ASO AC Teleconference 14 June 2017

ASO AC Teleconference
14 June 2017


Fiona Asonga, FA
Douglas Onyango, DO
Omo Oaiya, OO

Tomohiro Fujisaki, TF
Brajesh Jain, BJ
Aftab Siddiqui, AS

Kevin Blumberg, KB
Jason Schiller, JS

Jorge Villa, JV
Hartmut Glaser, HG
Ricardo Patara, RP (Co-Chair)

Filiz Yilmaz, FY (Chair)
Nurani Nimpuno, NN

German Valdez, GV (Executive Secretary)
Bhadrika Magan, BM (Scribe)


Nate Davis, ND
Sean Hopkins, SH
Adam Gosling
Carlos Reyes, CR
Maemura, Akinori, AM

Wilfried Woeber, WW
Louie Lee, LL


0.- Welcome
1.- Roll call
2.- Agenda review
3.- Approval of minutes
a) 3 May
4.- Review open actions (see below)
5.- CCWG Accountability Update
6.- ASO AC procedures
7.- ICANN 59 preparation
8.- NomCom Appointment
9.- RIR Reports
a) RIPE  74
b) LACNIC 27
10.- AOB
11.- Adjourn

0. Welcome

FY welcomed everyone to the call.

1. Roll call

GV went through the roll call. Quorum was reached for the call.(13 members) GV confirmed there were no NRO EC members on the call.

2. Agenda review

FY went through the agenda and asked for any additions to the agenda. No additions were made.

3. Approval of minutes

3 May

Motion to approve by TF; seconded by KB. No abstentions; minutes approved.

4. Review open actions

Action item 20170503-01: AC to review the details of the internal timeline for any work required before the election of ICANN seat 9 provided by GV and provide comments within 2 weeks (17 May).

No further comments received from last email; done. Action CLOSED.

Action item 20170503-02: FA and JV to provide a summary of the comments regarding the mutual accountability issues to assist JS and KB in formulating a response.

Summary sent and JS was able to check this. Action CLOSED.

Action item 20170503-03: JS and KB to provide their first draft of a response to the mutual accountability issue by the week of 15 May.

Draft response sent to the list. Action OPEN.

Action item 20170503-04: Reminder for the AC to consider the status of observers for further discussion in NN’s thread.

Still ongoing; no comments received. FY suggest tabling after recommendation by JS and KB until the ITEMS review is completed. Action OPEN [Tabled].

Action item 20170503-05: GV to compile list of attendees to ICANN 59.

Eight AC members will be attending. Action CLOSED.

Action item 20170503-06: ASO AC to review the NRO EC document on issues identified for ITEMS review by 12 May with comments.

Done. Action CLOSED.

Action item 20170412-02: GV and JS to conduct another mock up election with different scenarios, for example, where there is close competition between candidates.

In progress. GV will commit to have a mock-up election by the next meeting. Action OPEN.

Action item 20170412-05: JS to incorporate editorial changes to the operating procedures by the NRO EC and send to the ASO AC list to review.

Done. Action CLOSED.

Action Item 20170208-03: JC and NRO EC to review the issues of an editorial change to a global policy and whether such a change is within the scope of the global PDP.

No update. Action OPEN.

Action Item 20161012-06: FY to Prepare Discussion Points on Grey Areas of Responsibilities between the ASO AC and the NRO EC.

Waiting for independent review. Action OPEN.

5. CCWG Accountability topics and update

See email update from Izumi Okutani dated 14 June 2017.

FA noted that work still needs to be done to consolidate all the recommendations in WS2 and will depend on what is agreed upon. They have an extension of time but not budget. The ASO AC will need to provide comment on the issues of good faith, SO/AC accountability, and diversity by 27 June.

FY notes the problem of fragmentation across the SO/ACs and subgroups and dependencies among questionnaires.

JS asked if the comment period is still open to comment on these three topics.

FA noted that there will be time later to provide comments, but the sooner the better. Comments are still welcome even if the comment period is closed.

FA noted there will be a final comment period and document to consolidate all the work, but this will likely be closer to 2018.

CR noted that the only comment period open is the human rights issue.

JS sent some accountability guidelines for good faith text to the mailing list and asked if this could be discussed as a collective ASO AC response.

KB suggests working on this to try and make this an ASO AC response.

JS did get a response to his comment from ICANN staff and pointed her to the NRO EC for a formal response.

FY noted that before this goes as an ASO AC response, it needs support from the majority of the ASO AC.

FA noted that ICANN folk understand that a lot of the ASO AC work is outside of ICANN but it is important to have an ASO AC position for any response.

NN stressed the importance of coordination in the response and to discuss this with the NRO EC. She also said that the number community should be consulted as well for any position the ASO AC takes as it represents the number community.

BJ agrees with NN, but commented that the ASO AC should still attempt to come up with a response.

KB agrees with NN. Suggests having active participation – for example a volunteer shepherding through the process.

NN agrees with KB but believes the NRO EC should be driving this.

FY noted that Paul Wilson (PW) will be at ICANN 59 as NRO EC Co-Chair, so those ASO AC members onsite can give their feedback on this issue directly to him. Regarding active participation, FY noted that JV and FA are performing that active role KB referred to as they are already participating in the CCWG.

JS asked for a phone bridge to that meeting with PW at ICANN 59.

NN emphasised that this is a closed meeting that needs to be arranged outside of ICANN, which CR confirmed.

New Action item 20170614-01: GV and CR to arrange a phone bridge to the closed meeting with Paul Wilson (NRO EC Co-Chair) at ICANN 59. Time is still TBD.

New Action item 20170614-02: ASO AC to review the topics, comments and other information to contribute to a collective response to the three issues of diversity, good faith and SO/AC accountability.

6. ASO AC new procedures

GV outlined the minor changes to the procedures drafted by JS, which was approved by the NRO EC. Procedures adopted and ready to publish.

All agreed.

New Action item 20170614-03: GV to publish the new ASO AC procedures on the NRO website.

7. ICANN 59 preparations

GV has updated the shared calendar with the information currently provided by ICANN and sent this to the [AC-COORD] list. Times are still to be confirmed. There is a possibility to arrange a meeting with ITEMS before their presentation; CCWG meeting arrangements are in progress. CR and GV are to coordinate and keep the list informed.

8. NomCom appointment

FY has opened the call for nominations for a NomCom representative. HG noted that the appointee’s name must be available by ICANN 60 Abu Dhabi (28 October to 3 November 2017).

New Action item 20170614-04: GV to make this Call for Nominations to the NomCom public somewhere on the website.

9. RIR reports


NN gave a quick rundown. Full reports are available on the RIPE 74 website.


RP emailed an update from LACNIC 27 to the list; HG mentioned that this was the biggest meeting in LACNIC’s history.


FA will send a report by email.

KB noted that it is important to be aware of any global policy suggestions or points of discussion at the RIR meetings.

10. AOB


11. Adjourn

HG moved to adjourn meeting. NN seconded. Meeting ended at 22:37 (UTC +10).

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