ASO AC Teleconference 7 January 2010

AC Attendees:

  • Alan Barrett, AB : AfriNIC
  • Vincent Ngundi, VN : AfriNIC
  • Jean Robert Hountomey, JRH : AfriNIC
  • Kenny Huang, KH : APNIC
  • Tomohiro Fujisaki, TF : APNIC
  • Naresh Ajwani, NA : APNIC
  • Hartmut Glaser, HG : LACNIC
  • Francisco Obispo, FO : LACNIC
  • Louis Lee, LL : ARIN (Chair)
  • Martin Hannigan, MH : ARIN
  • Dave Wilson, DW : RIPE
  • Jason Schiller, JS: ARIN
  • Hans Petter Holen, HH: RIPE
  • Sebastián Bellagamba, SB: LACNIC


  • Ernesto Majó, EM: LACNIC
  • Nicolás Quagliata, NQ: LACNIC
  • Ruth Puente Beledo, RPB: LACNIC


  • Ricardo Patara, RP: LACNIC
  • Lillian Sharpley, LS: AfriNIC
  • Germán Valdez, GV: APNIC
  • Leo Vegoda, LV: ICANN
  • Olof Nordling, ON: ICANN
  • John Curran, JC: ARIN
  • Einar Bohlin, EB: ARIN
  • Fergal Cunninghan, FC: RIPE NCC
  • Nick Hyrka, NH: RIPE NCC


  • Raimundo Beca, RB: ICANN
  • Wilfried Woeber, WW: RIPE
  • Ray Plzak, RP: ICANN


  1. Welcome
  2. ASO AC Chair and Vice Chairs election
  3. Agenda review
  4. Approval of the minutes from the 9 December 2009 teleconference
  5. Review of open action items
  6. ICANN Board Election Process Committee update
  7. Global Policy proposal for the allocation of IPv4 blocks to Regional Internet Registries
  8. IANA Policy for allocation of ASNs to RIRs
  9. Communications and Procedures Committee update
  10. 2009 Review
  11. 2010 Work Plan
  12. 2010 ASO AC meeting Schedule
  13. AOB
  14. Adjournment

The teleconference started at 13:10 UTC.

1. Welcome

The Chair welcomed the AC members to the first meeting of the 2010.

In order to know who should conduct the meeting, LL proposed moving straight to the ASO Chair election results.

2. ASO AC chair and vice-chairs election

The Chair mentioned that related action item 1209-03, was completed: The Secretariat to arrange the online election of the 2010 ASO AC Chair and have the polls opens from 1 January 2010 at 00:01 UTC and close 6 January 2010 at 23:59 UTC; and he mentioned that all the AC members had cast their ballots and there was not a tie for the top vote-getter.

The Chair asked the Secretariat to announce the election results:

RPB announced the results as:

  • Louie Lee 11 votes
  • Dave Wilson 4 votes
  • Alan Barrett 0 votes

The Chair asked AB and DW to be the vice chairs, and both accepted the position.

HG proposed the motion that AB and DW be accepted as vice chairs of the ASO AC. NA seconded the motion and there were none opposed, so the motion carried.

NA proposed the motion that the results of the ASO AC Chair election be confirmed by the ASO AC. DW seconded the motion and there were none opposed so the motion carried.

NA asked that in future the number of votes each candidate receives should not be announced and there was general agreement with this.

DW suggested publishing a receipt that the voters can verify their vote with might be published.

3. Agenda review

The Chair suggested switching two items on the agenda:

11.2010 ASO AC meeting schedule

12.2010 Work Plan

4. Approval of the minutes from the 9 December 2009 teleconference

AB proposed that the minutes of the 9 December 2009 teleconference be approved. NA and KH seconded the motion. There were no objections and the motion carried.

Action item 0110-01: The Secretariat to change the status of the minutes of 9 December 2009 from draft.

5. Review of open action items

Action item 1209-01: Secretariat to amend action item 1109-04 to address nomination mailbox for 2010 ICANN Board elections and change the status of the minutes of the 5 November 2009 meeting from draft.

FC confirmed that this action was completed.

Action item 1109-05: HPH to incorporate actions carried out by ASO AC in ICANN Board nominations process into report on suggested changes to operating procedures.

There was no comment on this action item

6. ICANN Board Election process Committee update

The Chair read the time frame for the selection process and this can be found in the minutes of the November 2009 teleconference.

Action item 1109-07: The members of the Nomination Review Committee to elect a chair from among its members and inform the ac-coord list of the appointment.

DW said there was a mail from someone who suggested they might want to be chair of the committee. He said this was not discussed among the group. He requested a copy of the letter of certification to distribute among the candidates in the ICANN Board Election Process. He said he would suggest some changes to the Nominations Committee in the coming days and try to reach a finalised version shortly.

MH said the letter of certification was an informal mail sent to the successful candidate asking them to self-certify.

In relation to the terms allowed for Seat 10 on the ICANN Board, ON commented that John Jeffrey confirmed that a third term is possible for ICANN Board members. DW thanked ON for looking into this.

7.Global Policy proposal for the allocation of IPv4 blocks to Regional Internet Registries

ON commented that not much happened since his last report in December 2009 and he detailed the current status by region:

  • AfriNIC concluded Final Call. AB confirmed this and clarified that it will be published very shortly in the AfriNIC webpage.
  • LACNIC concluded the Final Call and it was ratified by the LACNIC Board. The process is now completed.
  • RIPE: Under discussion.
  • ARIN: The Final Call is concluded and ARIN has adopted a different version.
  • APNIC has adopted it.

ON’s background report is available at:

8. IANA Policy for allocation of ASNs to RIRs

ON gave an update on the status with the regions:

  • AfriNIC: It was put in Final Call and it was concluded.
  • APNIC: It was adopted
  • ARIN: Final Call was concluded at the end of November and it was adopted.
  • LACNIC: Final Call was concluded and it remains for approval by the Board.
  • RIPE: It was adopted

ON’s background report is available at:

[HH joined the teleconference at 13:53 UTC].

9. Communications and Procedures Committee update

This agenda point was omitted.

10. 2009 Review

The Chair decided to drop this item. HH noted that the two main objectives of the ASO AC were carried out, albeit with some issues regarding the ICANN Board election process.

11. 2010 Work Plan

In the last meeting, the Chair suggested a few items for the 2010, which he recalled in this meeting:

  • Need to select ASO AC Chair and Vice Chairs
  • Arrange ASO AC face-to-face meeting
  • ICANN Board selection
  • Two global policy proposals
  • Elect someone to the ICANN Nominations Committee again. The Chair said WW tentatively agreed that he could do this.
  • Update ASO AC procedures

HG reminded members that in 2011 there is no ICANN Board election, and he suggested keeping the ongoing selection process, as there is no need to start a new selection process in 2010.

There was a motion from HG that the Chair’s list be accepted as the 2010 work plan. HH seconded the motion. There were no objections and the motion carried.

12. 2010 ASO AC Meeting Schedule

The Chair said that the Secretariat told him that they are fine if the teleconferences start between 13:00 and 15:00 UTC on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays. He said since WW has already said that he would be unable to participate on Tuesdays and Wednesdays during those times, he suggested keeping the meeting on the same day (Thursday) at the same time (13:00 UTC).

In order to avoid scheduling an ASO AC teleconference during an RIR meeting or an ICANN meeting, the Chair suggested postponing the following meetings from first Thursday of the month to the second Thursday

  • 4 March to 11 March
  • 6 May to 13 May
  • 3 June to 10 June
  • 7 October to 14 October

AB proposed a motion to approve the ASO AC teleconference schedule and seconded the motion. There were none opposed and motion carried.

Action item: 0110-02: The Secretariat to update the ASO AC website with the 2010 AC meeting schedule.

The Chair reminded members that in Nairobi there would be a face-to-face meeting scheduled for the Tuesday (all day to prepare interviews and conduct them) and Thursday (in the afternoon) of ICANN 37. He said he is coordinating the logistics with ICANN.

The Chair raised the importance of having quorum in situ at the face-to-face meeting.

HG suggested that if some of the AC Members cannot travel to Kenya, there should be teleconferencing facilities available, but the candidates to be interviewed should attend the face-to-face meeting in Nairobi.

The Chair stressed that, for a face-to-face meeting, quorum is needed or the meeting loses its purpose.

The Chair asked the members if they have objections regarding participation in the face-to-face meeting through either replacing the member or the member dialing in. AB commented that replacing a member is fine but dialing in could be problematic.

The Chair clarified that the ICANN Board candidate interviews in the face-to-face meeting would be conducted by the whole ASO AC rather than by the interview committee.

[MH disconnected at 14:09 UTC]

[NA disconnected at 14:13 UTC]

AB proposed a motion to approve the establishment of the meeting schedule and to organise the face-to-face meeting by email. Teleconferences will be held at 13:00 UTC on the first Thursday of each month, except in the four months mentioned that overlap with RIR and ICANN meetings.


There was no other business to attend to.

14. Adjournment.

The teleconference adjourned at 14:31 UTC.

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