ASO AC Teleconference 16 April 2012

ASO AC Attendees

Alan Barrett, AB, Vice Chair
Douglas Onyango, DO

Naresh Ajwani, NA
Tomohiro Fujisaki, TF

Jason Schiller, JS
Louie Lee, LL, Chair
Ron da Silva, RdS

Sebastian Bellagamba, SB

Dave Wilson, DW, Vice Chair
Hans Petter Holen, HPH
Wilfred Woeber, WW

Adam Gosling, AJG

Einar Bolin, (ARIN)

Olof Nordling (ICANN)
Ray Plzak (ICANN)
Andy Linton (APNIC)
Hartmut Glaser (LACNIC)

0. Commencement

The Chair commenced the meeting at 18.05 (UTC) and noted the presence of a quorum.

1. Agenda Review

The Chair noted that there was only on Agenda item to advance the selection process for the ICANN Board of Directors election. There were no changes to the agenda.

2.    Selection of Individuals to the ICANN Board of Directors

Interview Committee members: AB, NA, RdS, SB, HPH

  • The Interview Committee reported that telephonic interviews were conducted with four ICANN Seat 9 Candidates over a two-day period on 12 & 13 April 2012.
  • There was a discussion about the candidates.
  • NA moved a motion to advance three of the candidates and to inform the fourth that he was unsuccessful. HPH Seconded. The motion passed.
  • It was noted that one of the selected candidates had indicated he might not be able to travel to Vancouver due to other commitments. There was a discussion about whether a video conference interview would be an acceptable alternative, or could be classed as ‘In-Person’.
  • WW moved that we invite the three selected candidates, while in parallel establish with the candidates and with the NRO EC whether it was acceptable to conduct one of the in-person interviews via video conference and then further that the ASO AC should review it’s Operating Procedures to provide more flexibility in the future. HPH seconded.
  • At this point the meeting lost Quorum due to a technical failure.
  • It was noted by the Chair that, although this was a violation of the ASO AC Operating Procedures, if the candidate in question was willing to accept the disadvantage, and if the other candidates and members of the NRO EC were in agreement, that this was the best solution as it was not possible to reschedule for another time.

(New Action Item: 0416-01): The Secretariat to contact the three successful candidates and invite them to in-person interviews, then to send follow-up ‘Thank you’ to the unsuccessful candidates. If one candidate was unable to attend in-person, the idea of a video conference interview should be suggested and if all candidates and members of the NRO EC are agreeable, the Secretariat should proceed to organize interviews accordingly.

3. Adjournment

As there was no longer a quorum, HPH moved a Motion to adjourn. This was seconded by JS. There were none opposed. The Chair adjourned the meeting at 18:55 (UTC)

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