ASO AC Teleconference 2 December 2010

AC Attendees:

  • Alan Barret, AB – AfriNIC
  • Naresh Ajwani, NA – APNIC
  • Kenny Huang, KH – APNIC
  • Tomohiro Fujisaki, TF – APNIC
  • Louis Lee, LL – ARIN
  • Martin Hannigan, MH – ARIN
  • Jason Schiller, JS- ARIN
  • Sebastian Bellagamba, SB – LACNIC
  • Hartmut Glaser, HG – LACNIC
  • Francisco Obispo, FO – LACNIC
  • Dave Wilson – DW – RIPE NCC
  • Hans Peter Holen, HH – RIPE NCC
  • Wilfried Woeber, WW – RIPE NCC


  • Laureana Pavón, LP – LACNIC


  • Ernesto Majo, EM – LACNIC
  • Nate Davis, ND – ARIN
  • Einar Bohlin, EB – ARIN
  • Leo Vegoda, LV – ICANN
  • Emilio Madaio, EMa – RIPE NCC


1. Welcome

2. Agenda review

3. Approval of the minutes from the November 4 teleconference

4. Review of open action items

5. Election of ASO AC Chair for 2011

6. ASO AC presentation at ICANN 39

7. Report from the volunteer group that met at the RIPE meeting in Rome.

8. Update from RIPE 61

9. Update on activities related to the ICANN Review Teams

10. AOB

11. Adjournment

1. Welcome

The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting at 13.03 UTC.

2. Agenda review

LL read the tentative agenda, which was approved.

WW asked whether the new member from the AfriNIC region, Fiona Asonga, had been invited, to which AB replied that they are still trying to get her email to add her to the AC mailing list.

HG said that they’d received a message that MH had resigned his position to the AC and asked whether his resignation was effective immediately or on January 1st, to which LL replied that MH is currently an active member and will remain one until next year.

3. Approval of the minutes from the November 4 teleconference

Motion to approve the minutes of the meetings held on November 4 by SB, seconded by HG. None opposed and the motion carried.

New Action Item 1202-01: The secretariat to change the status of the November 4, 2010, minutes from draft to approved.

4. Review of open action items

Only the open action items not attached to an agenda item were reviewed here.

Action item 0622-05: All to begin conversations with the new secretariat in the upcoming weeks, find out their preferences and limitations and come up with a proposal for the ASO AC. (Action item regarding the scheduling 2011 teleconferences with the new Secretariat, time zone issues, day of the week, etc.).

LL said that an informal poll had been conducted and the following option had had the most approval: 1 pm local time (secretariat time) on the first Thursday of each month.

After a brief discussion of the possible clash with holidays in Asia, the following motion was put forth by HG:

To hold the first ASO AC 2011 meeting on January 6 at 1800 UTC and to approve the 2011 teleconference schedule during that meeting.

The motion was seconded by AB. None opposed and the motion carried.

Action item 0622-02: WW to work with PR and the RIPE NCC on the wiki. If WW needs more help he can turn to the communications committee. ONGOING

WW said that a few minutes ago he had circulated a brief report. He added that they had had a nice session in Rome during the RIPE 61 meeting with the help of Nicolás from LACNIC where they had done a test drive for the pilot installation, which in principle had worked, although there are some minor things to add regarding access management and having publicly accessible and secluded areas on the wiki. He proposed that any of them, including the current and future secretariat, in Cartagena, could sit together screen and do another test drive session.

WW added that after the demo he had chatted with people from RIPE NCC and it turned out that many people use a particular engine (Confluence) and that he had included details of this in his email. WW said he would like to discuss with the 2011 secretariat whether we would like  the lean and mean Wiki as set up by LACNIC vs. maybe proposing to use a more commercial, better supported product which is already being used e.g. in ICANN.

LL thanked WW for his update.

Action item 1014-03: The AC to send a possible review to the NRO EC so that they can have their staff have a look and make sure that the RIRs won’t be running into any issues. (re. global ASN policy ratified and implemented on 21 September). OPEN

DW commented that at least in the RIPE region, during the recent RIPE meeting in Rome, nobody had seemed concerned about this and that for that reason he hadn’t wanted to push the issue at that particular time.

Action Item 1104-01: The secretariat to change the status of the October 14, 2010, minutes from draft to approved. DONE

Action Item 1104-02: LL to formally notify the new chair of the 2011 ICANN NomCom that WW has been reappointed. DONE

LL said he had done so and that they are very happy to have WW on the 2011 NomCom.

WW noted that they are already in touch via the mailing list and will meet next week in Cartagena.

LL suggested the NomCom look over the suggestions from the accountability and transparency review team and see if there are any suggestions for the NomCom to talk about.

5. Election of ASO AC Chair for 2011

LL read the selection procedure. (Section 4.4 of the Operating Procedures Manual). Election dates and nomination conditions were discussed.

LL said that the nomination period was now open and nominated himself to serve another term as ASO AC chair, adding that he would confirm his nomination on the list.  WW supported this nomination.

HG proposed not putting forward candidate names but instead starting a discussion on the matter. He added that they need to be more international, to rotate, that he has nothing against LL or his chairmanship but that he thinks that they need to involve more people in the process. He said that it is his understanding that they need to look, for instance, for a rotation process, because some of the members are very quiet. He added that he knows that the chairmanship is sometimes a very hard business and asked for comments from other members.

HH said that WW had a good point, but that the best way of ensuring participation is to make sure that they have several nominations, perhaps have candidates from other regions.

LL asked whether HH was referring to the fact that they need to simply make sure that they have nominations and that they don’t need a formal rotation policy, to which HH replied that they could have a formal process, but that so far the problem has been having more nominations.

In support of the proposal of having more than one nominee, HG proposed that AB run for the election in January. To this AB replied that his term on the ASO AC expires at the end of the year and that he has not yet heard from the AfriNIC board whether he will be reappointed or replaced.

LL said that AB could express his interest and if he is not reappointed then his nomination could be withdrawn.

NA said that they should follow the process of other elections.

JS said that what they’ve done in the past is announce the opening of the nomination period at the beginning of December and that it closes in mid December and let people express their interest.

HH said that what they were doing is having an informal discussion to encourage people to nominate themselves, as it was clear that they do have a formal procedure.

LL agreed that it’s good to encourage other nominations.

AB noted accepted his nomination subject to determining whether he will continue to serve on the AC in 2011. This nomination was seconded by SB and HH

LL asked all members to please consider nominating themselves or others, including those who may not be on the call today, to encourage regional diversity. He also asked them to consider expressing their interest in becoming vice-chairs, after which he asked the current vice-chairs − AB and DW − if they could explain what they’ve been doing.

DW said that vice-chairs have not been doing nearly as much as the chair, who has been following through with the liaison with ICANN and other organizations, among many other things. The most important thing that the vice-chairs have been doing is to be on standby to chair and following what’s been going on.

AB said that it’s been a fairly easy job, that they’ve had to watch their emails to see what’s been going on but that the hard work had been done by LL. He added that said he’d like to nominate DW for AC chair.

DW replied that he was  very honored but that he had asked his employers if they would support the idea and they’d said that at this moment they could not provide the extra time. With regret, DW declined his nomination.

LL asked whether HG would like to nominate himself, to which HG replied that he expects to be very strongly involved in the review team where he is taking over the position for the AC for the ASO (which is probably very hard work), adding that he would like to be the chair of the AC but not this time. He said that RIPE, ARIN and LACNIC had already participated and repeated that he’d like to see Asia and Africa active in the process this time.

AB nominated NA, to which NA replied that, because the role of the chair is not easy, he believes that at this moment he is not ready to accept the nomination. He added that if LL is leaving the chairmanship then either of the vice-chairs should take the position. He proposed his name for vice-chair, adding that in the future he would be happy to be a candidate for chair.

JS noted that there are still two new members who will be added to the mailing list and requested that a nomination email be sent to the list and to these two new members.

LL said they would send the email now and the update the new members people after they join.

To conclude, the following timeline was agreed:

– Nominations period is open as from today until 14 December at 24:00 UTC.

– Confirmation of interests must be received before 31 December at 24:00 UTC.

– Polling: LL presented the following motion: To open polls at 00:00 UTC on January 1st and close them on 24:00 UTC on January 5th (i.e. members can vote on January 5th). The motion was seconded by DW. None opposed and the motion carried.

SB left at this moment.

6. ASO AC presentation at ICANN 39

LL said there’s work going on right now for putting the presentation together, that this will be completed just in time, that they are awaiting feedback on some of the regional parts of the presentation. He added that he will have something to send to the AC next week and that the presentation will be given on Wednesday afternoon.

LL described the details of the presentation (date, time, allotted time, format). No questions were heard.

LL thanked Einar for putting most of the presentation together.

7. Report from the volunteer group that met at the RIPE meeting in Rome.

DW commented that in the end they had not met, as there were not enough AC members present to have a discussion.

8. Update from RIPE 61

WW said that the RIPE NCC will come up with a concise report about the major things that happened at the meeting and that as soon as the report is available he would circulate it to the AC mailing list.

WW added that he’d like to report on one interesting proposal presented by a member of the community from Poland. He explained it as follows:

“Polish, as some other European languages, has some modifications to the character set, the basic letters. This gentleman gave us a nice and concise look at the wrong meanings and wrong information that gets displayed in the resource registry if you are no longer able to include these modified characters. If you are limited to the 7- bit ASCII character set you can no longer able to distinguish things which are completely different. The gist of his proposal was to start thinking about internationalization in the IP resource registry.”

WW said that his first thought had been “how interesting” and then he had realized that this is probably a requirement for other areas as well (Asia Pacific, for example) and therefore wanted to relay to the AC that this is something they’ll begin discussing in the next few days and any input will be appreciated.

AT this point MH joined the call and HH had to leave.

LL agreed that it would be interesting for other regions to consider the internalization of their registries if they still haven’t. LL suggested to WW that this be brought up with the Comms committee so that they can have a first look at their registries and see how many requests they’ve received to support that.

WW repeated that the proposal is really interesting when you start to think about it, as it is probably useful to accept modified characters not only in the registry itself but also in various access mechanisms that display the information. He added that he was trying to collect statements of interest of regions who are interested or believe this is reasonable.

LL said that the Comms committee would be the best place to have this conversation, but that of course it needs to be talked about with the community.

At this point LL said that this would be a good point to discuss the status of the global policy proposal that’s active right now. He asked what were the feelings at RIPE on the issue.

JS said they’d had a very good discussion at the RIPE region about the GPP, that there was some concern expressed about the ARIN EC policy text change and that there was also some discussion that the text discussed at the meeting was not the actual text published in the package. At the conclusion of the meeting it sounded like they were ready to move it to their 4-week comment period. However, because there were concerns about possible text changes, it was decided to let them discuss it in AfriNIC and see if there were any rewrites, after which, depending on whether or not the chairs believed that the final text matched what was discussed in the meeting, they would move it to the 4-week comment period or put it back to the list.

JS said that the other interesting discussion in the RIPE region was that, once a proposal goes to last call, the process cannot be stopped: the proposal must be either accepted or rejected, so there was interest in waiting to see if there were changes before going into last call.

LL asked how the proposal had gone at the AfriNIC meeting last week, to which AB replied that he had sent a message to the AC list a few days ago regarding the policy discussions at the AfriNIC meeting. AB noted that the global policy proposal presented at the meeting was not the same as the version posted on the mailing list, so the sentiment was that the changes had been introduced too late and therefore the policy could not progress to last call. However, AB added that there was the general sentiment that the policy was acceptable, but that people probably needed more time to look at it and perhaps it could be passed next time around.

LL asked AB whether AfriNIC had decided when their next meeting will be, to which AB replied that although the dates have not been published he believes it will be some time in May.

9. Update on activities related to the ICANN Review Teams

LL said that the accountability and transparency review team had not had any significant activity since the AC’s last teleconference, that the suggestions for recommendations were still out for comment, and they will have a presentation next week at the ICANN meeting. He added that the review team will look for more community feedback, finalize the report and send it back to the ICANN board and the community before Dec 31st.

WW said that the Whois team is currently trying to put together the formal documents and that they have been provided by ICANN staff with a long list of documents that register the history of various Whois policies which they now have on the table to study and get used to. As to the team’s immediate activities, WW said that they will not have formal presence at the Cartagena meting as there was consensus that they don’t have sufficient “meat on the bones” to face the community, but that they will have an informal get-together in Cartagena (Dec. 5) and are trying to get Rod Beckstrom and one of the individuals involved in the signing of the declaration of commitment from the US government to provide their points of view. He said they are also currently in the planning stage to get our first formal face-to-face meeting on 20-21st of January in London, where we intend to make great progress and have some sort of common understanding by then. WW concluded his update by saying that there is a space on the ICANN community wiki for the RT4 team, where everything will be published.

HG commented that so far the SSR review team has only discussed basic information. He added that their first face-to-face meeting will be in Cartagena and that they had postponed the election process to select their chair until Cartagena, where they will have a public and some private meetings after which they will issue an agenda. HG said that they are in the very early stages and that their intention is to launch their agenda in Cartagena.

10. AOB

LL thanked Martin Hannigan and Vincent Ngundy very much for their services on the ASO AC. He added that as their terms are ending he I would like to recognize their contribution to the AC.

LL also thanked LP and the Secretariat for their work during 2010.

11. Adjournment

Motion to adjourn by WW, seconded by MH. There being no objections, the meeting was adjourned at 14.25 UTC.

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