ASO AC Teleconference 4 January 2013


Members Present

    • Alan Barrett (AB)
    • Douglas Onyango (DO)
    • Fiona Asonga (FA)
    • Andy Liton (AL)
    • Naresh Ajwani (NA)
    • Tomohiro Fujisaki (TF)
  • ARIN
    • Jason Schiller (JS)
    • Louie Lee (LL)
    • Ron da Silva (RS)
    • Hartmut Glaser (HG)
    • Ricardo Patara (RP)
  • RIPE
    • Dmitry Hohmanyuk (DH)
    • Hans Petter Holen (HP)



  • None


    • Andy Liton (AL)
    • Naresh Ajwani (NA)
    • Tomohiro Fujisaki (TF)
  • ARIN
    • Einar Bohlin (EIB)
  • RIPE
    • Emilio Madaio (EM)
    • Barbara Rosemann (BR)


  • Ernest Byaruhanga (EB) – Scribe
  • Adiel Akplogan (AA)
  • Arthur Carindal (AC)
  • George Nyabuga (GN)
  • Neriah Sossou (NS)
  • Guylaine Mootoo (GM)




1.0 Welcome

LL called the meeting to order at 1214UTC.


2. Agenda Review

LL suggested that agenda item 5 (Status Selection of Seat 10 for ICANN Board) be moved to the end so that those observers on the call who wish to excuse themselves may do so at that moment.


3.0  Approval of Minutes from the 20 Dec 2012 Teleconference

LL called for a motion to approve the minutes of the 20 Dec 2012 Teleconference. AB moved the motion and RS seconded. There was no opposition.

LL asked the Secretariat to remove ‘draft’ from the published minutes.


4.0 Review of open Action Items.

  • 120427-03: AC to draft a Problem Statement regarding Secretariat Rotation for presentation to the NRO EC.

LL stated that certain events and new developments have since overtaken this action item and that there is now a proposal to modify how the secretariat rotation works by putting in place a permanent secretariat coordinator position that does not rotate amongst the RIRs. LL said that more on this issue will follow as new developments occur.

  • 120705-03: WW to put his thoughts and ideas regarding current ASO activities at ICANN meetings to the list, in writing. This should also include a summary of suggested changes for ASO AC activities at ICANN meetings.

LL suggested that since WW is not on the call and he has seen no update on the list on this action item, it gets moved to the 2013 work plan instead and the AC assigns it to someone willing to take it on.

  • 120906-02: DO received comments regarding document destruction from AL on 17 July. DO to request further comment for one week

LL – will touch on this when discussing the document destruction agenda item further in the agenda.

  • 120906-07: Secretariat to confirm with ICANN Secretary what deadlines exist for ASO AC appointments to other ICANN groups such as Review Teams and ATRT.

LL asked for update from ICANN or AFRINIC. AA stated that no feedback has been received from APNIC on this matter, and will check with APNIC and report back during next meeting. LL said that he heard that deadlines to receive applications have been moved up a little bit for ATRT, but not the other review teams.

  • 120906-08: Chair to circulate proposed changes to procedure-changing criteria to ASO AC OP for 15 days prior to an electronic vote to approve the changes.

LL said all votes from AC have been recorded and everyone supported the changes, but will discuss this later in the agenda.

  • 120906-10: Chair to reach out to the Chairs of other SOs so that time can be made on their ICANN agenda if an ASO update is requested.

LL stated this can been closed as it will be an on-going chair activity and duty. JS said this can be added to the definition of chair’s responsibilities. LL said it’s a good idea.

  • 121108-01: Secretariat to elaborate table of attendance of ASO AC members for 2012 teleconferences, including those meetings when quorum was not reached.

LL stated that an excel spreadsheet has been circulated and said the secretariat should circulate another version with comments from the list. HP asked to include in the spreadsheet to include information about whether quorum was not reached by total number of AC members present or geographical representation. LL said this can be put to the list for more comments.

DK asked to create a doodle to establish a long-term view of upcoming meetings, so as to know months in advance if there shall be quorum for a certain meeting. LL proposed that DK sends this to the list for more discussion. AA said it’s a good idea and if needed the secretariat will do this for good meeting planning.

  • 121108-02: GV to send to AC-COORD list the CCG activities on regards the ASO Review Report Recommendations.

LL – German yet to do that, asked if anyone else received? EB said German has not yet updated AFRINIC on that. AA said AFRINIC to take up that action item, said NRO already started some activities such as website translation to various languages.

NA joined at 1246UTC


5.0  Status Selection of Seat 10 for ICANN Board

Moved by LL to the end during the agenda review.


6.0 ASO AC Year Review

LL said this document has been posted by the Secretariat on the ASO AC website and advised all members to check and verify if it is accurate and report any comments and feedback to the list.


7.0 ASO AC Work Plan 2013

LL asked AB already sent the draft work plan to the list to review, accept and adopt and asked AB to walk the meeting through it. AB asked LL to take the meeting through the work plan which LL did per the draft circulated by AB.

On Seat 9 of the ICANN Board, LL and HG said this can be changed to be included in the 2014 work-plan, as this appointment does not happen till 2015. LL asked AB to take note.

TF joined at 1314UTC

LL asked if anyone wants to add or remove anything from the work plan. JS said there is an action item from the ASO review report for merging the operating procedures of the ASO AC with those of the ASO. AB said the action items discussed to be added were to review Global PDP and operating procedures, which items have been added to latest version of the plan and asked for suggestions to the text and wording.

JS suggested an additional point for responding to other recommendations of the ASO review report. AB said he can add the suggested changes. LL said the motion to adopt can now be tabled to the next meeting since there are now several changes to the document.


8.0 ASO AC 2013 Meetings Calendar

LL said that a draft-meeting schedule has already been posted online and that it accurately depicts what was discussed at the last meeting. He called for a motion to adopt the meeting schedule as discussed.

JS asked for a clarification to confirm that the AC does not meet in even months unless there is pressing work but can meet in even months if no quorum was realized in preceding month. LL said this is OK.

LL stated that the second meeting in January is to assist the IC with its work but has thought about going ahead to have a February meeting (instead of late January meeting), because the IC would need a bit more time to complete work early January and that to not impact ICANN schedule, nomcom needs to know the name of the selected candidate quickly.

RS said it may be important to have that report on the 06 February meeting, vote on results so as to meet the 15 Feb deadline and hence meeting on 06 February is fairly within the timeline for IC work. RS also asked if there is a need to meet and discuss and confirm the results.  JS said there is no need to have a meeting to confirm results per the operating procedures.

Being no major changes to the draft meeting schedule as published, LL asked for a motion to adopt it.

HG moved motion to adopt and it was seconded by FA.

There was none opposed.

LL asked everyone to put these meeting dates in their calendars.

LL also asked for a discussion about the ASO AC face to face meeting to be held in conjunction with an ICANN meeting, open to all observers interested. LL said there is a chance to do so in Beijing in April, or at the other two ICANN meetings. AA said he would prefer the meeting to be in Durban, as it’s in the region of the secretariat and will be easier coordinated.

HG said Secretariat should ask ICANN for a meeting in Beijing, and if not available, push it to Durban.

LL also stated that EC has requested the ASO AC travel schedule to be sent early in the year, and are willing to support 5 AC members plus the chair to all ICANN meetings for the ASO AC workshop. LL asked the secretariat to confirm with the AC members which ICANN meetings each will be signing up for, and stated that Members from each region can work out amongst themselves who will attend which meeting.

LL asked the Secretariat to create a Doodle poll, to see if members are actually able to attend, might be able, cannot attend the Beijing ICANN meeting.

  • Action Item 130104-01

Secretariat to create a doodle poll to determine if AC members will be able to attend the ASO Face to Face Meeting in Beijing at ICANN46.


9.0 ICANN Board Selection Documentation Destruction Procedures.

LL asked AL for an update. AL said DO is better placed to comment on this, but said that the names of candidates are public knowledge, and the easiest way is to have information that needs to be destroyed labeled so clearly. LL said it is important to mark items that have personal info that such items need to be destroyed.

HP said these ideas would take care of all his concerns regarding document destruction. LL advised that Douglas goes ahead to send one more final draft to the list.

  • Action Item 130104-02

DO to send out an updated draft of the ICANN Board Selection Documentation Destruction Procedures to the list for further discussion.


10.0 Amending ASO AC operating procedures update

LL said that all votes are now in to give the ability back to make Operating Procedure changes during the meetings.  LL said the vote is unanimous and confirmed with the secretariat. EB confirmed it is correct that all votes were received.

LL said the operating procedures can now be updated with the new procedure changing process.


11.0 Any Other Business

LL said that on the ASO AC chair election, 11 AC members have voted and he (along with JS) asked the secretariat send out nudge email to those that have not voted to cast their vote.

LL asked all observers to drop off the call so that the AC can carry on with discussions of agenda item 5 for the ICANN Board Seat 10 Selection.


12.0 Status Selection of Seat 10 for ICANN Board

LL asked for all observers to drop off the call in order for the AC to discuss this agenda item, and called on any IC member present on the call to lead.

RS led the discussion.

Minutes and all detailed notes from discussions on this agenda item were availed only to AC members on the mailing list


13.0 Adjournment

LL called for a motion to adjourn the meeting. AL moved the motion to adjourn and AB seconded. There was none opposed.

The meeting was adjourned by LL at 1800UTC.




Secretariat to create a doodle poll to determine if AC members will be able to attend the ASO Face to Face Meeting in Beijing at ICANN46.


DO to send out an updated draft of the ICANN Board Selection Documentation Destruction Procedures to the list for further discussion.


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