ASO AC Teleconference 5 July 2017

ASO AC Teleconference
5 July 2017


Fiona Asonga, FA
Douglas Onyango, DO

Tomohiro Fujisaki, TF
Brajesh Jain, BJ

Kevin Blumberg, KB
Jason Schiller, JS
Louie Lee, LL (Vice-Chair)

Jorge Villa, JV
Ricardo Patara, RP (Vice-Chair)
Hartmut Glaser, HG

Filiz Yilmaz, FY (Chair)
Nurani Nimpuno (NN)

German Valdez, GV (Executive Secretary)
Bhadrika Magan, BM (Scribe)

Ernest Byaruhanga, EB
Nate Davis, ND
Sean Hopkins, SH
John Curran, JC
Adam Gosling, AG
Izumi Okutani, IO
Gianina Pensky
Carlos Reyes, CR
Maemura, Akinori, AM
Ron Da Silva, RS

Wilfried Woeber, WW
Omo Oaiya, OO
Aftab Siddiqui, AS


0. Welcome
1. Roll call
2. Agenda review
3. Approval of minutes
a) 14 June 2017
4. Review open actions
5. CCWG Accountability topics and update
6. AOB
7. Adjourn


0. Welcome

FY welcomed everyone to the call.

1. Roll call

GV went through the roll call. Quorum was reached for the call. FY noted that she had to leave the meeting early, but quorum will still be maintained with the presence of NN from the RIPE NCC region.

2. Agenda review

FY went through the agenda and asked for any additions to the agenda. The NomCom appointment and timeline was added as an AOB to the agenda.

3. Approval of minutes

14 June 2017

Comments from TF acknowledged and to be included. GV to check to see if LL attended that meeting.

FY asked that these minutes be held for approval until the next ASO AC teleconference in August.

4. Review open actions

Action item 20170614-01: GV and CR to arrange a phone bridge to the closed meeting with Paul Wilson (NRO EC Co-Chair) at ICANN 59. Time is still TBD.

Done, action CLOSED.

Action item 20170614-02: ASO AC to review the topics, comments and other information to contribute to a collective response to the three issues of diversity, good faith and SO/AC accountability.

FY – There will be an update in CCWG-Accountability update. The group can review whether this action still applies after the discussion of this agenda item.

Action item 20170614-03: GV to publish the new ASO AC procedures on the NRO website.

GV – Most done. Description of Shultz method still needs to be agreed upon. JS understood that someone was going to rewrite it for clarity; BJ volunteered to review this description.

Done, action CLOSED

New action item 20170705-01: BJ to review the description of the Shultz method for clarity.

Action item 20170503-03: JS and KB to provide their first draft of a response to the mutual accountability issue by the week of 15 May.

KB wonders if the relevance of the document is lessening. FY suggests removing this action in light of the sub-group work. Both KB and JS agree. Action item to be REMOVED.

Action item 20170412-02: GV and JS to conduct another mock up election with different scenarios, for example, where there is close competition between candidates.

GV noted this is still pending. Action OPEN.

Action Item 20170208-03: JC and NRO EC to review the issues of an editorial change to a global policy and whether such a change is within the scope of the global PDP.

JC clarified whether this action applies to a single specific editorial change or a general process for an editorial change.

FY noted this was related to a specific policy change related to an amendment to a policy in the ARIN region, which had implications for the global policy; this was later dropped. FY noted that despite this, there still needs to be a process.

JC will discuss this with the NRO EC.

Tabled Actions Items

Action item 20170503-04: Reminder for the AC to consider the status of observers for further discussion in NN’s thread. [TABLED]

KB suggests this item be clarified in person at the next F2F ICANN meeting.

NN agrees. But suggests discussing this as an agenda item in an upcoming call.

FY suggests waiting for final report of ITEMS review before making a decision.

In the chat, JS suggests noting the action as follows: “Action item 20170503-04 tabled because we were waiting for the ITEMS review, and because of lack of discussion.  We should resolve this prior to next ASO AC face-to-face”.

Action Item 20161012-06: FY to Prepare Discussion Points on Grey Areas of Responsibilities between the ASO AC and the NRO EC. [TABLED]

5. CCWG Accountability topics and update

a. EC community powers

FY spoke to the email below:

Our main agenda point was:

– Empowered Community Powers (which if any apply to the ASO, and specifically apply to the ASO AC)

* More generally which SO work outside the ASO MoU applies to the ASO and specifically apply to the ASO AC how to divide, process handle this work

* four ICANN comment topics (Good Faith Guidelines, AC/SO mutual accountability, Diversity, Human rights)

My suggestion of creating a sub-group within ASO AC who can work on process and procedure review and potential re-writes due to EC powers and new by-laws received strong support. Their task will be review current procedures, create drafts and re-writes for ASO AC’s review before they can be adopted as well as
continuing this work until the whole CCWG WS II work is also concluded. It will also include if there are dependencies and impact on what NRO EC should produce as of procedures, making recommendations in that direction for solutions.

There was immediate interest from Nurani, Fiona, Kevin, Brajesh and Jason to take part in this sub-group from ASO AC side.

I also kindly asked Athina and Michael from RIPE NCC and ARIN Legal staff to support this group as by-laws need that keen legal eye. I DO hope NRO EC can support this and this will allow Athina and Michael to help our sub-group.

In addition to this Izumi kindly already agreed to participate this sub-group in an advisory role as she is involved in CCWG WS1 and WS2 matters since the beginning tightly.

If you are also interested, pls volunteer on the list to join this sub-group.

I must point out that actual and practical *work* is expected from this sub-group, so pls commit considering your workload and time availability.

We will formally discuss the creation of this sub-group and move a motion to proceed with it in our next meeting on 5 July.

JC asked what the scope of the sub-group is?

FY noted the starting point is the empowered community – bylaws. But the sub-group will monitor any moving targets.

JC noted that the legal team has started some work on this entitled “ASO Interim Procedures for Empowered Community Powers”. The NRO EC is considering interim procedures; and this includes empowered community powers as to who does what.

FY notes that the sub-group work and the work of the legal team for the NRO EC work might be in parallel and converge at some point.

KB read the NRO EC draft and believes the scope of the ASO AC is considerably less than what was anticipated following discussions in Johannesburg.

NN and JS both noted that it is important there is clear communications and cooperation with the NRO EC. S noted for the record that the sub-group participants include: NN, FA, KB, BJ and JS. AF (RIPE Legal), and MA (ARIN Legal) participation requested

IO volunteered in an advisory capacity

IO raised two points:

1. It is important to clarify the procedure for removing board members, and this requires legal consideration and should be clearly communicated to the legal team; and

2. Agrees with NN on clear communication and cooperation, both as the AC and EC and between the two bodies.

FY understands the subgroup will produce guidelines, communications, draft procedures, and responses to public comments – but the ASO AC will be the group that makes the collective decision. How the AC and EC works together is important to clarify.

JC requests the sub-group document its scope; so that the AC and EC understand what this is.

JC also requested input from the ASO AC on the “ASO Interim Procedures for Empowered Community Powers” sent to the mailing list on 5 July 2017.

FY suggests scope be focused on empowered community powers – with immediate work on board removal; then other work on ASO accountability etc. The subgroup will do the hands-on work.

IO clarified that the subgroup will work on the substantive and specific work; but the wider group will collectively make decisions.

JC asks it to be clear what the subgroup will actually produce.

FY notes that the subgroup will work on any procedures that may need to be created and/or amended and bring it to the attention of the ASO AC and NRO EC.

KB suggests having a Chair of the subgroup and nominates NN to be the Chair.

In a chat suggestion, FA suggested the creation of a mailing list for this subgroup. JS agrees and asked that it be archived and publicly available. FY will leave it to the subgroup to decide but in line with the ASO procedures and guidelines.

NN formally requested the NRO EC to respond to the division of work and responsibilities of empowered community powers. JC responded that the ASO AC should read the “ASO Interim Procedures for Empowered Community Powers” sent to the mailing list on 5 July 2017, which clearly states what the delineation of these
roles are.

Motion to create subgroup on empowered community requirements for the ASO AC and related work moved by DO. Seconded by NN. No objections, motion carried.

New action item 20170705-02: JC to ask legal representatives from RIPE NCC and ARIN to participate in the ICANN EC powers subgroup.

New action item 20170705-03: ICANN EC Powers Subgroup members to arrange to meet and establish scope within three weeks.

JV stated via chat that the SO/SC accountability subgroup will restart its work on 6 July 2017 and may have more news to share soon.

IO noted via chat that there was an informal meeting for CCWG-ACCT on the last day of ICANN 59 but there has been no progress since then.

RP noted the email from FA on the ASO response to diversity sent on 5 July 2017 and recommends the group to read it.

6. AOB

Regarding the NomCom appointment and deadline decision, HG noted that the new candidate must be at ICANN 60 and must be known a minimum of four weeks before the meeting – the candidate name(s) must be sent at least four weeks before ICANN 60 commences. Diversity has been emphasised, but it is difficult to know
this in advance.

KB suggests making a decision at the September ASO teleconference, leaving plenty of time before ICANN 60.

In response to a request from NN, HG outlined the role and competencies the candidate should have.

KB suggests timeline for closing of nominations by GV be extended, especially for those participating in the subgroup.

HG also suggested announcing this to the community, as the representative can be a member of the community. NN agrees. HG further noted that although the term is for a year, as a convention, the same person is usually reappointed informally, and the candidates must be aware of this possibility.

GV noted that there is a procedure that we can follow. GV will create a timeline and will share.

New action item: 20170705-04 – GV to create a timeline for the NomCom election and share it with the list. This list can be shared among the RIR communities as well.

New action item: 20170705-05: GV to create doodle poll to schedule a teleconference for the empowered community’s subgroup

7. Adjourn

Motion to adjourn by NN. Seconded by KB. Meeting ended 22:40 (UTC +10).

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