ASO AC Teleconference 12 June 2008

AC Attendees:

  • Louis Lee – (LL), Chair
  • Jean-Robert Hountomey – (JRH)
  • Vincent Ngundi – (VN)
  • Kenny S. Huang – (KH)
  • Tomohiro Fujisaki – (TF)
  • Martin Hannigan (MH)
  • Jason Schiller- (JS)
  • Sebastian Bellagamba – (SB)
  • Hartmut Glaser – (HG)
  • Dave Wilson – (DW)


  • Ernest M. Byaruhanga (EMB ), Recording Secretary – AfriNIC


  • Adiel Akplogan (AA) – AfriNIC
  • Kiran Cunniah (KC) – AfriNIC
  • Caroline Koa Wing (CKW) – AfriNIC
  • Lillian O Sharpley – (LOS), AfriNIC
  • German Valdez – (GV), APNIC
  • Nate Davis – (ND), ARIN
  • Ray Plzak – (RP), ARIN
  • Ricardo Patara – (RIP), LACNIC
  • Olof Nordling – (ON), ICANN
  • Leo Vegoda – (LV), ICANN
  • Filiz Yilmaz – (FY), RIPE NCC


  • Hans Petter Hollen – (HPH), RIPE
  • Raimundo Becca – (RB), ICANN


  • Wilfried Woeber – (WW), RIPE
  • Franscisco Obispo (FO), LACNIC
  • Hyun-joon Kwon – (HJK), APNIC
  • Alan Barrett – (APB), AfriNIC

Draft Agenda

  1. Welcome
  2. Agenda review
  3. Approval of the minutes for the 30 April 2008 meeting
  4. Update of the ASO AC Operating Procedures
  5. ASO PDP Procedure
  6. ASO Website review
  7. Global Policy Proposal for Autonomous System Numbers
  8. Update from LACNIC XI
  9. Update from AfriNIC 8
  10. AOB
  11. Adjournment
    1. Welcome.

      The Chair welcomed all participants and asked the secretariat to proceed with a roll call to determine the presence of quorum.
      Quorum was noted and the meeting was called to order at 1306 UTC.

    2. Agenda review.

      The Chair reviewed the agenda and asked for any items to be added to the AOB. There were none.

    3. Approval of minutes of the 30th April 2008 meeting.

      The Chair called for a motion to change the status of the 30 April 2008 meeting minutes from “DRAFT”.

      HG moved a motion as follows:

      “The ASO AC approves the minutes of 30th April 2008 meeting as presented to the list by the secretariat.”

      DW seconded the motion. The Chair asked for objections and sought for clarifications from the Secretariat about a reference made to ‘HW’ in section 8 of the minutes. EB mentioned that he is not in a position to clarify on this item for the moment, but indicated it could have been a typo for DW instead.

      [MH re-joined the conference at 1309 UTC]

      The Chair approved the minutes with a note to the Secretariat to amend the said error. HG mentioned that comments on the minutes should be submitted within the deadline scheduled for this purpose. MH proposed to mark the reference to ’HW’ as unknown and to approve the minutes. The Chair asked for any objections. There were none and the motion passed unanimously.

Action: #0806-01:

Secretariat to change the status of the minutes of the 30th April 2008 meeting from “DRAFT”.

    1. Update of the ASO AC Operating Procedures

      The Chair mentioned that he sent an update on this item to the list earlier. He said that this agenda item pertains to updating the AC operating procedures to define the duties of the Chair and Vice Chairs. He mentioned that he is working with RP to produce a draft for AC review and said that there is no action to be taken by the AC at this time.

    2. ASO PDP Procedure

      The chair mentioned that 2 letters were sent to AC – one regarding new global policies, and the other for forwarding the global policies to the ICANN board. JS said the letters should be forwarded to the group – and said some later versions have minor corrections regarding the ICANN board procedures. The chair asked for a motion to accept/add these 2 letters into the PDP.

      MH – moved a motion for the AC to accept the letters, and KH seconded the motion. There were no objections. At this moment, the Chair noted that it is necessary to do a vote to make this action and motion valid, according to AC procedures. The secretariat conducted a vote and this item was passed unanimously.

Action: #0806-02:

Chair to forward the 2 letters to the EC for approval to add them into the PDP.

    1. ASO website review.

      The chair called on the secretariat to give an update. EB mentioned that nothing more has been done since the last meeting due to the pressure on the last two community events on the secretariat – ITU Africa 2008 and AfriNIC 8. The chair asked if anyone has any questions.

      JS asked if the two letters, once approved, can be uploaded on the website. The Chair said it is possible. RP said the secretariat would have to get communication from the EC first. The Chair added that after
      approval by the EC, he would make sure the secretariat uploads the documents.

    2. Global Policy Proposals for Autonomous System Numbers

The chair said the team leader – Francisco is not in the meeting and asked if anybody can speak on his behalf, called the team members to identify themselves. JS, DW identified themselves. JS said they sent
out some draft text intended to be forwarded to ICANN, and that it is open for comments.

The Chair asked if there is a need to vote on whether the AC is OK with the drafts and to consequently forward this proposal to ICANN.

JS suggested that the text of the proposed policy is not the same text as adopted by the RIRs, but the change is not a substantive change to the policy proposal. However, the PPFT document “Review of Global Policy for Allocation of ASN Blocks to Regional Internet Registries” states it is “the same text”. JS asked if the PPFT document needed to be clarified. The Chair said the text in the PPFT document should remain as is and indicated and that the wording of the policy may differ slightly as long as the policy in principle is unchanged.

A vote was conducted to “send the text of the proposal to the ICANN” board, and this passed unanimously.

Action: #0806-03:

Chair to send Global Policy Proposal for Autonomous System Numbers to the ICANN Board for adoption.

    1. Update from LACNIC XI

SB mentioned that LACNIC 11 took place in the last week of May in Salvador, and thanked HG for the splendid meeting organization. He said that LACNIC had several parallel meetings like NAPLA and
LACTLD among others. On the policy side, he said that the policies 2008-01, 2008-02, 2008-04, were approved and 2007-01 was delayed. He mentioned that all policies were now merged into a single
document, and that this was approved in the public forum.

He said more than 250 people were present and asked for any questions. VN asked about the policy proposal by Tony Hain on the IPv4 end date. SB said he had no details, but indicated that the proposal didn’t make it on time to be presented and discussed at the LACNIC meeting. VN said it was sent in October 2007.

RIP said the problem was that this proposal was sent but it never followed the LACNIC region policy development procedure and that this was explained to the author, and that for this reason, the proposal was never discussed in the region.

    1. Update from AfriNIC 8

VN mentioned that the community discussed the global policy for the distribution of the remaining IPv4 address space, and agreed on the value of N=1 and that Tony Hain’s policy proposal on the co-operative distribution of IPv4 after exhaustion of IANA pool was rejected in the AfriNIC region. He also mentioned that the election procedure for the PDP MG (Policy Development Process Moderator Group) for the AfriNIC region was passed.

AA added that the meeting ended last week and the report and other details will be online soon. He added that the meeting was held back to back with AfREN, AfNOG, and INET, and that it was the most
attended of all AfriNIC meetings so far, with more than 200 delegates present. He said the next meeting is to be conducted in Ethiopia, from 22-28 November 2008.

    1. AOB

The Chair added that on May 21, ARIN held a regular meeting in the Caribbean and that a report of this meeting is already online. He said that among the proposals discussed, one was to lower the minimum allocation size for Caribbean region networks to /22. The meeting was well attended. RP said the next such meeting will be in the Bahamas.

    1. Adjournment

The chair called for a motion to adjourn the meeting. SB moved “to adjourn”, and JS seconded. There were no objections. The meeting adjourned at 1339 UTC.

Open Action items

Action: #0806-01:
Secretariat to change the status of the minutes of the 30th April 2008 meeting from “DRAFT”.

Action: #0806-02:
Chair to forward the 2 letters to the EC for approval to add them into the PDP.

Action: #0806-03:
Chair to send Global Policy Proposal for Autonomous System Numbers to the ICANN Board for adoption.

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