ASO AC Teleconference 2 August 2000

Minutes - FINAL


1. Welcome
2. Agenda bashing
3. Minutes from last meeting
4. Status of open actions
5. ICANN directors election
6. IRP NomCom
7. Response to Michael Roberts letter
8. Emerging RIR document
9. Schedule of further meetings
10. AOB


Wilfried Woeber (WW)
Jianping Wu (JW)
Cathy Wittbrodt (CW)
Sabine Jaume (SJ)
Raimundo Beca (RB)
Takashi Arano (TA)
Hyunje Park (HP)
Hans Petter Holen (HH)
Ant Brookes (AB)

Mirjam Kuehne (MK)
Richard Jimmerson (RJ)
Paul Wilson (PW)
Louis Touton (LT)


1. Welcome

HH opened the meeting at 2210 UTC.

HH requested that Address Council members who will not be able to attend an
AC meeting should send their apologies in advance.

2. Agenda bashing

HH proposed to discuss the status of listeners from the emerging RIRs, under

MK proposed to discuss the proposed workshop in Brisbane, during agenda item

HH proposed to discuss the address allocation draft by Ohta et al, and the
status of the ICANN ad hoc group, under AOB.

3. Minutes from last meeting

Noted that all comments received by the Secretariat on the first draft have
been incorporated and a revised draft recirculated.

No further comments were made, and the minutes as circulated were approved.

4. Status of open actions

a. LT and ARIN to work on 24/8

LT reported that he is still working on a draft document, will circulate to
ARIN and work with RJ on it. This will be done well in advance of Brisbane

b. All to review RIR's last draft of Emerging RIR document and comment by 13

PW reported that no further comments were received from AC members, and that
final changes from RIRs will be made, before document is recirculated to the

c. WW to draft response to Mike Roberts letter

To be discussed later.

d. HH and AM to draft explanatory text on IRP NomCom

This has been done by HH, circulated recently.

IRP NomCom to be discussed later.

e. PW to finalise minutes from last teleconference


f. PW to announce extension of ASO Board EoS deadline, and ensure that
submissions are placed on the ASO website


g. PW to announce extension of IRP NomCom nominations deadline


h. RIRs and IANA to work on documenting resource request process

RJ reported that a document has been drafted at ARIN, will be circulated
among RIRs by end of week, and will go to IANA after RIR review.

Discussion ensued about whether this is a policy document.

HH proposed that the document could be examined in Brisbane, as a example
for discussion about difference between global policy and administrative

LT commented that from ICANN's point of view it is not strictly procedural,
but should include a description of guidelines for IANA to use in assessing
RIR requests. Therefore it is more like a global policy than administrative

RJ reported that so far the draft document is administrative/procedural

Agreed that the AC should consider draft as produced by RIRs, and determine
whether policy issues are involved.

i. LT to report back on possibility of aligning AC member terms under
provisions of the MoU

LT reported that this has been done, and that alignment will require
amendment to the MoU, to be agreed by ICANN and RIRs. ICANN could make this
decision within a month.

WW raised question about the advantages.

SJ: It will increase AC cohesiveness to have one change per year.

WW: We may need to check formally that members are prepared to have

LT: Commented that MoU change may be made at the same time to clarify what
happens with delayed appointment process (as suggested by PW).

Agreed that change should be made.

Discussion about whether change to MoU needs to be approved by RIR

Agreed that change may be made provisional upon approval by RIR member
communities within certain period of time (such as 6 months)

Discussion about rollover date for new AC members.

Agreed that 1 January is preferable, but that incoming AC members may be
invited to attend an AC meeting before this time (such as during ICANN
annual meetings in November). First formal meeting of new AC may happen
during January RIPE meeting.

LT agrees to draft and send language proposing final text of AC resolution.

j. AC members to seek to recruit suitable people for IRP NomCom

Done. To be discussed later in agenda.

5. ICANN directors election

AC reviewed appointment procedures agreed at last AC meeting:

- evaluate candidates against eligibility criteria
- review Expressions of Support received
- review any additional information about candidates
- form consensus on candidate
- if no consensus, conduct a vote, according to election procedure (also

a. Eligibility criteria

Noted that geographic diversity criterion of the ASO MoU eliminates all but
3 candidates.

Noted that it appears that no government officials have been nominated,
however election should be subject to formal verification by the successful
candidate that they are eligible.

Eligible candidates are:

Sang Hyun Kyong, Korea
Geoff Huston, Australia
Srisakdi Charmonman, Thailand

Noted that all candidates have accepted their nominations.

b. Statements of support

Noted that these have been posted to the ASO website and recently circulated
to the AC.

All AC members have noted Expressions of Support received.

c. Additional information

General discussion about candidates.

Comments made during discussion:

- It appears that Kyong has received more support from AP region, but Huston
has received more international support.

- Huston participates widely and fully in many Internet activities.

- Input is needed on regional or political aspects of the choice in the AP
region, and whether problems may occur by choosing one candidate over the

- Dr Kyong can represent Asian countries and developing countries also.

- I prefer Huston from a technical point of view, and Kyong from a regional
point of view.

- Expressions of support show Kyong to be politically appropriate and well
known, while support for Huston is technically-oriented.

- AC should consider characteristics required for ASO directors of ICANN as
opposed to directors from other constituencies.

- There is a huge technical requirement because addressing issues are highly

- ICANN directors represent the good of the Internet as a whole, but
structure of board allows supporting organisations to appoint individuals
familiar with their issues.

- ARIN region demands that their ASO board member reports back to meetings
to report on ICANN board matters, expected to be actively involved in
address community.

- Huston is very active technically, but Kyong is not well known for this.

- Kyong is chair of MINC (Multi-Lingual Internet Names Consortium), and
active in AP community.

d. Consensus

Discussion about whether consensus is reached, or whether vote should be

Agreed that vote should be undertaken.

e. Voting

Votes recorded as follows:

Kyong     5 votes (HH,SJ,TA,HP,JW)
Huston    3 votes (WW,CW,RB)

CW moves that PW sends result formally to ICANN. HH seconded.


6. IRP NomCom

Reported by PW that no suggestions had been received by Secretariat.
Reported by HP that one suggestion had been submitted, and will be submitted

Noted that because summary document only just finished, more candidates can
be found.

Propose to extend deadline to 2 weeks before the Brisbane meeting.


7. Response to Mike Roberts

Agreed that response drafted by HH is appropriate and should be sent.

Proposal made that a more detailed document should be produced on what AC
plans to do in the next year.

Agreed to develop this in future.

8. Emerging RIR document

Discussed earlier.

AB reported that the latest draft had been circulated within the AfriNIC
community, and no negative feedback had been received.

Pending action is for RIRs to incorporate final changes and recirculate the
document to the AC.

9. Schedule of future meetings

Agreed to continue with monthly meetings, on same schedule and at same time
(first Wednesday of each month, 2200 UTC).

Noted schedule for September and October telephone meetings:

Wed  6 September 22:00 UTC
Wed  4 October   22:00 UTC

CW gives apologies in advance for September.

Discussion about Brisbane meeting, proposed in Budapest to involve AC, RIRs,
and ICANN.

HH proposes 1 day meeting in 3 parts: presentations during first part, then
break up in small groups, then present results in last part.

Date proposed is Saturday 28 October (starting at 10am local time). Agreed
to extend meeting to Sunday if more time is needed (until 2pm local time).

Some discussion of agenda.

HH proposed holding regional "BoFs" on the issues to be discussed at the
upcoming regional policy meetings predating the AC meeting in Brisbane. HH
will draft a framework for such a Bof to be held at the upcoming RIPE
meeting in Amsterdam, and this could be used in the other regions too.

Noted that some people have assumed that this is an AC open meeting, which
it is not. A proposal was made for there to  be an open AC meeting in
Brisbane as well.

Propose to have this meeting once per year.

Agreed that IANA should be explicitly invited (and noted that this was the
intention originally).

Agreed to take discussion of agenda items to mailing list, as basis for
discussion at next meeting.

10. AOB

Items proposed for discussion:

Emerging RIR listeners
Internet draft by Ohta et al
Ad hoc group

In view of time, agreed to postpone to next meeting.


Meeting finished 00:03 UTC


Summary of outstanding action items:

a. PW to publish last meetings minutes on ASO website

b. LT to finalise initial draft on 24/8 and send to ARIN

c. RIRs to finalise Emerging RIR draft and recirculate

d. RIRs to finalise resource request procedures draft and circulate

e. LT to finalise proposal for amendment to MoU re alignment of AC member

f. PW to request Dr Kyong to confirm eligibility to serve as ICANN director,
and inform ICANN of his selection

g. PW to announce extension of IRP NomCom proposal deadline

h. All to develop agenda for Brisbane workshop/meeting

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