ASO AC Teleconference 8 November 2012


They have been reviewed by the Chair & Vice Chairs prior to posting.


ASO AC Attendees


Fiona Asonga FA
Alan Barret  AB
Douglas Onyango DO


Tomohiro Fujisaki  TF
Andy Linton AL
Naresh Ajwani  NA


Louie Lee *Chair LL
Jason Schiller JS


Hartmut Glaser HG


Hans Petter Hollen HPH
Wilfried Woeber WW


Dave Wilson (RIPE)
Ron da Silva (ARIN)
Alejandro Guzman (LACNIC)
Sebastian Bellagamba (LACNIC)


Emilio Madaio (RIPE NCC)
Barbara Roseman (ICANN)
Einar Bohlin (ARIN)
Ernest Byaruhanga (AFRINIC)
Juan Peirano (LACNIC)

Secretariat (APNIC):

German Valdez GV
Adam Gosling AG
Samantha Marks (minutes)

0. Welcome

Meeting started at 7:03 AM UTC

In the interest of accountability and transparency, the Chair asked the Secretariat to post meeting attendance for the year, including meetings held times when quorum was not reached.

New Action Item 121108-01 Secretariat to elaborate table of attendance of ASO AC members for 2012 teleconferences, including those meetings when quorum was not reached.

Special Welcome to new ASO AC members Ricardo Patara & Dmitry Kohmanyuk.

1. Agenda Review

Due to time constraints The Chair adjusted the agenda to the following points

4. Status Selection of Seat 10 for ICANN Board.

9. ICANN Accountability & Transparency Review Team 2 (ATRT 2) volunteers call.

10. ASO Review Report Recommendations Activity by the CCG.

2. Approval of Minutes

– Teleconference September 2012

Motion to approve from JS, FA second

3. Open Action Item Review


Action Item 120427-01: AB, HPH, AL, and WW to work with the Secretariat on a review of the ASO AC OP.

Action Item 120427-03: AC to draft a Problem Statement regarding Secretariat Rotation for presentation to the NRO EC.

Action Item 120705-03: WW to put his thoughts and ideas regarding current ASO activities at ICANN meetings to the list, in writing. This should also include a summary of suggested changes for ASO AC activities at ICANN meetings.

Action Item 120705-04: The 2013 Seat 10 Interview Committee to update the questions for candidates and to circulate this to the mailing list for review by the ASO AC.

Action Item 120906-01: Secretariat to update the ASO AC website to remove draft from the approved minutes.

Action Item 120906-02: DO received comments regarding document destruction from AL on 17 July. DO to request further comment for one week

Action Item 120906-03: The Secretariat to publish the agreed ICANN Board Selection schedule.

Action Item 120906-04: Secretariat to post a new schedule of ASO AC teleconference dates.

Action Item 120906-05: Secretariat to ensure new AC members are explicitly invited to the next meeting.

Action Item 120906-06: Secretariat to notify ICANN Secretary that HG is the Council’s nominated member of the ICANN NomCom.

Action Item 120906-07: Secretariat to confirm with ICANN Secretary what deadlines exist for ASO AC appointments to other ICANN groups such as Review Teams and ATRT.

Action Item 120906-08: Chair to circulate proposed changes to procedure-changing criteria to ASO AC OP for 15 days prior to an electronic vote to approve the changes.

Action Item 120906-09: Secretariat to add internal procedures to circulate and agenda at least two days prior to the meeting.

Action Item 120906-10: Chair to reach out to the Chairs of other SOs so that time can be made on their ICANN agenda if an ASO update is requested.

4. Status Selection of Seat 10 for ICANN Board

The Chair asked for an update from the Committee members.

FA submitted the following comment via chat:

Is currently at the Comments phase as from 5th November 2012 There was a delay, because we went a bit out of process because for some reason the QRC had not finalized the review of questions to go out. The Committee agreed that the question on conflict of interest be circulated in-order to enable us get through the first part of the qualification process and put their names up for public comments. The questionnaire is currently being reviewed however there is a need for us to meet for the face to face interview The venue for this has not yet been agreed upon.

WW asked if committee members only conducted the interviews, or would it be possible for other AC members to join if the meeting were scheduled accordingly?

HPH replied the AC had not been able to find a convenient time to plan this way, and the interviews are currently scheduled for 11-13 January.

The Chair thanked the Qualification Review Committee for their work, and asked if they should be allocated the Interview duties. He noted at least two members were not present on the call.

HPH replied maybe it’s not safe to assume the QRC members would be available for interviews.

The Chair proposed to contact QRC members to see if they were available for interviews, and there were no objections. HPH noted this might take too long.

The Chair asked the QRC members to discuss among themselves whether they would be available, and to find a replacement if needed.

NA joined 7:45 AM UTC +10

TF asked about the Candidates missing biographies. The Chair said they have not received them but will post as soon as they are received. Adam Gosling replied on chat that two more have been received.

HPH asked who would decide the venue for the interviews.

The Chair suggested the interview committee propose a venue and ask the Secretariat to coordinate, and that the interview committee owns the task of setting the venue, and should work out these details with the Secretariat.

5. ICANN Board Selection Documentation Destruction Procedures


6. Amending ASO AC operating procedures update




ARIN report submitted via mailing list

8. ICANN 45 Toronto Activities Report


9. ICANN Accountability & Transparency Review Team 2 (ATRT 2) volunteers Call

Applications for the ATRT are due 5 December. The Chair asked for volunteers: FA, HG, TF volunteered. The Chair asked for a motion to endorse the volunteers. WW motioned, JS seconded.

10. ASO Review Report Recommendations Activity by the CCG

GV reported on behalf of the CCG. They will start working on the NRO EC recommendations:

  1. Clarify purpose, mandate, objective of ASO and distinguish duties between ASO AC/NRO EC
  2. Review of ASO website, clearly reflect that ASO is an ICANN SO develop
  3. FAQ for ASO website ICANN Board, NRO EC should agree on FAQ content
  4. Fully researched history of ASO (agreed by Board, EC)
  5. Translate ASO docs into ICANN languages, quotes obtained.

Work has been divided among several RIRs, GV will report a status update in the future.

JS asked for this information in an email to be circulated on the mailing list.

New Action Item 121108-02 GV to send to AC-COORD list the CCG activities on regards the ASO Review Report Recommendations.

WW commented that community members could be sourced as reviewers for the translation.

GV replied this has been considered, and they would try to find community reviewers.

11. Any Other Business

NA (on chat) asked for election discussions to be limited to ASO AC members and Secretariat.

The Chair replied all discussion in this call (up to that point) was public information.

DO asked for feedback on the text he sent about handling the selection documentation, which was sent on the mailing list on 20 October and he received feedback from AB and NA. He covered the changes outlined in his email.

HG left at 8:05 AM UTC (quorum lost)

JS noted quorum lost.

FA noted on chat her support for proposed text.

JS replied he generally liked the text, but noted it might not be necessary to broadly state all information received from Candidates would be kept confidential.

DO replied that there were two classifications of information: public and private. This statement is only to protect private information.

JS replied in that case the text is fine.

HPH suggested that instead, all information submitted by Candidates may be made public, and ask Candidates to indicate what information is private. This is in the interest of conducting an open, transparent election.

JS asked if committee discussions about candidates should also be made public.

HPH said he would support that, but that Candidates must be made aware before the interview.

DO replied most Candidates would probably want to keep some information private, but this could be considered in the future. It is important to make sure Candidates know what will be public information.

The Chair asked for feedback on the discussion, there was none.

FA left at 8:18 AM UTC

The Chair thanked members for mailing list discussion. He also thanked everyone for the congratulations on being re-elected to the AC, and that he will likely seek re-election by the AC as Chair.

12. Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 8:20 AM UTC

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