ASO AC Teleconference 6 March 2008

AC Attendees:

  • Louis Lee (LL), Chair
  • Kenny S. Huang (KH)
  • Toshiyuki Hosaka(TH)
  • Jason Schiller(JS)
  • Hartmut Glaser (HG)
  • Dave Wilson (DW))
  • Hans Petter Holen(HPH)
  • Jean Robert Hountomey (JRH)
  • Martin Hannigan (MH) (* Connection was on and off.)
  • Francisco Obispo (FO)
  • Wilfried Woeber (WW)


  • Ernest Byaruhanga (EMB ), Recording Secretary – AfriNIC


  • Kiran Cunniah (KC)-AfriNIC
  • Frank Nnebe (FN)- AfriNIC
  • Einar Bohlin (EB) – ARIN
  • Nate Davis (ND) – ARIN
  • Richard Jimmerson (RJ) – ARIN
  • Ray Plzak (RP) – ARIN
  • Ricardo Patara (RIP) – LACNIC
  • Olof Nordling (ON) – ICANN
  • Leo Vegoda (LV) – ICANN
  • Bart Boswinkel(BB) – ICANN
  • Axel Pawlik (AP) – RIPE NCC
  • Filiz Yilmaz (FY) – RIPE NCC
  • Andrew de la Haye (AH) – RIPE NCC


  • Hyun-joon Kwon (HJK)
  • Sunny Chendi (SC) – APNIC


  • Alan Barrett (AB)
  • Sebastian Bellagamba (SB)
    1. Welcome

      LL asked the secretariat to proceed with a roll call to determine the presence of quorum. Quorum was noted and the meeting was called to order at 13h05 UTC. LL welcomed all the participants.

    2. Agenda Review

      LL reviewed the agenda and asked for any items to be added to the AOB. WW suggested adding the ASO website review to AOB as per recent discussion on the mailing list. LL asked for comments. There were no comments and this was added to the AOB. LL mentioned that he looks forward to a productive meeting.

    3. Approval of minutes for the 17 January 2008 meeting.

      LL called for a motion to approve the 17 January 2008 meeting minutes. HG moved:
      “The ASO AC approves the Minutes of 17th January 2008 as presented to the list by the secretariat.”
      JRH seconded the motion. The Chair asked for objections. There were no objections and the motion passed unanimously.

      Action: #0803-01:
      Secretariat to change the status of the minutes of the 17th January 2008 meeting from ‘draft’.

    4. Review of action items.

      Action: #0712-05:
      LL asked FO for any update on this item. FO said he sent a review yesterday on the policy templates and showed all fields used in the template plus peer count and how frequently they are used. He suggested that next step is to review for each region in order to have a unified proposal. He mentioned that each region has unique factors and process will be different because of fees structures. He said he may send final proposal to different region policy lists for comments.

      LL thanked FO for the update. RP asked why we are discussing this issue yet it will be covered in agenda item No 10. LL asked if this was an unusual way to conduct a meeting. RP stated that unless it will be discussed twice, it should be left for agenda item 10. LL said he asked for more discussion erroneously while reviewing this action item, and advised to proceed to the next issue.

      LL mentioned that he will not go over the completed action items as their status is closed.

    5. 2008 Activity Plan

      LL thanked HPH for the documents regarding the 08 Activity Plan and said he hoped that everybody had time to review them. LL asked HPH for a brief review of the documents.
      HPH said that there was a concrete action to take out the calendar from the activity plan as per last discussion and that he acted on this. He said that he used the “change tracking option” in the document to show where he has made modifications and highlighted the major changes as follows:

      o Global Policy part: This was cleaned up a bit.
      o Meeting of the AC: This was removed and directed it to the approved schedule on the website so that there is consistency.
      o Physical meeting: Took out most of what was in there. With reference to the operating procedures, HPH said he added that the neither the AC nor the EC foresees the need for two physical meetings. He said that he also added the use of electronic voting to determine the location of the physical meeting.
      o Presence at ICANN meetings: He mentioned that he removed the previous text to show that AC would refer the matter to the NRO EC

      LL asked for comments. WW mentioned that he has a question which is not directly related to the content of the document and asked if there is any expectation as to when the electronic voting will take place. He expressed concern to the fact that if the meeting is planned later during the year, the participants’ agenda may be full.

      LL said that it is better to have a concrete agenda that specifically requires the need for a physical meeting (rather than a teleconference) in the first instance and schedule the meeting based on that. He also said the only additional item to be added to the Work plan will be to fill in the sections with regards to the duties of the Chair and the Vice Chair for this year, and this will be further discussed under agenda item 11.

      LL asked for any other comments. There were no comments. LL then called for a motion to adopt the work plan for 2008 with the amendment as to the duties of the Chair and Vice Chairs to be added to the ASO Procedures. MH was disconnected and it was proposed to wait for him before proposing the motion. MH rejoined and the Chair gave him an update on the meeting status and stated the motion again. JS asked if the Chair had any specific text for the duties stated above or if it will be open ended text and the Chair said that it will be an open ended text. LL called for a motion and none volunteered to move. WW suggested that LL moves it himself and said he would second the motion.

      LL moved the motion as follows: “The ASO AC adopts the work plan as presented with amendments to the duties of the Chair and Vice Chairs to be added to the ASO procedures” WW seconded the motion. LL asked the Secretariat to proceed with a roll call vote for those in favour of or against the 2008 activity plan as written. All the AC attendees present voted in favour and the motion passed unanimously. LL thanked HPH for completion of this 2008 work plan and said he would email HPH the amendments.

    6. ASO AC Operating Procedures

      LL said some items are missing from the ASO Operating procedures document, and asked if everyone has received the latest copy. There were no further comments on this, and LL requested to continue with the next agenda item.

    7. Policy Proposal Facilitator Team for Global Policy Proposal for Autonomous System Numbers

LL thanked the team leader, and called FO for an update. FO said the team has worked with members from each RIR. He stated that the PDP for each region was followed and asked if the prepared global report can be sent as a draft after attaching a summary from all regions. He mentioned that when feedback has been received from the NRO, the final report will be ready. RP mentioned that the NRO is working on this and will advise within one week. FO urged all members to look at the report and comment as soon as it is availed.

LL commented about the report format and FO said he will forward report to the list immediately for comments. LL says he expects to receive this by mid March and that there would be a need to vote on it and asked if there is need for a teleconference in order to conduct such a vote. LL said discussions can be done on email and a teleconference can be done if necessary. WW said this is similar to what has been done previously – to provisionally decide on a teleconference and carry on discussions, but omit the telecoference if email discussions close the issue.

RP said the matter on agenda is to discuss the proposal that the EC is expected to receive, and not the template. JS said two templates, one for unifying submission of the policy and the other for submit policy to ICANN have not discussed yet. RP said the template is actually a letter that is already in place.

FO mentioned that in summary, two tasks are still pending – review of the report and submission to ICANN.

LL said there can be an electronic vote before the draft comes from FO and after it has been received from the EC. He mentioned that if major discussion arises, a vote can be conducted followed by a teleconference in April. He asked for any opjections to the idea, and there were none.

    1. Policy Proposal Facilitator Team for Global Policy Proposal for Remaining IPv4 Address Space.

LL asked if the team looked at the last report, and if there is any feedback – he also asked if the team leader was in the meeting and if there any comments? FO mentioned that although not in team, an update from APNIC 25 regarding this proposal would be helpful, and asked someone to give comments on the discussion at APNIC 25.

TH (a team member) said he looked at the policy and had not much to say now, apart from the fact that at APNIC 25, there was no consensus on this proposal, and that it was sent back to list for furrther discussion.

    1. Letters & Templates for the ASO PDP Procedure.

LL said letters & templates needed to be developed for submitting the global policies. RP said any such templates and letters have to be submitted to the EC first for approval. LL said the letters and templates are his duty and that he will have to put them together for submission to the EC.

    1. Single Policy Proposal Template.

LL said this has already been discussed at the start of the meeting and unless there are any other points, we can proceed to the next item.

    1. Duties of AC Chair and Vice Chairs

LL mentioned that according to the AC Operating Procedures Manual, the specification of these duties have been completed. HG asked why the title is changing from co-chair to vice-chair. LL said the two titles have different meanings, with a vice-chair assuming the chair’s role when the chair is absent. MH excused himself from the meeting but stated he supports the vice-chair naming.

#MH left the meeting at 1401UTC.
HPH said this was discussed in a prev meeting. HG said there is no need for hierarchy and his understanding is that these are levels, however, original idea is that all members are equals. HPH explained that the term co-chair was inherited from the Address Policy Working group at RIPE where we had one chair and two co-chairs. JS pointed out Section 4.1 of Operating procedures’ Manual makes reference to a co-chair. LL stated that this needs to be probably removed from the document and updated before it is sent to the EC.

HG stated that the vice-chair name is better but wondered how selection of chairing between the two vice-chairs is made. He suggested to have a first and second vice chair. LL said the two vice-chairs can work out their duties informally, but proposed a motion to draft a document that describes the duties of the vice chairs. There were no objections.

Action: #0803-02:
LL to produce a document that describes the duties of the Vice Chairs.

    1. APNIC25 Update

LL said the update was sent to list by KH, and said it contained an update on the global policy proposal discussions too. There were no further comments at this time.

    1. AOB.

WW added the ASO website review discussion to the AOB. WW said this particular activity is ongoing but there is a less than satisfactory way which the website is maintained. WW sent his views to list and would really like to get the views of the others – like what the purpose of website is, which party is expected to do quality management of website, structural and navigation issues that need attention, etc, so that the AC can have a high quality website.

LL said his vision for website is for it to be a point of information for those outside the group for data like global policies, various status updates and other points of interest, and secondly, for the AC to use it for document storage. He said it could be behind a password or any other security method.

LL said it cannot be taken for granted that the documentation on the AC website is necessarily up to date – and that there are various pages with outdated information.

WW mentioned that he sees no dedication from the secretariat to keep the AC website up to date and said if the AC is expected to take over website maintenance as suggested by Adiel on the list, then there is need to get the proper environment to do so. RP apologized for the lack of effort by the secretariat for past years, an action that stalled due to difficulties regarding access to server on which the website runs, and said this has been rectified. RP agreed that the AC shd not be included on website maintenance work, and said the NRO will take these comments and get back the the AC soon. He said he discussed with Adiel about it recently. LL said the AC looks forward to seeing an improvement in this area. HPH said he recalls that the AC did a review in 05 then some proposals thereafter. RP said the review was taken into consideration.

LL said this topic should be a provisional agenda item for the next teleconference in order to review the progress.Action: #0803-03:
Secretariat to assess the current situation with the AC website and report findings to the AC.

    1. Adjournment.

LL passed a motion to adjourn the meeting. HG and FO seconded, and there were no objections. The meeting consequently adjourned at 1419 UTC.

Open Action items

Action: #0712-05: Open
FO to shepherd the work to create a single policy proposal template.

Action: #0803-01:
Secretariat to change the status of the minutes of the 17th January 2008 meeting from ‘draft’.

Action: #0803-02:
LL to produce a document that describes the duties of the Vice Chairs.

Action: #0803-03:
Secretariat to assess the current situation with the AC website and report findings to the AC.

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