ASO AC Teleconference 12 April 2017

ASO AC Teleconference
Wednesday 12 April 2017 11:00 AM UTC


• Omo Oaiya, OO
• Douglas Onyango, DO

• Tomohiro Fujisaki, TF
• Brajesh Jain, BJ
• Aftab Siddiqui, AS

• Louie Lee, LL (Vice-Chair)
• Kevin Blumberg, KB
• Jason Schiller, JS

• Jorge Villa, JV
• Ricardo Patara, RP (Vice-Chair)
• Hartmut Glaser, HG

• Filiz Yilmaz, FY (Chair)
• Nurani Nimpuno, NN
• Wilfried Woeber, WW

• German Valdez, GV (Executive Secretary)
• Bhadrika Magan (Scribe)


• Adam Gosling
• John Curran, JC
• Sean Hopkins
• Gianina Pensky
• Ron Da Silva, RDS
• Carlos Reyes, CR
• Maemura, Akinori, AM
• Tom Mackenzie, TM
• Izumi Okutani, IO

• Fiona Asonga


0.- Welcome
1.- Roll call
2.- Agenda review
3.- Approval of minutes –
8 February 2017
8 March 2017
12 March f2f
4.- Update open actions
5.- CCWG Accountability Topics and Update
6.- New ICANN Board mock election
7.- Preparations for Election ICANN seat 9
8.- Nom Com appointment
9.- ASO AC meeting observers
10.- AOB
11.- Adjourn

0. Welcome

FY welcomed everyone to the call at 11:03 AM UTC

1. Roll call

GV noted that Tom Mackenzie from ITEMS will join the call as an observer. FY asked that this be noted in the minutes when he joins.

2. Agenda review

FY went through the agenda. JS asked to discuss the operating procedures if there is time and FY added this to AOB.

3. Approval of minutes:

8 February 2017 – TF proposed motion to approve minutes with comments from TF and JS. KB seconded. Minutes approved.

8 March 2017 – TF proposed motion to approve minutes. BJ seconded. Minutes approved.

12 March F2F – JS noted the issue of whether to have a link to the ITEMS survey. FY is inclined to publish this link as it is public and ITEMS has not commented on this. There were no objections to having this link in the minutes. Motion to accept minutes proposed including link by JS. Seconded by TF. Minutes approved.

4. Update open actions

Action Item 20160630-04: Chair (LL) to recommend to the NRO EC that Work Stream 2’s work be completed before ATRT3 begins, and share the EC’s response with the ASO AC.

This is rolled into 20161012-06. Action can be deleted. CLOSED.

Action Item 20161012-06: FY to Prepare Discussion Points on Grey Areas of Responsibilities between the ASO AC and the NRO EC.

FY believes this action should remain open until CCWG accountability discussion is resolved. JC agrees. OPEN.

Action Item 20170208-03: JC and NRO EC to review the issues of an editorial change to a global policy and whether such a change is within the scope of the global PDP.

JC will follow this up. KB noted that the author in the ARIN region removed the global text.

5. CCWG Accountability Topics and Update

IO provided an update to the group. CCWG is represented by all the RIRs. Athina Fragkoulli is the POC to the NRO EC.
General status: After the IANA Stewardship Transition, progress is slow in general; target for WS2 completion by 26 June and have it ready by ICANN 59.
Topics: Of relevance to ASO AC accountability; removing ASO AC appointed board members; jurisdiction comment period, this would be relevant to the Number Community in terms of their satisfaction with ICANN; good faith guidelines to remove a board member, the SO and AC must develop good faith guidelines for this removal.

FY clarified that of these empowered community powers, the two of relevance to the ASO AC are:

(1) Remove individual ICANN Board Directors – ASO AC

(2) Recall entire ICANN Board – ASO AC

The rest will be handled by the NRO EC.

FY asked for timelines and other actions the ASO AC should take on these two powers.

IO: The AC should review the current guidelines, which is open until 24 July. Timelines still TBC but the sooner the better would be advisable.

JC: NRO EC met and discussed this topic. The concern noted was the accountability review impact. It’s important to not make significant changes to improve accountability as the ITEMS review could shape how some of these issues are resolved.

The NRO EC is comfortable taking positions on empowered communities accountability; but for matters that affect the community at large, we need to set up mechanisms and processes. We need to be cautious on taking positions that is not anchored back to engagement with the Number Community. It’s important that we don’t take positions that do not come from our community.

IO: Agreed with JC’s approach. We must be aware that we are accountable to the RIR community. IO noted the mutual accountability roundtable where other ACs and SOs have to be accountable to each other. This might affect the ASO AC.

JS: The ASO AC is a special support organization. It’s not the same as other SOs and ACs. He agreed with IO that must remember we are also accountable to the RIR community.

JC: On the issue of mutual accountability, he clarified that the NRO EC has consistently said we are accountable to the number resources community, not other SO communities/constituencies related to ICANN.

JV provided updates on WS 2. WS 2 work is not finished and they have requested an extension from ICANN. CCWG will keep the ATRT3 team updated on progress.

FY: We need to be monitoring and discussing this and we will keep this on the agenda.

JS noted the comment period for the good faith guidelines document ends soon and asked whether the ASO AC would be contributing to this?

JC recommends the ASO AC reviews the guidelines as this directly relates to the ASO AC function of appointing board members.

FY suggests that the ASO AC review the guidelines by 17 April and as the deadline is 24 April, there might be an opportunity to provide a consolidated response,

New Action item 20170412-01: The ASO AC is to review the good faith guidelines document by 17 April and come up with consolidated response as a group by 24 April.

6. New ICANN Board mock election

GV suggests running another mock election, to replicate the process with more competitive candidates. JS will also go over how the counting method works at a later time.

FY agreed with this approach and suggested JS’s contribution be postponed until the next meeting.

New action item 20170412-02: GV and JS to conduct another mock up election with different scenarios, for example, where there is close competition between candidates.

New action item 20170407-03: JS to go over the model used for the mock election.

7. Preparations for Election ICANN Seat 9

GV displayed the timeline and went through suggested. This info is also on the mailing list. It incorporates learnings from the last election and follows ASO AC procedures. KB noted the wording issue “start of the comment phase” for GV to amend.

FY wants a timeline for any internal work the ASO AC needs to do in preparation for this election.

New action item 20170407-04: GV to provide an internal timeline for any work the ASO AC needs to complete before the election for ICANN Seat 9 begins.

[TM joined the meeting]

8. Nom Com appointment

HG went through the timeline for the Nom Com appointment.

According to the ICANN bylaws, the NomCom member is elected for one year. For consistency, the convention is that the NomCom appoint that same member for a second year.

The new member is appointed around middle of the year – at the latest Sep/Oct – as the last ICANN meeting of the year has a retreat for new members. The new NomCom member for 2018 will  need to be appointed around Aug/Sep, so the new Member should be in place by ICANN 60 in late Oct 2017 for the new member retreat.

FY suggested that if anyone is interested in the role to chat with HG and if there is some formal interest, we can start the process well in advance.

9. ASO AC meeting observers

WW started this discussion but it hasn’t been concluded. FY will make a decision on the mailing list later this week.

10. AOB

FY: Shared the high-level scheduling for ICANN 59 (this is a policy session of ICANN).

JC: Will be able to cover the ICANN scheduling call, but we must keep within the scope of the Number Community missions.

FY: Suggested that the ICANN meetings that are focused on policy, may not be the best venue to have an ASO AC workshop etc. So in terms of the Number Community, it is not optimal for us.

JS: Regarding certain changes to the operating procedures by the EC; how do we proceed with these suggestions? FY would like to see the latest version before we accept these. FY suggests we formally reply to the EC that we agree.

JS noted that the changes were editorial in nature.

New action item 20170412-05: JS to incorporate editorial changes to the operating procedures by the NRO EC and send to the ASO AC list to review.

JC: Reported that he has been tasked by the NRO EC to provide interim guidance on how to sort ICANN matters; what the ASO AC’s charter is; and the extent to how the NRO EC is involved.

JS: Asked JC to include matters that are out of scope; and matters that don’t neatly fall into other categories and that fall to the ASO AC.

BJ suggested that the ICANN public session provides an opportunity to share regional updates.

FY noted there is a process for this and BJ should put forward this idea to add this to the agenda.

11. Adjourn

Meeting adjourned at 13:00 UTC

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