ASO AC Teleconference 3 July 2008

AC Attendees:

  • Louis Lee (LL), Chair
  • Vincent Ngundi (VN)
  • Alan Barret (AB)
  • Tomohiro FUJISAKI (TH)
  • Jason Schiller (JS)
  • Sebastian Bellagamba (SB)
  • Dave Wilson (DW)
  • Hans Petter Holen (HPH)
  • Wilfried Woeber (WW)
  • Jean-Robert Hountomey (JRH)
  • Martin Hannigan (MH)


  • Ernest M. Byaruhanga (EMB ), Recording Secretary – AfriNIC


  • Kiran Cunniah (KC), AfriNIC
  • Lillian Sharpley (LS), AfriNIC
  • Caroline Koa Wing (CKW), AfriNIC
  • Duksh Kumar Koonjoobeeharry (DK), AfriNIC
  • German Valdez (GV), APNIC
  • Raymond Plzak (RP), ARIN
  • Olof Nordling (ON), ICANN
  • Leo Vegoda (LV), ICANN
  • Raimundo Beca (RB), ICANN


  • Dr Kenny S. Huang
  • Hartmut Glaser


  • Francisco Obispo
  • Hyun-joon Kwon

Draft Agenda

  1. Welcome
  2. Agenda review
  3. Approval of the minutes for the 12 Jun 2008 meeting
  4. Review of Open Action Items
  5. Update to the ASO AC Operating Procedures
  6. ASO website review
  7. Global Policy Proposal for Autonomous System Numbers
  8. AOB
  9. Adjournment
    1. Welcome.

      The Chair welcomed all participants and asked the secretariat to proceed with a roll call to determine the presence of quorum. The Chair informed that there should be at least one representative from each RIR and at least 8 AC members for quorum. Quorum was noted after several roll-calls and the meeting was called to order at 1315 UTC.

      [MH joined the meeting at 1317 UTC.]

    2. Agenda review.

      The Chair went through the agenda proposed for the day and asked for any comments to be added. Having none, he proceeded to the next item.

      [JRH joined the meeting at 1320 UTC.]

    3. Approval of the minutes from the 12 Jun 2008 TC

      The Chair said that several comments have been received and incorporated into the minutes after they were sent out to the list by the secretariat and believes the published version is accurate.

      He called for a motion to approve the June 12 2008 minutes as published by the Secretariat. SB moved the motion to approve minutes of Jun 12 as agreed, and VN seconded the motion. There were no objections.

      The Chair declared the minutes approved and an action item on the secretariat to modify the minutes from “DRAFT” status.

Action: #0807-01:
Secretariat to change the status of the minutes of the 12th June 2008 meeting from “DRAFT”.

    1. Review of Open Action Items

      The Chair asked the secretariat about the status of action item #0806-01. EB said it was completed. The Chair also mentioned that action items #0806-02 and #0806-03 have been completed. There were no further comments.

    2. Update to the ASO AC Operating Procedures

      The chair said that work was still being done on the ASO AC Operating Procedures with RP, ARIN, to include the duties of the Chair and Vice Chairs. However, there have been no updates since the last meeting.

    3. ASO website review.

      The Chair asked EMB, AfriNIC, if there were any updates to the ASO website review. EMB said that the AfriNIC webmaster has setup a page with the basic structure of how the documents will be presented, and the secretariat will e-mail the URL/link to the list for comments and input from the AC. EMB added that the page will be populated in the coming week, and any comments in the meantime that will make it more useful for the AC are welcome.

      RP stated that the ASO website is the responsibility of the NRO-EC and that final changes must be approved by them. The Chair asked for any other comments , however, there were none. He said he looks forward to see the URL on the list, and moved to the next issue.

    4. Global Policy Proposal for Autonomous System Numbers

The Chair informed that ICANN has received the above, and that the comment period is open until 7th July 2008. He said that it was encouraging that, up to now, there have been no comments.

Regarding the AC’s advice to ICANN, The Chair informed that ICANN is waiting for advice until the 13th July 2008, and that here have been a few messages on the list about this issue.

The Chair asked for input following MH’s suggestion to appoint someone during today’s call to be responsible to get the letter done, and to conduct a vote towards approval to send it after a 48 hour waiting period allowing for comments and edits. The Chair opened the floor to discuss this issue.

JS suggested an email requesting public debate. SB said that he supports MH’s proposal. The Chair thanked MH for his proposal and asked if someone can be appointed during this call to get the letter done. MH volunteered to write the letter. JS offered to help with the draft and could bring a write-up from the point of view from the ARIN region.

The Chair asked if there was any objection for MH and JS writing the letter. DW asked about the scope of the advice. The Chair said that it would include what the community thinks of the policy proposal that has just reached consensus and that it can include the objections too. He asked if any anyone would want to refine it.

AB said that he agrees with someone drafting the letter. He said that in addition, it would be useful during this call to have all input for the people who will draft the letter. The Chair said he had no objection as long as discussion is succinct and opened to the floor for discussion.

SB said that they should talk on the technical merits of the proposal rather than for the community. RP said that when referring to the technical merits, you become an advocate of the proposal. SB said that it was aimed at advising the AC. HPH said that it was a fairly non controversial proposal, and is in the best interest of the Internet. AB said that he does agree.

WW said he agrees with RP, and added that the AC should limit the advice to the formal aspects and not any discussion about technical merits, which would be the role of the region. VN said that at this point, the AC has the opportunity to advice the ICANN Board accordingly, as the policy has already passed through the regions’ Policy development.

The Chair asked for someone to propose a motion to have MH draft the letter and after a 48-hour comment period, send it to ICANN. AB proposed that MH be asked to draft a letter of advise to ICANN board, the draft be posted on list for 48hr comment period, and that the final letter be sent to the ICANN board after. JS asked if there is need for a vote of accepting the letter after the 48 hour period. AB said that if the wording of the motion is clearly stated, then no vote is needed.

HPH seconded the motion and there were no objections.

On the Chair’s request, the Secretariat proceeded to a roll-call:
11 members were in favour of the motion and it passed unanimously.

    1. AOB

The Chair invited anyone to forward anything to be discussed under AOB. WW said that the next ICANN Board meeting is due on 31st July, where the ASN proposal will be presented and discussed by the board. He also said he sent an update to the list regarding IPv4 exhaustion. He invited all to have a close look on it and provide any correction, as he intends to web-post it at the end of next week.

The Chair said that it was brought to his attention that some AC members would want to discuss matters related their regions and policies in a rather informal manner. He suggested that the members may have the opportunity to continue after adjournment of this meeting, in an informal way, with no quorum needed and minutes taken.

The Chair stated that he could propose to the NRO EC to extend the conference call to cater for such a discussion if there is interest, and opened the floor to discuss this idea. He added that he did not want to include the item in AOB, as those who do not want to join in may opt out of the meeting at will.

WW stated that, in general, other channels of informal discussion would be cheaper, like face to face meetings or email. RP wanted to know what would be the expected outcome of the extended meeting. The Chair said that it was to allow other AC members to provide knowledge about matters related to the AC work from a perspective of their respective regions. JS said the idea is to communicate about the policies going on different regions, and that this is an attempt to bring the discussions from our regions to each other, in order to increase awareness.

DW said that it would be an opportunity to hear from the other RIRs, and saw no harm about discussing in such an informal meeting. He suggested for a motion to be passed.

RP questioned the need for such meeting given that at each RIR meeting, an AC member gives a summary report on the policies discussed in their region. He said therefore that the mechanism of bringing awareness about what is happening in each region already exists. HPH said he agreed with RP.

The Chair asked if there were any other opinions. JS said that whatever mechanism is used, he sees the need for such an informal discussion. HPH added that in the past, the global policies used to be an agenda item on its own at AC meetings, and that the AC can do the same.

The Chair concluded that, at this point, he will not put a request for the call to be extended. The mailing list will be available so that AC members or observers can have their input, and that other mechanisms can be also examined.

There being no other item, he proceeded to next item.

    1. Adjournment

The Chair called for a motion to adjourn the meeting. SB moved the motion and DW seconded. There were no objections. The meeting adjourned at 1356UTC

Open Action items

Action: #0807-01:
Secretariat to change the status of the minutes of the 12th June 2008 meeting from “DRAFT”.

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