ASO AC Face-to-Face 6 December 2006

AC Attendees:

Sebastian Bellagamba (SB), Chair
Alan Barrett (AB), Co-Chair
Sanford George (SG)
Hartmut Glaser (HG)
Martin Hannigan (MH)
Jean Robert Hountomey (JRH)
Kenny Huang (KH)
Louis Lee (LL)
Wilfried Woeber (WW)


Leslie Nobile, Recording Secretary


Dave Wilson (DW), member-elect

Gerard Ross (GR)

Einar Bohlin (EB)
Raymond Plzak (RP)

Olof Nordling (ON)
Leo Vegoda (LV)
Raimundo Beca (RB)

Raul Echeberria (RE)

Axel Pawlik (AP)
Sam Mader (SM)


Sylvia Geha Kezengwa
Hans Petter Holen
HJ Kwon
Sabine Jaume
Francisco Obispo
Mao Wei

Draft Agenda:

  1. Welcome
  2. Agenda Review
  3. Approval of the Minutes of November 8, 2006
  4. Introduction of New Members
  5. Report from RIR Meetings
  6. NRO EC Annual Report
  7. 2006 Address Council Activity Review
  8. 2007 Chair nominations
  9. ICANN Board of Directors Selection Procedure
  10. Establish ICANN Board of Directors Selection Schedule
  11. 2007 Physical Meetings
  12. Any Other Business
  13. Adjournment

1) Welcome

The Chair called the meeting to order at 18:25 UTC. The presence of a quorum was noted.

2) Agenda Review

The Chair reviewed the agenda and called for any comments.

3) Approval of the Minutes of November 8, 2006

AB moved that:

“The ASO AC approves the Minutes of November 8, 2006 as written.”

This was seconded by KH.  The Chair called for any discussion. There were no comments. The motion carried unanimously.

4) Introduction of New Members

The Chair introduced Dave Wilson, new member-elect from the RIPE region,  to the Council and asked him to introduce himself to the group. Dave introduced himself and stated that he will officially be on the Council next year. The Chair noted that the other RIRs had re-elected their members for 2007 as follows:  LL (ARIN), HJK (APNIC) and, SB (LACNIC). (AfriNIC did not hold elections in 2006.)

5) Report from RIR Meetings

AfriNIC 5, Mauritius.  AB reported that there were 4 proposals discussed.  None achieved consensus.  He provided an overview on each policy proposal to the Council.

6) NRO EC Annual Report

The Chair of the NRO EC (RE) reported on some of the on-going activities of the NRO.  Main topics included:

  • Negotiation of the service contract with ICANN. This has been open since 2001. Bart Boswinkle of ICANN has been working closely with the NRO. They met in St. Louis, during the ARIN meeting, where they discussed the more controversial issues, and again in Athens, during the IGF Forum. They are currently meeting in Sao Paulo, during the ICANN meeting, to continue discussing the issues, and will meet again during the next ICANN meeting.  Their objective is to finish negotiations during the second quarter of 2007 and to either sign the contract or abandon it, rather than to continue on with the same discussions.  However, RE stated he was very optimistic regarding the negotiations.
  • Reviewing ICANN strategic plan.
  • Continue to participate in IGF.  Both RE and AA are members of the IGF Advisory Group, and have participated in the process.
  • Signed Liaison Agreement with the ITU-T.  RE reported that the NRO has not changed their relationship as of yet.  The NRO is participating in the ITU World Conference currently in process in Hong Kong.
  • Coordinated RIR activities.  The NRO is collaborating on: certification issues; harmonization of implementation practices.

RE concluded his report and reminded everyone that there are many materials available on the NRO website, and invited people to visit the site.

7) 2006 Address Council Activity Review

The Chair stated that according to the new procedures, there needs to be an activity review every December.  He reviewed the highlights of this year, stating that there were three major milestones: The ASO AC is wrapping up their internal procedures. They developed many procedures this year, and now have some rules to conduct business properly.  There are two additional items to be completed: the ICANN Board Selection Procedure; and, The ASO AC Chair Selection Procedure.

He stated the two issues at the start of 2006 – the Board Selection Procedure and the IPv6 Global Policy – were learning experiences for the Council, and the process will improve as things move along.  The Chair stated he was happy with the outcome of these products.

The Chair reviewed the issues for 2007. He stated that there will be a new Board of Director’s Selection Process and a new procedure.  He explained that there were difficulties in the past with these procedures, and the Council has had to work harder on its preparation so that there will be a good open forum for ‘addressing policy’.  He felt it should be one of the Council’s major tasks for 2007.  He expressed the need to keep “our world open to the entire community” to make it more transparent.  He suggested conducting an informative workshop on IP addressing policies.  The Chair further noted that the Council as a whole needs to commit and participate, stating that everyone needs to work harder to achieve the common goals.  He felt the ASO AC can develop into a bridge between the addressing community and the rest of the ICANN community.

The Chair called for any further comments.  WW felt it was a good idea to postpone the policy workshop and to develop something for next year, but not to dilute the regional structure that is in place.  He mentioned he had a brief discussion with the Council and with Vint Cerf yesterday, and was happy with the exchange of ideas. He stated the question is how and when to follow-up on the two major issues raised yesterday and felt they should be added to the Council’s work agenda.   The Chair agreed with WW’s comments and asked for any other suggestions for 2007.  RP added that a discussion should take place very soon regarding the Council’s 2007 work plan.

8) 2007 Chair nominations

The Chair called for nominations for the Chair position for 2007. WW said that the current situation should be discussed and look at the availability of people for next year.  The Chair responded that the only change they were facing for next year is the addition of Dave Wilson. WW replied that Co-Chairs would need to be nominated. The Chair reminded him that the procedures call for the Chair to appoint two Co-Chairs.

HG commented that a one year is a very short timeframe and that he would like to see a longer term for the Chair seat. RP stated that, even if the people on the Council remain the same, each year begins a ‘new’ Council.  Therefore, the ASO AC cannot elect anyone to be an officer of the Council for longer than the term of the Council – which is one year.

SG then nominated SB as the Chair for 2007. SB accepted the nomination. SB then stated it may be a good idea to have at least two candidates. AB stated that that there is still time between now and the next regularly scheduled meeting in January to nominate additional people.  SB agreed.

9) ICANN Board of Directors Selection Procedure

The Chair stated that the selection period had ended.  It was discussed yesterday, and notes were circulated to the list.

AB moved that:

“The ASO AC recommends that the NRO EC approve the ICANN Board of Directors Selection Procedure as presented.”

This was seconded by KH.  The Chair called for any discussion.  LL asked for a summarization of changes.  RP proceeded to review the changes.

The motion carried unanimously via roll call.

10) Establish ICANN Board of Directors Selection Schedule

The Chair commented on the established timelines for this process, and discussed the actual dates that he derived according to the timeline.  WW commented on the lack of correlation between the voting selection, and the date and place of the ASO AC meetings.  The Chair provided input on this, and both agreed that there is some flexibility.

WW moved that:

“The ASO AC approves the 2007 schedule for the procedure to select a person to fill Seat 10 of the ICANN Board of Directors as presented.”

This was seconded by LL.  The Chair called for any discussion. There were no comments.

The motion carried unanimously via roll call.

11) 2007 Physical Meetings

The Chair started by discussing the interview phase which begins 24 March 2007, and ends on 23 April 2007.  He stated the ICANN meeting, in Lisbon, is on 26 March, which is at the beginning of the interview phase, and the ARIN meeting is on 22 April, which is at the very end of the interview phase.  He stated that either of these meetings would be acceptable for the Council to meet. He then called for discussion.

LL felt that the ARIN meeting near the end of the interview phase would work.  The Chair pointed out that this would be at the very end of the selection phase. LL suggested that the Council could arrive a couple of days prior to the ARIN meeting to hold their meeting.  The Chair also pointed out that the candidates for interviewing may have difficulty obtaining any necessary visas for the U.S.A.   SG suggested meeting in Lisbon since it would provide the Council plenty of time to decide on the candidates.  AB stated that he too favored the Lisbon meeting since it would be at the start of the process, instead of at the end.

The Chair stated the decision did not need to be made during this meeting, but should be made by the next regularly scheduled meeting in January.  RP added that ARIN would assist with sponsor letters if needed for the ARIN meeting.

MH then suggested that an option could be to create an interviewing committee made up of five people – one from each RIR – in lieu of having the entire Council involved.  RP stated that the Council’s procedures do allow for this.
SG stated that there are no candidates currently from North America, and thus did not see a reason to hold the meeting during the ARIN meeting. WW also stated he was not comfortable waiting until the very end of the phase to hold their meeting.

MH asked to make a motion to table this item and to add a new item. RP stated that the discussion did not need to be tabled, but that the Chair can temporarily set-aside this discussion. The Chair asked if anyone objected to this suggestion. There were no objections.

MH moved to open the following discussion; the nomination and selection of five people that will represent each RIR as part of the ICANN Board Selection Committee.

This was seconded by LL.  The Chair called for any discussion. AB stated that there is no procedural requirement to do this, and would prefer to wait since they do not know who the AfriNIC rep. will be for 2007.  WW agreed with AB and to defer this until they have more information.

The Chair suggested a friendly amendment to name the committee the “Qualification Review Committee”.  MH accepted this suggested amendment.

This was seconded by AB.  The Chair called for any further comments.  WW asked that this motion include a firm date as to when this should be concluded.  MH suggested a call for volunteers within the next 5 days (13 December) in order to allow the SEC announcement be posted prior to 24 December.

Discussion ensued with the Chair stating the action item as such: an e-mail to the list calling for volunteers for this committee will be posted with ten days for responses (15 December) and the announcement will be posted on 18 December.

The Chair stated that someone from each RIR should volunteer for this Committee. WW and JRH volunteered from RIPE and AfriNIC respectively.  WW asked that the Council members who were not in attendance for this meeting should be allowed time to volunteer, and that the Committee should not be completed today. All agreed.

There being no further comments.  The motion carried unanimously via roll call.

The Chair resumed discussion on the topic of 2007 physical meetings.  He suggested the Council vote on holding their meeting either during the ICANN/Lisbon meeting or ARIN/North America meeting in order to get a sense of which meeting they preferred.  He stated that if the Council chose the ICANN meeting, then they will need to also choose another RIR meeting for later in the year.

SG moved that the Council choose the ARIN meeting as the first meeting of 2007, and choose the third ICANN meeting of 2007 as the second meeting.

This was seconded by AB. The Chair called for discussion.

WW proposed an alternate motion, moving that the Council conduct a meeting in the 1st quarter, during the ICANN meeting, or early in the 2nd quarter, during the ARIN meeting, of 2007.

This was seconded by LL.  SG agreed to this motion, and withdrew his previous motion. AB withdrew his second on SG’s motion as well.

The result of the vote was 7 in favor of holding a meeting during the ARIN meeting, and 2 in favor of holding a meeting during the ICANN meeting.

RE added that if the Council holds their meeting during the ARIN meeting, then automatically the ICANN meeting in Asia would be their second meeting of the year.

12) Any Other Business

The Chair called for any other business items.  There were no other business items.

13) Adjournment

The Chair entertained a motion to adjourn at 20:35 UTC.  AB moved to adjourn, and this was seconded by LL.  The motion carried unanimously.

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