ASO AC Teleconference 5 April 2012

ASO AC Attendees

Fiona Asonga, FA
Alan Barrett, AB, Vice Chair
Douglas Onyango, DO

Tomohiro Fujisaki, TF
Andy Linton, AL
Naresh Ajwani, NA

Louie Lee, LL, Chair
Jason Schiller, JS
Ron da Silva, RdS

Sebastian Bellagamba, SB
Alejandro Guzman, AG

Dave Wilson, DW, Vice Chair
Wilfred Woeber, WW
Hans Petter Holen, HPH

German Valdez, GV
Adam Gosling, AJG
Sarah Hu, SH

Emilio Madaio, EM (RIPE)
Kuo Wei Wu, KWW (ICANN)
Ray Plzak, RP (ICANN)
Olaf Nordling, ON (ICANN)
Ernest Byaruhanga, EB (AfriNIC)

Hartmut Glaser (LACNIC)

0. Commencement

The Chair commenced the meeting at 17.15 (UTC+ 10) and noted the presence of a quorum.

1. Agenda Review

The agenda was reviewed and there were no comments

2.    Approval of February Minutes

It was moved by NA and seconded by TF that: “The ASO AC approves the Minutes of February 7, 2012, as written.”

There were no comments and the motion was carried with no objections.

(New action item: 0405-01) Secretariat to remove ‘Draft’ from February 7, 2012 minutes on the ASO AC website.

3.    Approval of March Minutes

The Chair asks for a motion and NA volunteers but DW noted that there has not been much time for review of the March minutes. The motion is not carried. The Chair asks the AC to review the minutes and tables the motion until the next meeting.

(New Action Item: 0405-2) Approval of the March minutes.

4.    Open Action Item Review

(Action Item: 1901-01) Chair to request AG to serve on the PPFT for GPP- IPv4-2010 and to mention it was HGs proposal.

At this point, JS joins the meeting. This action item has been removed due to the AC’s decision later in the same meeting to stop tracking this global policy proposal. Closed.

(Action Item: 1901-06) Chair to contact NRO about the ASO AC make the decision to stop tracking GPP-IPv4-2010 and to inform the ARIN board of the decision and that it may be resurrected in the future if required.

The Chair notes this was done. Completed

(Action Item: 0802-01) Secretariat to correct January Minutes and to remove ‘Draft’ from the ASO website.

The Secretariat notes this is done. Competed

(Action Item: 0802-02) The Secretariat was asked to update minutes to show that SB is in IC, not HG.

The Chair confirmed himself that this has been done. Completed.

(Action Item 0802-03) The Chair will send to the ASO AC mailing list, a message about that in order to discuss and approve changes in ASO AC Operating Procedures it is required the presence of 4/5 of all AC members’.

This message has been sent out. Completed

(Action Item: 0802-04) The Chair to send a message to the NRO EC, in support of a discussion between the SSR review team and the NRO EC during ICANN meeting in Costa Rica.

This message was found to be unnecessary.  Closed

 5.    Selection of Individuals to the ICANN Board of Directors.

Interview Committee members: AB, NA, RdS, SB, HPH

Being that there is no Chair for the Interview Committee, the Chair opens the floor for the give members to speak.

Since RP is on the line, it’s decided that this agenda item be moved further down, so RP can join in for the rest of the meeting without dropping off and coming back on.

RP introduces himself to those who don’t know as a Member of the ICANN CEO search committee. He says they are near the end of the search and gives a run down of the selection process. He reminds everyone that Rod Beckstrom’s term will end on the 30 June 2012 and that the target is to have the new CEO start the position on 1 July 2012.

6. Status of GPP-IPv4-2011: PPFT: JS, FO, HPH, TF, FA

The Chair notes that since the March meeting, he has sent the GPP-IPv4-2011 on to the ICANN Board using the most straight forward and easy to understand version which was the ARIN version. He notes that there were various regional versions, which contained issues when they were transferred from the original version that was sent to APNIC.

On (Action Item: 0803-01) To revise the GPP-IPv4-2011 report by removing the links in the ARIN section of the document and adding them to a cover letter along with links for other regions and submit the report to ICANN board, he says he has not done that yet because firstly there was a typo in the action item. And secondly, he would like a bit more discussion on this report because the report’s inclusion was not necessary for him to pass this policy proposal text to the ICANN board. He says that the report’s original intent was to inform the AC about the policy proposal going through the PDPs, which means the audience was not the ICANN board at the beginning. He thinks it would be more appropriate to draft a new advice letter rather than to reformat the report for sending.

AB says that an earlier draft of the ASO AC Operating Procedures specified that they need to post the report to the public on their website, but the current version does not say that. Given the current status of their operating procedures, he agrees to the Chair’s proposal to draft a different letter of advice to the ICANN board.

ON says at this point, that the report was in fact received defacto on 14 March and posted for public comment on that day. Public comment has just closed and there were no comments received which they may interpret as universal acceptance. The Chair says that they did not receive acknowledgement of receipt, which typically includes a request of advice letter. The ASO AC will continue to act as if they should receive this letter. ON agrees and trusts that it will be accepted.

The Chair asks ON when they will expect Board action to occur. ON replies that he would assume early May, but he would refer to RP for confirmation. RP says that the Board will be conducting a retreat workshop in May to discuss a number of ongoing issues and there will be a short meeting at the end. However, this could be adopted by the Board as an action without a meeting prior to, or after that, particularly since there is no controversy to it.

7. ASO Review

The report of the ASO review was posted three weeks ago during ICANN meeting week. It was posted on the ICANN public website and announcements went out about it being there. Verbal comments were received during the workshop. The NRO plans to take comments posted and post their own comments during the comment reply period in the newly established public participation process.

RP confirms that after a short meeting with ON, members of the EC and himself to discuss the next step forward to complete the reviews, everything is on track and it is now a matter of mechanics.

8. Updates to Operating Procedures

There has been clarification in the Board Selection part of the Operating Procedures. 4/5th of AC member’s approval is needed to move this change forward, but there were not enough AC Members on the line. It was decided to send the list of updates to the mailing list. The Chair reminds everyone that the ASO AC face –to-face meeting is currently scheduled for the two days immediately after the ARIN meeting on the 26-27 April.

GV says that it’s likely there will be no representative from LACNIC because at this point, AG is having trouble obtaining a visa. HG and SB will both be unavailable. A possible solution is to have a LACNIC representative connected by phone. The Chair confirms that remote participation will be available.

9. Selection of Individuals to the ICANN Board of Directors.

Interview Committee members: AB, NA, RdS, SB, HPH. Revisited.

RP, KW and ON recuse themselves from the meeting at 18.04 (UTC +10).

NA confirms that all written interviews have come back, but telephone interviews have not yet been scheduled. A discussion was held on the timeline of telephone interviews, face-to-face interviews, and the availability of the Interview Committee members to conduct these interviews. After deliberation, it was decided that the face-to-face interview will be held in conjunction with ASO AC face-to-face meeting. In line with that, the comment phase will be extended to the 27 April 2012. Both candidates and the community will be notified of these changes. This motion was proposed, seconded and there were no objections.

At this point technical problems meant that quorum was lost for the remainder of the meeting.

Remaining members on the call agreed that the Secretariat send requests to all four candidates for phone interviews. Since some IC Members were missing, it could not be confirmed time and dates for their availability to conduct these interviews. An electronic poll would be conducted to confirm candidate availability.

The Chair called for a Special Meeting of the ASO AC to review the telephonic interviews before the face-to-face interview on 18:00 UTC 16 April 2012.

10. Any Other Business

There was no other business to conduct.

11. Adjournment

The Chair adjourned the meeting at 19:33 (UTC +10)

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