ASO AC Teleconference 20 December 2012


These minutes have been reviewed by the Chair & Vice Chairs prior to posting.

Members Present

    • Fiona Asonga (FA)
    • Alan Barrett (AB)
    • Douglas Onyango (DO)
    • Tomohiro Fujisaki (TF)
    • Naresh Ajwani (NA)
  • ARIN
    • Louie Lee (LL) – Chair
    • Jason Schiller (JS)
    • Ron da Silva (RS)
    • Sebastian Bellagamba (SB)
    • Hartmut Glaser (HG)
  • RIPE
    • Hans Petter Holen (HP)
    • Dave Wilson (DW)



  • Alejandro Guzman (LACNIC)
  • Andy Linton (APNIC)
  • Wilfried Woeber (WW)


  • German Valdez (GV) (APNIC)
  • Nate Davis (ND) (ARIN)
  • Ricardo Patara (RP) (LACNIC)
  • Dmitry Kohmanyuk (DK) (RIPE)
  • Barbara Roseman (BR) (ICANN)
  • Wu Kuo Wei (WK)


  • Ernest Byaruhanga (EB) – Scribe
  • Guylaine Motoo (GM)
  • Arthur Carindal (AC)
  • Neriah Sossou (NS)

1.0 Welcome

LL called the meeting to order at 1218 UTC and suggested to switch draft agenda items 3 and 5 so as to discuss IC work first. LL asked if there were any comments or objections. There were none.

2.0 Establishing days & times for AC Chair election (Chair to lead)

LL said he posted a couple of suggestions on the list regarding dates for the ASO AC Chair election. He also named the currently nominated candidates as Louie Lee and Hans Peter Hollen, who have both not confirmed their interest to serve, and reminded them to confirm to the list.

LL stated the dates he previously suggested as 01 Jan and 07 Jan for poll opening and closing respectively, as well as 02 and 07 Jan. He asked the Secretariat if those dates can be supported. AB stated the Secretariat might be burdened since 01 Jan is a public holiday but asked the Secretariat to confirm.

EB confirmed that the Secretariat could support dates as proposed by AC. LL said the poll opening and closing can be automatically scheduled if the system allows.

[JS joined at 1225UTC]

AB said if the Secretariat can open and close the election without someone being physically present at the office then it is a reasonable timing. EB confirmed that the system can be automated to do this, so there is no problem with the dates.

LL requested a motion for the Secretariat to open polls for the AC Chair election on 01 January 2013 and close on 07 January 2013.

AB moved the motion. TF seconded. There were no objections and abstentions.

[RS joined at 1231 UTC]

The motion was carried and LL asked the Secretariat to record it as an action item.

Action 121220-01: Secretariat to open polls for ASO AC Chair Election on 01 January 2013 to 07 January 2013 and announce the 2013 ASO AC Chair to the ASO AC within 3 days after closing the poll.

LL advised at this stage to discuss the ICANN Board Seat 10 selection process, so as to understand the current IC requirements in order for the AC to support the IC work. He requested any IC member to lead the discussion on the current IC work.

3.0 ICANN BoD selection

RS indicated that the written interview questionnaires were sent out to all 5 candidates on 14 Dec with responses requested by 28 Dec. The IC will then review submitted responses and meet 1 hour earlier at the next scheduled AC teleconference to make a report and recommendations on the candidates to the AC, who will vote on the recommendations at least by 10 January 2013. RS further stated that the plan is to notify candidates by 11 January 2013, with a face to face interview planned in Dubai from 28 – 29 January 2013 after which, the IC will prepare final report and recommendations to AC again at the next meeting where the AC would vote on the final candidate.

[NA joined at 1240 UTC]

AC asked if a meeting on January 03 can be possible given it is right after public holidays and we could have issues with quorum. EB said 03 January is a public holiday in Mauritius and would not be ideal.

AB stated that holding a meeting when polls for chair are still open creates ambiguity over who chairs the meeting. LL said a chair can be established to conduct the meeting, and that he would be willing to do that.

LL suggested Friday 04 January 2013 and at this stage suggested moving to the next agenda item for discussing dates for the 2013 meetings.

4.0 Establishing meeting dates and time for 2013 teleconferences and face-to-face meetings

LL stated that a list of meeting dates has already been shared by German where the suggestion is for the 1st Thursday of each month, but later mentioned that after discussions, Wednesday favors most AC members. LL also said that 1200UTC as suggested by German appears a suitable time for everyone.

LL asked members to seriously consider holding meetings every other month as suggested by the EC with exception of Jan 04 and Feb 06 or 07 where those meetings will deal with IC matters. LL stated that the general idea is to meet during odd months except December and February and that the AC identify dates for either months or special meeting dates in case of urgent matters arising.

LL suggested forwarding a motion that teleconference/meeting dates will be Jan 04, Feb 06 (or 07), Mar 06, Apr 03, May 02, June 05, Jul 03, Aug 07, Sep 04, Oct 02, Nov 06 and Dec 04 and asked EB to post these dates to the website as tentative meeting dates.

LL asked the Secretariat to share these dates on the 2013 meeting schedule.

LL talked about the AC face-to-face meeting that is expected to be in conjunction with any of the three ICANN meetings. He asked if any of those meetings are where the AC wants to meet face-to-face.

RS indicated Beijing as favorable but indicated it could be confirmed in the January teleconference. LL said if AC is to meet at the Beijing ICANN meeting, the Secretariat needs to apply to ICANN immediately to including this workshop on their agenda for planning and booking purposes.

5.0 Review of the 2012 ASO AC activity

LL thanked AB for the report prepared about the AC work in 2012 and noted that there was a presence of the AC at all RIR & ICANN meetings which AB could include in the report. AB said he already included it in the latest version.

AB briefly went through the key highlights of the report for the information of the AC at which point LL asked members if there were any comments or questions. There were none, and LL asked for a motion to include this review as written into the minutes. JS suggested adding it to the document store and reference to it from the minutes.

LL asked the Secretariat to add a link in the minutes to the 2012 ASO AC activities in the documents store and to indicate that the 2013 work plan as “ongoing”.

Note: The 2012 Work Plan review is available at

6.0 AOB

LL stated that Leo Vegoda from ICANN sent an email to the list for consultation on the latest global policy proposal. He asked members to read the e-mail and included document for their information.

LL also asked for a motion to hold a meeting on Jan 04 2013 at 1200 UTC. RS moved the motion and FA seconded. There were no objections and the motion was carried.

LL asked the Secretariat to schedule and arrange for the Jan 04 2013 Meeting.

LL asked German if the 2012 meeting attendance matrix was posted. GV said he needs to liaise some details with AFRINIC before making it public. HG requested that this document be shared before it is published in case a member has any comments.

DW thanked everyone for working with him on the AC. SB also thanked everyone, as this was his last meeting.

RS requested to adjourn the meeting. LL thanked GV and Adam for the secretariat services rendered to the AC in 2012 and for APNIC support. LL adjourned the meeting at 1444 UTC.

Action Items

Action 121220-01

Secretariat to open polls for ASO AC Chair Election on 01 January 2013 to 07 January 2013 and announce the 2013 ASO AC Chair to the ASO AC within 3 days after closing the poll.

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