website design that ASO AC members could use for presentations.

Action item 1209-02: The Secretariat to create a presentation template in Powerpoint and Keynote for ASO AC members based on new ASO logo/design.

8. Global Policy Proposal for the Allocation of IPv4 Blocks to Regional Internet Registries

Action item 1109-08: The Chair to contact the NRO EC and advise that the global policy proposal for the allocation of IPv4 blocks to the Regional Internet Registries will likely not find global consensus.

This action item is completed.

The Chair said he wanted to tell the NRO EC how the ASO AC thought things should proceed but there was no consensus on what this advice should be – whether to have authors redraft it or have the NRO create a common policy. He said creating a common policy would be problematic as it would likely be sent back because it would not have been discussed.

ON’s latest draft of the background report has not been posted yet. The Chair asked members to please review ON’s email on that.

AB said VN sent a mail saying that the ASN global policy has reached consensus in AfriNIC and has reached last call.

9. IANA Policy for Allocation of ASNs to RIRs

The Chair said there was no update on Olof’s background report since the last teleconference. The Chair said the update should be online soon. There was no further discussion on this topic.

10. RIR Updates – AfriNIC 11

The Chair asked AfriNIC members for highlights. AB said the policy for extending the expiry date for ASNs has reached last call. He said there was a proposal on IPv4 addresses for non-profit organisations that did not reach consensus and has been withdrawn.

JRH said there was also a policy for IPv4 soft landing and AB said this was an AfriNIC-specific proposal about what would be done with the last /8.

VN asked if ON updated his background report in light of his email to the list on the IANA policy for Allocation of ASNs to RIRS and the Chair said this had not been done yet.

11. 2009 Review

The Chair said the ASO AC should review its own work as in the past against the work plan for the year and see what needs to be done and this helps in preparation of the 2010 work plan. He called for volunteers to help the ASO AC with work in this regard. He said he hopes to have something at least by the February 2010 call.

JRH asked what the task was exactly and the Chair said it was to send the 2009 work plan to list, to go through it and check what was done, to add a list of what was done outside work plan and to pull out what was not accomplished. He said it might be a good idea just to send the old work plan to the list. The Chair said he would check who the last person who said anything about the work plan would be tasked with this.

12. 2010 Work Plan

The Chair said the following tasks needed to be included in the 2010 work plan:

  • Need to select ASO AC chair and vice-chairs
  • Arrange ASO AC face-to-face meeting
  • ICANN Board selection
  • Two global policy proposals
  • Elect someone to ICANN Nom Com again. WW tentatively agreed that he could do this.
  • Update ASO AC procedures

Selecting ASO AC Chair and Co-Chairs:

The Chair said the only nominee so far was LL and the period for nomination closed on 14 December 2009. He asked if they could get another nominee. DW said he would accept a nomination for the purposes of an election if needed. The Chair said nominations should be sent to the list.

The Chair said he would like to elect the new chair and co-chairs via online voting. He asked if this could be done prior to the January ASO AC teleconference. He asked for a motion that the polls for the ASO AC Chair election open on 1 January 2010 and close 6 January 2010 at 23:59 UTC. DW proposed the motion that the polls for the ASO AC Chair election open on 1 January 2010 at 00:01 UTC and close 6 January 2010 at 23:59 UTC. AB seconded the motion and there were none opposed so the motion carried.

The Chair asked if the RIPE NCC or LACNIC would take control of the online election and FC said the RIPE NCC and LACNIC would discuss this and contact the Chair.

Action Item 1209-03: The Secretariat to arrange the online election of the 2010 ASO AC Chair and have the polls open from 1 January 2010 at 00:01 UTC and close 6 January 2010 at 23:59 UTC.

2010 ASO AC meeting schedule:

The Chair said the Secretariat for 2010 would be LACNIC. He said he sent a request to them asking for the best time of day to hold the ASO AC teleconferences. He said based on the answer(s), he would like to begin the process to establish the 2010 meeting schedule so that the ASO AC could vote on it during the January 2010 teleconference. He said WW had a problem with attending on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The Chair said this issue would have to go to the mailing list. He asked if someone could craft a suggested meeting schedule and post it to the mailing list.

January meeting:

The Chair asked if the ASO AC should hold its January meeting as it did in 2009. He said that would mean a teleconference on 7 January 2010 at 13:00 UTC. He said they might need more input from LACNIC to make a better decision.

[MH left the call at 14:00 UTC]

The Chair said he would like to start the meeting later but that would need to be taken to the mailing list.

Face-to-face meeting:

The Chair said he sent a request to ICANN staff to support the ASO AC face-to-face meeting to be held in conjunction with the ICANN meeting in Nairobi in March 2010 and he expected to hear back soon. He said he asked for meeting space for a closed meeting, and this will be fine for the Tuesday interviews. He said for Thursday, he asked for facilities for only a half day so as not to conflict with the open public forum. He asked for advice on whether the ASO AC the council would like our Thursday meeting to be open to the public.

He noted that when making hotel reservations, the cancellation policy is rather strict.

The Chair said Nick Tomasso from ICANN said there would be no problem on the Thursday but they are looking for a room on the Tuesday, which is constituency day. He said that was the best day for the ASO AC to meet.

DW asked should they book flights or should it be tentative. The Chair said the motion made and carried.

VN said there were a number of hotels near to the conference centre where the ICANN Meeting would take place and it might be possible to arrange a meeting to take place in one of those hotels.

RP joined the call at 15:07 UTC. He said there were problems getting connected to the call – it took ten minutes to join the call. The Chair asked the Secretariat to note this and mention it to the call operators. FO said he also had problems and the Chair asked the Secretariat to look into this.

The Chair asked people to think about agenda topics for the face-to-face meeting. He said the interviews for the ICANN position and updating ASO AC procedures were two topics he was thinking of.

13. ASO AC Chair Election

This item was covered in the previous agenda point.

14. AOB

DW wanted to raise an issue about the ASN global policy. He said if it was not ratified by 31 December 2009, he thought that that meant that IANA would continue with the existing policy on 1 January 2010. He said there was nothing about the ASO AC can do but he wanted to raise it.

LV confirmed that until there is a new ratified global policy you go on with the one you have.

The Chair said there was leeway for the RIR community and it was still OK not to distinguish between the two types of ASN. He said he thought there would be no problems until much later.

LV said the reason for the policy is that RIRs have had problems with not making full use of 32-bit ASNs. He said they have 16-bit to see them through until this policy is ratified but there are some operational issues to be solved. He said this is a temporary fix to give people more time to solve the real problem.

DW agreed with LV but DW wanted to avoid a policy problem where it is not implemented in time because of procedural delay. He asked if there was a deadline. DW said he could mail the five RIRs and find out dates if the ASO AC is happy for him to do so and he could work out what needed to be done to fulfill the ASO AC obligations in a timely manner.

Chair said the question is for IANA and for the NRO about when it will become a problem if the GPP I not sent through and ratified. There were no objections to DW’s proposal to mail the five RIRs so the Chair suggested he go ahead with this.

15. Adjournment

The Chair gave his thanks to the team at the RIPE NCC for their Secretariat support in 2009.

He thanked all the observers, who contributed greatly to the success in the work that the council has accomplished.

He thanked all the ASO AC members whose terms are ending at the end of 2009 and further thanked to them if they chose to return in 2010.

DW thanked the Chair and thanked the vice chairs. The Chair asked people if they wanted to be a vice chair and if so to email him to let him know.

There was a motion to adjourn the teleconference from AB and FO seconded. There were none opposed and motion carried. The teleconference closed at 14:19 UTC.

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