ASO AC Teleconference 3 May 2017

ASO AC Teleconference
Wednesday 3 May 2017 11:00 AM UTC


Fiona Asonga, FA
Omo Oaiya, OO

Tomohiro Fujisaki, TF
Aftab Siddiqui, AS

Louie Lee, LL (Vice-Chair)
Kevin Blumberg, KB
Jason Schiller, JS

Jorge Villa, JV
Ricardo Patara, RP (Vice-Chair)

Filiz Yilmaz, FY (Chair)
Nurani Nimpuno, NN
Wilfried Woeber, WW

German Valdez, GV (Executive Secretary)
Bhadrika Magan (Scribe)


Adam Gosling
John Curran, JC, Sean Hopkins, Nate Davis
Gianina Pensky
Axel Pawlik
Ron Da Silva, RDS, Carlos Reyes, CR

Douglas Onyango
Brajesh Jain
Hartmut Glaser

0.- Welcome
1.- Roll call
2.- Agenda review
3.- Approval of minutes
4.- Update open actions
5.- CCWG Accountability Topics and Update
a) Response to EC on new community powers
6.- ASO AC new procedures
7.- ASO AC meeting observers
8.- Schulze method explanation
9.- ICANN 59 agenda / activities
10.- RIR Reports
a) APNIC 43
b) ARIN 39
11.- AOB
12.- Adjourn

0. Welcome

FY welcomed everyone to the call at 11:03 AM UTC,
1. Roll call

GV went through the roll call. Quorum was reached for the call.

2. Agenda review

FY went through the agenda and asked for any additions to the agenda. JS suggested the RIR reports be discussed online if there is a time restriction.

3. Approval of minutes

For the minute of 17 April, TF suggested some editorial changes. Motion to approve minutes proposed by KB noting TF’s changes; TF seconded. There were no objections, minutes approved.

4. Update open actions

Action item 20170412-01: The ASO AC is to review the good faith guidelines document by 17 April and come up with consolidated response as a group by 24 April.

FY suggested this should be concluded as the discussion on mailing list was not finalised by the deadline. The suggestion was for individual comments to be submitted, which JS did. JS noted that his comment does appear in the comments list and is more or less what the AC discussed.

Action item 20170412-02: GV and JS to conduct another mock up election with different scenarios, for example, where there is close competition between candidates.

GV noted this is still open and will coordinate this with JS. Action OPEN.

Action item 20170407-03: JS to go over the model used for the mock election.

JS will discuss this in agenda item 9.

Action item 20170407-04: GV to provide an internal timeline for any work the ASO AC needs to complete before the election for ICANN Seat 9 begins.

GV sent through an email on 2 May with these details. The AC will need some time to review this.

New action item 20170503-01: AC to review the details of the internal timeline for any work required before the election of ICANN seat 9 provided by GV and provide comments within 2 weeks (17 May).

Action item 20170412-05: JS to incorporate editorial changes to the operating procedures by the NRO EC and send to the ASO AC list to review.

JS has completed this and it is available for review. Action OPEN.

Action Item 20161012-06: FY to Prepare Discussion Points on Grey Areas of Responsibilities between the ASO AC and the NRO EC.

FY noted this is an ongoing action and the AC will wait for the review. Action OPEN.

Action Item 20170208-03: JC and NRO EC to review the issues of an editorial change to a global policy and whether such a change is within the scope of the global PDP.

JC noted that this is ongoing and there is no update. Action OPEN.

5. CCWG Accountability Topics and Update

a) Response to EC on new community powers

JV noted there are questions on diversity and jurisdiction that are awaiting comments. The mutual accountability issue is still open for public comments and will close on 26 May. JV noted that there has been a Co-Chair resignation in the CCWG.

NN wanted some clarity on the schedule of this session at ICANN 59.

Regarding mutual accountability, NN believes that the ASO AC should NOT be held accountable to other stakeholder groups but asked if the number community reps made any comment regarding that.

JV understands there were a couple of comments.

JC noted that regarding the Empowered Community, there is a community forum on the bylaw amendments that the ICANN board has proposed on Tuesday, 27 June in the morning.

FY noted that the schedule will likely change from her discussions with David Olive from ICANN primarily due to the new ICANN meeting strategy to focus on policy for ICANN 59.

JS asked if the NRO EC will respond to the public comment regarding mutual accountability?

JC noted that the scope of the SO/AC work is the work that the ASO AC does within ICANN on the development of policy and the appointment of ICANN board seats. The ASO AC can comment on accountability.

KB – Should a procedure be implemented?

[FA joined the meeting at this point]

FY believes the public comments are important when considering mutual accountability. Suggests a collective response from the ASO AC and then bring the discussion back to the RIR communities.

JC stated that if there is general principle of mutual accountability, it might affect the Policy process if it is not restricted to the DNS. The NRO EC hasn’t taken a view on this matter. It is up to the

ASO AC to decide what standards the ASO AC want to do mutually with ICANN.

FY would like someone to lead this and provide a collective response and asked for volunteers.

FA and JV offered to summarise the comments. The general feeling in the comments is the SOs and ACs are responsible to their own communities as there is a high risk of conflicts of interests.

New action item 20170503-02: FA and JV to provide a summary of the comments regarding the mutual accountability issues to assist JS and KB in formulating a response.
JS and KB have volunteered to work to provide a response.

New action item 20170503-03: JS and KB to provide their first draft of a response to the mutual accountability issue by the week of 15 May.

6. ASO AC new procedures

FY would like to give the ASO AC until 8 May to review the documents and then it will be sent to the NRO EC noting that it will be adopted.

Motion to review for three days proposed by FY. If no comments, it will be adopted and sent to the NRO EC. Seconded by LL. There were no objections or abstentions. Motion carried.

7. ASO AC meeting observers

NN proposed three categories: Core group (always invited); invited guests on a case-by-case basis; observers (anyone can listen in).

JS noted that if there is an open session at ICANN, it must be clear that it is a working session.

KB suggests leaving this open for discussion post-ITEMS review.

NN is happy to wait until the review is complete but encourages more comments from the rest of the ASO AC.

JC suggests that when thinking about observers, to use the context of what the ASO AC does as a guide.

New action item 20170503-04: Reminder for the AC to consider the status of observers for further discussion in NN’s thread.

8. Schulze method explanation

JS explained the method. JS sent through an email with information and examples. JS welcomed comments and questions.

9. ICANN 59 agenda / activities

FY noted it is a moving target currently. FY would like to know who will be attending from the ASO AC.

New action item 20170503-05: GV to compile list of attendees to ICANN 59.

CR noted that there were no new updates. The draft schedule is available on the website, but is subject to change.

FY noted this ICANN meeting is a Policy meeting, but if there is a substantial number of ASO AC members attending, there could be an informal meeting arranged.

CR noted that any request for meeting space or sessions is 12 May 2017.

10. RIR Reports
a) APNIC 43
b) ARIN 39

[This was deferred. The information is available on the relevant websites and mailing lists.]

11. AOB

a) NRO EC response to the current ITEMS review.

The NRO EC saw several issues, for example, confusion over the terms ASO and ASO AC, and decided to publicly highlight the issues that need to be examined as an open process. The statement points out some of the issues that they have noted over the years and hope the ITEMS final report will cover.

The ASO AC can decide on whether this should be a joint statement. If there are major changes it might be best to have separate statements.

New action item 20170503-06: ASO AC to review the NRO EC document on issues identified for ITEMS review by 12 May with comments.

b) Reminder for nominations for Nom Com

FY noted that HG’s term is ending, so the ASO AC need to think about a new appointee. FY called for those who are interested to express their interest on the mailing list.

c) Content ideas for comment on mutual accountability issue from ASO AC

JS suggested the following ideas: appropriate accountability in the RIR community; clarification of what the ASO AC does; board appointees; empowered community powers.

12. Adjourn

Motion to adjourn meeting proposed by NN. Seconded by TF. Meeting ended at 22:54 (UTC +10).

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