ASO AC Teleconference 7 June 2000


Takashi Arano (TA)
Raimundo Beca (RB)
Hans Petter Holen (HH)
Sabine Jaume (SJ)
Cathy Wittbrodt (CW)
Wilfried Woeber (WW)
Kim Hubbard (KH)
Mirjam Kuehne (MK)
Andrew McLaughlin (AM)
Louis Touton (LT)


Paul Wilson (PW)

Minutes prepared by Louis Touton.

1. Welcome

HH opened the meeting, and noted that a quorum of Address Council members
was present.

2. Agenda

The following proposed agenda was presented by HH:

    1) Welcome
 2) Agenda
 3) Minutes from last meeting
 4) AC procedures flowchart
 5) IRP NomCom
 6) Response to Michael Roberts letter

with the suggestion to also discuss progress on net24 and

After some discussion, the AC set an agenda including items 1-6 above and
the following:

 7) Emerging RIR guidelines document
 8) AOB:

 net24 status distribution
 Increasing AC member participation

3. Minutes from last meeting

Draft minutes from the last meeting have been circulated but there are still
pending comments from MK and LT. A new version addressing those comments
will be circulated for AC review, with approval to occur by e-mail.

4. AC procedures flowchart

The AC discussed the AC procedures flowchart prepared by a sub group
consisting of TA, SJ, and CW. AM noted that the section on "Recommendations"
would benefit by making clear that, when receiving the recommendation of
another supporting organisation, the AC would make an initial review to
determine whether the recommendation implicated addressing policies. If it
did not, a statement to that effect should be forwarded to the Board. If it
did implicate address policies, the AC should follow procedures under
"Policies," as appropriate to the situation. There was general support for
this revision, with SJ agreeing to revise the chart accordingly and
circulate it to the AC.

5. IRP NomCom

A call for proposals of individuals to sit on the IRP Nominating Committee
was posted on the ASO website on 29 May 2000, asking that proposals be
submitted by 30 June 2000. The AC discussed measures it could take to more
actively recruit qualified candidates for the Nominating Committee.

It was noted that RIR lawyers and lawyers for institutional employers of AC
members (such as universities) might be a good source of suggestions for
candidates. Agreed that HH and AM would draft a letter that could be used to
urge these and other leads to suggest candidates. Also agreed that all AC
members should seek to recruit suitable people from their acquaintances.

It was noted that the goal is to have the IRP in place by September.

6. Response to Michael Roberts letter

At the 18 May 2000 meeting, WW undertook to prepare a response to Michael
Roberts' letter requesting to the AC last year to build its policy agenda,
among other things. (See the minutes of the 18 May meeting for details.)

WW has not yet completed the draft response, but expects to complete it so
it can be circulated early next week.

7. Emerging RIR guidelines document

Prior to the meeting, RB had circulated language under which the English
record-keeping requirement would be made more flexible and various others
had commented. At the meeting, MK reported that there was substantial
agreement on the principles, but that some rewording was required. It was
agreed that the RIRs would prepare and circulate a new draft, after which
there would be a thirty-day public comment period. (APNIC has the master
copy, so any additional comments should be provided to it soon.) Then the
document will be provided to the ICANN Board.

8. Any other business:

    a. net24 - LT recalled that at the 18 May 2000 meeting it was agreed
that the RIRs and the IANA would prepare and provide to the AC a proposal
for ending the net24 program for cable block assignments. No progress has
been made on this yet, but the IANA (LT), consulting with ARIN, will take
the lead in preparing a draft.

    b. - LT noted that the RIR's ongoing revision of their responsibilites (to redistribute them among the RIRs to match
geographic territories better) had been mentioned at the 18 May 2000
meeting, but that the consensus was that it was an operational matter among
the RIRs. WW noted that it was important to keep the community informed
regarding the status of this redistribution, and after some discussion the
AC concluded that this information could be distributed without intervention
of the AC.

    c. Increasing AC member participation - It was noted that certain AC
members are not participating in the AC's meetings and other activities, and
that this is impairing the AC's functioning. After some discussion, the AC
made a request to each of the RIRs to take steps to encourage active
participation by the AC members it selected.

9. Close of meeting

It was noted that the next AC meeting will be held by telephone conference
on 5 July 2000 at 22:00 GMT.

Meeting close 22:52 GMT.


Summary of actions pending

- PW to resubmit minutes from AC meeting 18 May 2000
- LT and ARIN to work on 24/8
- RIRs to resubmit the 'Emerging RIR' document
- WW to draft response to Mike Roberts letter
- SJ to resubmit AC procedures graph
- HH and AM to draft explanatory text on IRP NomCom
- AC members to seek to recruit suitable people for IRP NomCom

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