ASO AC Teleconference 6 March 2013


Members Present

    • Alan Barrett (AB)
    • Fiona Asonga (FA)
    • Naresh Ajwani (NA)
    • Tomohiro Fujisaki (TF)
  • ARIN
    • Jason Schiller (JS)
    • Louie Lee (LL)
    • Ron da Silva (RS)
    • Hartmut Glaser (HG)
    • Ricardo Patara (RP)
  • RIPE
    • Dmitry Hohmanyuk (DH)
    • Hans Petter Holen (HP)
    • Wilfried Woeber (WW)



  • None


    • German Valdez (GV)
  • ARIN
    • Nate Davis (ND)
  • RIPE
    • Emilio Madaio (EM)
    • Ray Plzak (RP)


  • Ernest Byaruhanga (EB) – Scribe
  • Guylaine Mootoo (GM)
  • Neriah Sossou (NS)




1.0 Welcome

LL called the meeting to order at 1208UTC

2.0 Agenda Review

LL asked for any thoughts on the agenda and there were none.

3.0 Approval of minutes from the 06 Feb 2013 meeting

RP joined at 1212UTC

TF commented on agenda item 6 of the last meeting, “Formation of PPFT” and stated that the PPFT member from the RIPE region is still not appointed. WW apologized for the delay and said they will internally discuss that issue and advise the ASO AC in 1 week.

LL called for a motion to approve minutes of the Feb 06 meeting. WW moved the motion seconded by FA. There was none opposed. The motion carried and LL asked the Secretariat remove “DRAFT” status from the published minutes.

4.0 Agenda & Activities for the Beijing Face-to-Face Meeting

RP pointed out that it is better to conclude the discussion on whether or not the AC will suggest topics for discussion in the public forum at the ICANN meeting.  LL briefly explained that the public forum is a session during the week for discussing various issues, and that there is no open microphone in order for discussions to stay focused and for matters to be given substantial time. He said it’s more like a managed open microphone session.

LL went through the proposed schedule as follows:

  • Friday 05 April: The ICANN CEO has proposed a round table meeting for chairs of SOs and LL has been invited as ASO AC Chair. It includes dinner and general discussion about topics that are not shared in the open public forum.  LL asked that if there is anything the ASO AC members would like to bring to the CEO’s attention, they should let him know on the list.
  • Tuesday 09 April: ASO face-to-face meeting. Tuesday is also constituency day and each group will have its own session.  LL stated that this would be the first ASO AC face-to-face meeting open to public.

JS – joined at 1215UTC

LL said it has been already agreed that the meeting be open, with a provision for remote participation. There would then be an ASO AC dinner possibly in the evening for the ASO AC, RIR members, observers, RIR board members, ICANN staff, ARIN AC members and other interest groups.

  • Wednesday 10 April:  Morning – 1 hour open meeting with the ICANN Board, and this also includes RIR staff and possibly ICANN staff that usually support ASO AC work.  In the afternoon, there would be the ASO AC workshop & the IPv6 workshop back to back.  The IPv6 workshop is a joint collaboration between ICANN and APNIC staff for any interested parties.

RP said Wednesday night is for the ICANN dinner and that there would be some kind of reception cocktail on Monday and Tuesday as well. He said Tuesday is OK for the ASO AC dinner after which, everyone can make it to the ICANN music night.

LL said he would like to work on the topics of the meeting with the ICANN board. RP and KW brought up ICP2 and ICANN regional strategy as potential agenda items respectively. RP said it’s not necessary to put ICP2 on the agenda for discussion as there are a lot of things going on that might reflect differently on that issue and that concerning regional strategy, topics can be DNS oriented and the meeting could talk about issues like how ASOs or RIRs or the NRO can participate.

KW said he would talk with Paul Wilson who can communicate with the RIRs in order to come up with more content for the meeting.

LL indicated possible interest in whois, with a possibility to include this in a session with the SSAC and ICANN staff. He stated that the SSAC has put up a paper on the terms and usage of the word “whois” as it relates to the protocol, registry, and other use cases, and he said there would need to be a better way to describe it as a registry service.

WW suggested this topic can go to the mailing list, and that discussions could lead to him to putting up together potential content to discuss in Beijing in the Board meeting.

LL said that ICANN staff will manage all ICANN board activities at the meeting, but have reached out to ASO AC for agenda items.  LL proposed that the ICANN regional strategy topic, along with whois directory service, be part of the agenda. RP, KW and LL will work on the wording for these agenda items.

LL further reminded that the ASO AC face to face meeting will focus on the business part in morning, then use the afternoon for general discussions. It will be open to observers.  He said he would work with secretariat and vice chairs to develop an agenda. LL recommended that if anyone has ideas for the agenda, to put them up on the mailing list. LL suggested updates to the Board election process inline with recommendations from the ASO review report.

FA asked if there are any activities that the ATRT will be involved in. LL also asked about any feedback regarding the meeting strategy-working group. He indicated that one volunteer withdrew and that GV is reaching out to ICANN staff to get someone appointed to represent the number community. LL said it’s a function of the CCG to help in the MSWG. GV said about the candidate that withdrew, he already contacted ICANN staff who allowed that someone be nominated by Friday 08 March.

5.0 ICANN Board Seat 10 – IC Report on Telephonic Interview

LL asked an IC member to lead the meeting after observers dropped off the call. RS said everyone must already have an email with the summary of the commentary about each candidate. He asked if anyone has any concerns, to raise them. RPA asked that his name be replaced with that of Alejandro in the IC report. LL accepted.

LL went through the status and the fact that the IC recommends to the ASO AC that Kuo Wei’s name be forwarded to the ICANN nominations committee. LL asked for a motion to accept the report with the idea that RPA’s name was added to the list of IC members.

HG moved the motion to accept the report, seconded by WW. There was no abstention. WW proposed that we agree that the report is for AC internal use only, and that the report will not be published. AB seconded.

Both motions were carried, as there were no objections.

JS said there are 7 days to consider all these discussions and then have an electronic vote, which should last at least 7 days. WW said for formal reasons, we should have all the 4 candidates as options in the electronic vote. LL said in addition, there should be an option for abstention. LL asked EB if the secretariat could provide the abstention option. EB said it is possible.

LL proposed an action item to the Secretariat to provide the electronic voting platform.

  • Action Item: 130306-01:

Secretariat to provide electronic voting platform with the 4 candidates and an abstention option 7 days after 06 March 2013, ending 7 days after the start date or when all AC members have voted.

LL said that as a follow up, the votes will be tabulated by the Secretariat and forwarded to the AC chair, and that upon the Chair’s request, the Secretariat will forward the results to the ICANN nominating committee for further consideration.

6.0 AOB (Chair to Lead)

There was no other business.

7.0 ASO AC Work Plan 2013

LL called for a motion to adjourn. HG moved, and WW supported. There was no opposition and the motion was carried. LL adjourned the meeting at 1515UTC.

Action: 130306-01:

Secretariat to provide electronic voting platform with the 4 candidates and an abstention option 7 days after 06 March 2013, ending 7 days after the start date or when all AC members have voted.


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