ASO AC Teleconference 3 September 2014


ASO AC Attendees



Fiona Asonga, FA
Alan Barrett, AB (Vice Chair)
Douglas Onyango, DO


Tomohiro Fujisaki, TF
Aftab Siddiqui, AS


Louie Lee, LL (Chair)
Jason Schiller, JS
Ron da Silva, RS


Ricardo Patara, RP
Jorge Villa, JV
Hartmut Glaser, HG


Filiz Yilmaz, FY


Einar Bohlin – ARIN
Barbara Roseman, BR – ICANN
Carlos Reyes – ICANN
Adam Gosling – APNIC
Selina Harrington – ICANN
Ernest Byaruhanga – AFRINIC


German Valdez, GV – NRO
Suzanne Taylor Muzzin, STM – RIPE NCC (Scribe)


Naresh Ajwani, NA (Vice Chair)
Wilfried Woeber, WW
Dmitry Kohmanyuk, DK


  1. Welcome
  2. Agenda Review
  3. Review Open Actions
  4. Approval of Minutes

a)    April 2nd 2014
b)   August 6th 2014

  1. Schedule for Appointment to ICANN Board Seat 9
  2. AOB
  3. Adjourn


1. Welcome

LL welcomed everyone. GV performed the roll call and quorum was established. The meeting was called to order at 12:08 UTC.

2. Agenda Review

LL reviewed the agenda. He suggested working on the upcoming ICANN Board Meeting logistics after the meeting adjourned.

3. Review Open Actions

Action Item 140806-01: GV to remove the draft status from the May 7th, June 4th and June 24th minutes.

Status: Closed.

Action Item: 140806-02: GV to send a message to the NomCom Chair stating the ASO AC’s appointment of Hans Petter Holen to the 2015 NomCom.

Status: Closed.

Action Item 140806-03: LL to draft letter of advice for IANA based on JS’ text about how RIRs can receive allocations from the remaining pool of 16-bit ASNs.

Status: Almost finished.

Action Item 140806-04: LL to draft message for the NRO EC about coming to an agreement on how the RIRs should share the remaining pool of 16-bit ASNs.

Status: LL to complete as soon as Action Item 140806-03 is completed.

LL said he sent a letter to the NRO EC asking about the possibility of the NRO EC and RIR Boards making appointments for the ASO AC/NRO NC. He also asked them to consider holding these elections earlier in the year, no later than earlier September. He said he expects some dialogue to follow.

4. Approval of Minutes

a)    April 2nd 2014
b)   August 6th 2014

LL said he still needs to make some amendments to the April 2nd minutes.

AB put forth a motion to approve the August 6th minutes and TF seconded the motion. There were no oppositions or abstentions and the motion passed.

Action Item 140903-01: GV to remove the draft status from the August 6th minutes.

5. Schedule for Appointment to ICANN Board Seat 9

LL said that GV had previously sent a note to the ASO AC regarding the schedule and asked GV to post that note to the WebEx meeting platform so everyone could view it. JS said he just sent the email to the mailing list so it would be readily visible for everyone.

LL said that GV worked backward on a timeline and realized that, in order to have a nomination ready by June 2015, the ASO AC would need to schedule the nomination phase from October 24 to December 29.

GV said this was based on the past schedule and followed feedback from a discussion that took place during the ASO AC face-to-face meeting in London in June.

LL suggested that, because the dates are close to the end of the month, the nomination phase should end on December 31, 2014. He said that would push the comment phase a little, which could start January 1 and end March 31. He said the interview phase could start February 1 and run until March 31. He said the selection process could run a little longer than the proposed dates of March 31 to April 14 because April 15 in the U.S. is the day tax returns are due. Instead, he suggested having it run from April 1 to April 17. LL said that would give the ASO AC time to discuss things and that everything should be able to be completed by the end of May, in order to be ready for a June 1 announcement.

AB said he was concerned about the selection process lasting 14 days and asked for clarification about whether this phase involves simply voting, or follow-up interviews. GV responded that the selection process involved voting only. AB said that, in that case, he believes GV’s proposed timeline, with LL’s suggested revisions, is fine.

LL suggested the group schedule a meeting for April 1 to kick off the voting and discuss the results of the interview phase.

JS said that the results from the interview phase are generally presented in a meeting, sometimes in a written report and sometimes with a verbal discussion. He said he wasn’t sure what the procedures state, but that there should be time to collect information from the interviews and report back.

LL said that the interviews should not be so tightly scheduled that they end on March 31.

LL said it’s often difficult to get face-to-face interviews scheduled and travel arrangements made in time, which means the group should be deciding who to send for face-to-face interviews by late January or early February, to allow for at least a month of planning.

JS asked for clarification about when the interviews would take place. LL responded that they would ideally have taken place by mid-March, allowing for some time to digest the results before the April 1 meeting.

GV said he was looking at the procedures and that in fact, the selection phase  should be at least 14 calendar days and start at the end of the interview phase, at which point the ASO AC must evaluate all the candidates and review the documentation for each candidate. At the conclusion of that meeting, the ASO AC will have at least seven calendar days for deliberation. At the end of the deliberation period, members of the ASO AC will have at least seven calendar days to vote.  GV apologized for any confusion about what he said earlier regarding the selection phase.

LL said that the ASO AC would need to have a meeting at the beginning of the selection phase to have a group review, and then the group will have seven days to deliberate, and then do the voting. He said that if the timeline needs to be pushed a little because of a tie in the voting, that would be fine and the announcement could be delayed by a week if necessary. He said it would be nice to make the announcement before the June ICANN Meeting, when the NomCom will also be thinking about their selections.

JS said that normally they try to schedule face-to-face interviews during events that the candidates may be attending already, and asked whether the March 22-27 IETF Meeting in Dallas, Texas would be too late. LL responded that this might be ideal and thanked JS for the suggestion, but mentioned the amount of time needed for candidates to obtain U.S. visas. JS wondered whether there were any other potential venues. LL said there should also be an ICANN Meeting at that time. AB suggested the MENOG Meeting in Dubai from March 22-31. LL said the ARIN Meeting is April 12-15 in San Francisco, which he said is quite late for their timeline but that the group could keep that in their minds in case things go that long. There were no other suggestions.

JS asked for confirmation that the appointment has to be a non-APNIC region appointment, and LL confirmed that is the case. JS suggested some candidates may be going to the APNIC Meeting anyway.

LL asked for a motion to accept GV’s schedule with his suggested revisions, and asked GV to send the revised schedule to the list. AB put forth a motion to adopt the schedule. RS seconded the motion. There were no oppositions or abstentions and the motion passed.

Action Item 140903-02: GV to send the revised schedule for the ICANN Board selection to the ASO AC mailing list.

LL encouraged everyone to start thinking about potential candidates. LL said that it’s not yet known whether Ray Plzak would run again. He said that previously, Ray and Ku-Wei Wu expressed an agreement that, even though members are allowed three terms on the ICANN Board, they would serve only two terms. He said that Ray is finishing his second term and has not yet said whether he will be seeking a third. LL reiterated that, in order to maintain regional diversity, no candidates from the APNIC region can be nominated this time.

There were no further comments.

6. ASO Website

GV said that, now that the updated website is live, he has started to collect new content for the site, including short biographies of the ASO AC members, of which he’s received about half so far.

He said that there have been many good suggestions for other new content for the site, and that the ASO AC should present a plan to the NRO EC for the further improvement of the website, based on these suggestions, since this work will require RIR staff resources.

LL wondered whether it might be useful to announce the updated site to the ICANN community and ask for feedback. BR said there is an upcoming policy update due next week, and that they will include an item about the website. She offered to draft something with CR and send it to LL and GV for their approval.

LL said he wanted to discuss the policy updates with BR but that it could wait until after the meeting adjourned. 

7. AOB

LL asked for any other agenda items.

FA asked about the difference between the Enhancing Accountability Working Group and the Public Experts Group for which ICANN has asked for nominations, and said she wanted to volunteer for this.

GV said it’s not very clear and there is some confusion regarding the scope and relationship between the two groups. He said that the NRO EC will consult with ICANN during the IGF this week to try to get some clarification on this, and he expected there to be more information about how the ASO AC will proceed once this happens.

LL asked whether the ICANN observers had any insight on this, and asked them to either speak up or send something to the mailing list. BR said that others have been confused about this issue as well, and said she would send something to the ASO AC Mailing List.

There was no further discussion.

8. Adjourn

LL asked for a motion to adjourn. RS put for a motion and TF seconded. There were no oppositions or abstentions and the motion passed. The meeting adjourned at 12:55 UTC.

Action Items

Action Item 140903-01: GV to remove the draft status from the August 6th minutes.

Action Item 140903-02: GV to send the revised schedule for the ICANN Board selection to the ASO AC mailing list.

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