ASO AC Teleconference 6 December 2000


Raimundo Beca (RB)
Cathy Wittbrodt (CW)
Hans Petter Holen (HH)
Wilfried Woeber (WW)
Sabine Jaume (SJ)
Takashi Arano (TA)
Jianping Wu (JW)
Hyunje Park (HP)

Ant Brookes (AB)
Barbara Roseman (BR)
Hartmut Richard Glaser (HG)
Jorge Plano (JP)
German Valdez (GV)
Seung-Min Lee (SL)

Ray Plzak (RP)
Richard Jimmerson (RJ)
Mirjam Kuehne (MK)
Paul Wilson (PW)


None received.

Draft Agenda:

1. Welcome
2. Agenda bashing
3. Minutes from last meetings
3.1 September minutes
3.2 October minutes
3.3 Brisbane WS minutes
4. Status of open actions
5. Decision on emerging RIR document
6. IRP NomCOM election
7. ASO General Assembly
7.1 Final decision on ASO General Assembly time and place.
7.2 General Assembly Program Committee
7.3 Call for nominations
8. AOB

Proposed agenda for next meeting:

- - (re) election of Chair and co-chairs
- - initial report from General Assembly Program Committee
- - status on 'RIR-ICANN resource request procedures'
- - status on policy and practice comparison document
- - ASO 2001 issues, goals and work plan

1. Welcome

HH noted that a quorum of AC members were present, and opened the meeting at
2205 UTC.

2. Agenda bashing

No changes were proposed to the draft agenda previously circulated.

3. Minutes from previous meetings

3.1 September Teleconference

These were approved in October.

ACTION (Secretariat): minutes to be published on the website.

3.2 October Teleconference

2nd version of minutes as circulated approved without objection.

ACTION (Secretariat): publish on the website.

3.3 Brisbane workshop (October)

Approved without objection.

ACTION (Secretariat): to be published under other meetings on the ASO

4. Status of open actions from last meeting

HH reviewed the open actions listed in the minutes of the last
teleconference meeting, as circulated with the draft agenda for this

4.1 (August) request for public listening activity.

HH noted that the discussion was not finished.

MK noted that during the discussion about the public listening facility in
the Brisbane workshop, it was decided to create the "aso-council" mailing

HH suggest to discuss at end of meeting (if time is available) or on the
mailing list later.

4.2 (September) RIRs to produce second draft of resource request procedures

To be discussed later.

4.3 (October) RIRs to create policy and practice comparison document

To be discussed later.

4.4 (October) SEC to create Mailing list: aso-council to be publicly

PW confirmed that this is yet to be done.

4.5 (October) SEC to facilitate Publication of agenda/early announcement of

To be discussed later.

4.6 (October) PW to document the bottom up development of the Emerging RIR
criteria document

PW confirmed that this will be done shortly.

4.7 (October) IRP Nomcom

To be discussed later.

5. Emerging RIR Document

HH noted that he drafted a resolution in relation to the Emerging RIR
document, and circulated it prior to this meeting. HH then invited all AC
members one by one to speak on the matter.

RB noted the need to check on the timing of steps in the document
development process.

SJ noted that she had sent some comments about the resolution to the AC by

CW noted that the presentation of this document at the Budapest GA is not
noted in the minutes of that meeting.

PW confirmed that it is on the website, both as part of the agenda and as a
full presentation.

HH stressed the need to list the full process of development of the

Several AC members stated that they are in favour of the resolution.

HH asked whether representatives of the emerging RIRs have comments.

AB stated that there has been ample time for review, and AfriNIC has no
further comments.

GV confirmed that the document has been reviewed again in the LACNIC meeting
just concluded, and no further comments were made. LACNIC recommends that
the document be accepted, and be sent to the ICANN board.

HH moved to adopt the document, with comments from RB and SJ included, and
details of the development process (to be supplied by PW). Seconded by WW.

Clarification that the ICANN board will refer this issue to the other SOs if

RB noted a minor spelling change required, which he will send by email.

Formal vote was conducted:

In favour: CW, TA, JW, HP, RB, WW, HH, SJ
Oppose: None
Abstain: None

ACTION: HH to incorporate changes (comments and details of development
process) into resolution and forward this to the AC and to ICANN.

6. IRP Nomcom Election

HH noted that 3 nominations had been received by the ASO Secretariat:

Yun Park (Korea)
Rafael Molina (Spain)
Ching-Yi Liu (Taiwan)

HH asked whether anyone present was aware of any other nominations. No other
nominations were raised.

PW noted that after receiving the self-nomination by Rafael Molina, he sent
a request for further information including a CV, yet this was not received.
It therefore seems that this nomination is not complete, and need not to be

WW clarified (from the invitation letter sent to the AC by Andrew McLaughlin
on 26 March 2000) that each SO Council can select 2 individuals to the

SJ suggested that since we have 2 candidates, then they can both be
appointed easily.

HH asked for anyone present to speak about candidates with whom they are

HP explained that the nomination or Mr Park came from KRNIC, with strong
recommendation due to his involvement in Internet legal and governance

PW noted that Ching-Yi Liu has attended many ICANN meetings, and is very
well qualified. She is enthusiastic to join this committee and the CV shows
that she is suitable in many ways.

CW moved to accept the two names (Mr Park and Ms Liu).

WW seconded the motion, noting that it will be necessary to determine the
terms of each of the members (one will serve for 3 years and one for 2

HH called for a vote on the motion to appoint the two candidates. He noted
no objections, and one abstention (SJ, who was unable to read the document
prior to the conference call).

HH therefore declared the motion carried with 7 votes in favour.

Discussion ensued about the method of selecting terms of appointments.

HH moved to appoint Ms Liu for 3 yrs, and Mr Park for 2 years. Seconded by

HH noted 8 votes in favour, therefore declared the motion carried

ACTION: Secretariat to advise successful candidates, and ICANN, of the AC

7. ASO General Assembly

HH noted that a formal decision is required on the proposal to hold the next
GA meeting during the ARIN Open Policy Meeting in April, in San Francisco.

RP noted that a half-day meeting will be possible on 4 April, or a full-day
meeting on 5 April.

HH proposed to hold the next GA on Wednesday 4 April 2001, for a half-day
during the afternoon.

Noone opposed the motion, so it was declared to be carried unanimously.

HH noted that he has called for volunteers to serve on a programme committee
(PC) for the GA, to set the agenda and make the meeting happen.

BR volunteered.

SJ volunteered.

MK volunteered (since RIPE NCC will host the ASO secretariat during 2001).

HH noted that Mark McFadden of CIX has already volunteered.

HH proposed to accept the 4 volunteers, and proposed that the duties of
committee include: to make a call for presentations, and assemble an agenda
(this has been outlined with an aggressive timescale in the proposal
previously posted). It was suggested that the committee should select a
chair and report back to the AC.

HH noted that according to the ASO MoU a call for nominations to the ICANN
Board needs to be sent out at least 90 days prior to each General Assembly.
Therefore the call for nominations needs top be made before the end of this

PW confirmed that the current Secretariat will draft an announcement based
on last call for nominations, made prior to the Budapest GA.

ACTION: Secretariat to draft the call for nominations.

8. AOB

8.1 Public listening facility

HH proposed that the request for a public listening facility should be
discussed by email. No opposition noted.

8.2 Agenda for next meeting (Wednesday 3 January 2001).

HH proposed to include election of AC chair in the next meeting, also a
first report from the GA programme committee.

8.3 GA Agenda

General discussion ensued about GA agenda.

HH suggested that the IANA procedures document should be included in the GA

RJ noted that a latest draft has just been sent to the RIRs for review, and
this will soon be circulated to the AC.

HH also suggested that the RIR Policy Comparison document should also be
included, and that a general discussion should be held on an AC "roadmap"
for the coming year.

8.4 Next ICANN Meetings

WW proposed to discuss a possible ASO meeting during the March ICANN
meetings in Australia.

Agreed that this be discussed at the next AC teleconference meeting.

8.5 Other

GV reported on the First LACNIC Open Policy Meeting, which has just
finished. It was a very successful meeting, and he expressed thanks to
several RIR and AC people who travelled a long way to be there. The LACNIC
policy document has reviewed, and a second draft will be released soon.

Meeting ended 23:15 UTC

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