ASO AC Teleconference 14 June 2012

ASO AC Attendees:

Alan Barrett, AB, Vice Chair
Douglas Onyango, DO

Andy Linton AL
Naresh Ajwani, NA
Tomohiro Fujisaki, TF

Louie Lee, LL, Chair
Jason Schiller, JS
Ron da Silva, RdS

Sebastian Bellagamba SB

Hans Petter Holen, HPH

German Valdez, GV
Adam Gosling, AJG
Samantha Marks, S

Ernest Byaruhanga, EBy (AFRINIC)
Einar Bolin, EB (ARIN)
Emilio Madaio, EM (RIPE NCC)
Leo Vegoda, LV (IANA)
Selina Harrington, SH (IANA)
Olof Nordling, ON (ICANN)

Dave Wilson, DW (RIPE)
Wilfried Woeber, WW (RIPE)
Hartmut Glaser (LACNIC)

0. Welcome

The meeting commenced at 07:20 after establishing quorum via a Roll Call.

1. Agenda Review

The Chair apologized for the late start and asked everyone to try connecting early to avoid delays.

2. Approval of Minutes

The Chair sought approval for three sets of minutes:

  • Thursday, 5 April
  • Monday, 16 April
  • Thursday, 3 May

RdS motioned to approve all three sets, TF seconded, none opposed.

New Action Item 1406-01: Secretariat to remove ‘draft’ from all three sets of minutes.

3. Open Action Item Review

Action Item: 0405-2: Approval of the March minutes

Status: CLOSED

Action Item: 0416-01: The Secretariat to contact the three successful candidates and invite them to in-person interviews, then to send follow-up ‘Thank you’ to the unsuccessful candidates. If one candidate was unable to attend in-person, the idea of a video conference interview should be suggested and if all candidates and members of the NRO EC are agreeable, the Secretariat should proceed to organize interviews accordingly.

Status: CLOSED

Action Item 0503-1: Secretariat to conduct an electronic poll of ASO AC members, as described above, to determine the preferred candidate for Seat 9 of the ICANN Board.

Status: CLOSED

Action Item 0426-01: Secretariat to remove ‘Draft’ from March 8, 2012 minutes on the ASO AC website.

Status: CLOSED

Action Item 0426-02: Interview Committee to protect information gathered during the ICANN Board selection process by destroying the information once the decision is made public.

Status: Open, Pending confirmation

DO suggested in the future more care be taken in distributing and/or limiting the dissemination of confidential materials, because destroying them is more difficult. In the meantime, ASO AC members should not further distribute these materials.

The Chair suggested practices be checked.

Action Item 0426-03: Secretariat to circulate interview report prior to May teleconference.

Status: CLOSED

Action Item 0426-04: ASO AC to update 2012 work plan to include a review of the GPDP.

Status: OPEN, Secretariat to update 2012 work plan.

Action Item 0426-05: Secretariat to forward ASO AC input to NRO reply to ASO Review Report.

Status: CLOSED

Action Item 0427-01: AB, HPH, AL, and WW to work with the Secretariat on a review of the ASO AC OP.

Status: OPEN, AB reported there has not been much progress on this action so far.

Action Item 0427-02: Secretariat to confirm to whom the AC should be sending the successful candidate information.

Status: CLOSED

Action Item 0427-03: AC to draft a Problem Statement regarding Secretariat Rotation for presentation to the NRO EC.

Status: OPEN

Action Item 0427-04: Secretariat to conduct a survey to establish what problems Council members are experiencing that prevents them from joining ASO AC meetings in 2012.

Status: OPEN, Secretariat to conduct survey

4. ASO Review

Please refer to

As the final response from the NRO has been published, the Chair asked members of the ASO AC to read the above, in particular the items that directly impact the AC.

Ernest Byaruhanga, EBy (AFRINIC) Joined the meeting at 07:29 (UTC)

ON reported that the ICANN Board Structural Improvements Committee will decide whether the ICANN Board should act upon the recommendations. These will need to be then addressed by the NRO EC. This will be discussed at the next SIC meeting during the ICANN meeting in Prague.

5. Review of 2012 Work Plan

The Chair noted that about half of the plan has been completed. He asked for additions and/or removals or other suggestions. He mentioned the next priority was the ICANN Outreach Improvement Plan, to proceed in conjunction with the NRO.

The Chair further suggested starting the Seat 10 appointment (as Kuo-Wei Wu’s term is ending) one month earlier than originally planned, and the Secretariat agreed.

6. ICANN Prague Activities

The Chair thanked the Secretariat for setting up the calendar and noted sessions that would be of interest for AC members in attendance: ALAC Policy Discussion, ASO Update, ICANN Board Meeting, trying to move GAC to not conflict with ICANN Board, IPv6 session.

The Chair mentioned a meeting taking place that was not on the agenda. He, John Curran, and the ICANN CEO and Chairs during the Prague meeting will meet informally, speaking as individuals and not on behalf of any groups.

The Chair asked which AC members are attending for AC activity, none answered.

GV said he would attend, and offered to ask who was planning to attend on the mailing list. The Chair also asked for that email to be forwarded to all RIR staff and board members, so they would all know which AC members are participating and which activities may be of interest to them.

The Chair noted there would be a change in the upcoming ICANN agenda, and the ASO would now give two separate updates to the ICANN Board and wider community, as suggested in the ASO Review.

7. Updates to Operating Procedures

The Chair first suggested a change to the language from Co-Chair to Vice Chair and noted a minimum of 4/5 of the entire AC is required to vote on any changes.

The Chair mentioned a need to discuss procedures and processes that are pushed from the NRO EC to the ASO AC, with the NRO NC.

New Action Item 0614-02: The Chair will circulate new operating procedures.

JS suggested there should be some discussion among those present about the new text even if there aren’t enough present to hold a vote.

The Chair asked for comments.

JS: A. would be useful to add relevant section (4.4) for easier referral

Proposed change: allow 1 week

AL proposed to move the ICANN Board nomination period back one week, but the Chair advised this could disadvantage some candidates.

HPH agreed with JS’s proposal, but added this change should not cause strain on the AC members.

The Chair asked those present if changes should be made to the comment period, which currently can begin one week after nominations close. He remarked some comments may be defamatory and should be moderated.

AB added that the Secretariat could moderate spam, and the Interview Committee could moderate comments they think shouldn’t be made public.

The Chair was hesitant to state those distinctions explicitly, and suggested the IC could grant permission to the Secretariat on a case-by-case basis to provide more flexibility. He suggested a separate email address to deal with spam. AG added there were around 1000 spam comments posted during the previous comment period.

JS said the AC Chair duties should be more clearly defined, in particular who takes over the Chair’s duties in the Chair’s absence.

The Chair suggested a change to lower the number of AC members required to make any changes from 4/5 of the entire AC to facilitate more efficient decision making among the group.

New Action Item 0614-03: Secretariat to compile discussion which took place during the call, to be made available 15 days before next call (prior to voting) which is 20 June, and to also change Co-Chair to Vice Chair as a track change document.

A motion to continue on mailing list was made and carried at 09:15 UTC.

8. Adjournment

AB proposed to adjourn the call and SB seconded.

The Chair adjourned the meeting at 09:18 UTC.

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