ASO AC Teleconference 1 July 2015

ASO AC teleconference held on Wednesday, July 1st 2015 (12:00 PM UTC)

ASO AC Attendees

Douglas Onyango, DO
Fiona Asonga, FA

Tomohiro Fujisaki, TF
Aftab Siddiqui, AS

Ron da Silva, RS
Louie Lee, LL (Chair)

Ricardo Patara, RP
Jorge Villa, JV

Dmitry Kohmanyuk, DK

Gianina Penski, GP – LACNIC
Barbara Roseman, BR – ICANN Staff
Carlos Reyes, CR – ICANN Staff
Einar Bohlin, EBo – ARIN
Ernest Byaruhanga, EBy – AFRINIC

Filiz Yilmaz, FY
Mark Elkins, ME
Ajay Kumar, AK
Hartmut Glaser, HG
Wilfried Woeber, WW

German Valdez, GV – NRO Executive Secretary
Laureana Pavon, LP – LACNIC (Scribe)

Draft Agenda ASO AC July 1st 2015 Teleconference

0. Welcome
1. Agenda review
2. Review of open actions
3. Approval of minutes
4. Removal of ASO appointee
5. Leadership training program
6. NomCom appointment
7. Mailing subscription
8. Reports
9. Ron da Silva’s term
10. AOB
11. Adjourn

0. Welcome

The meeting began at 12.12 PM UTC.

Roll call was performed with 8 members present representing the 5 regions, so quorum was established.
Even though DK was present at this time, DK noted that he’d have to leave in one hour. LL mentioned that they only had 44 minutes for the meeting, so some items might have to be pushed out, depending on time.

1. Agenda review

No items were added or modified.

2. Review of open actions

Action Item 150610-01: LL to submit the following question for consideration by the ICANN board: “Does ICANN Board see any risk about the Accountability CCWG process having an impact on IANA Transition Process, namely causing a delay in the latter?” – CLOSED

Regarding the Action Item above, LL noted that they hadn’t gotten around to that topic at the ICANN board meeting, but that –in his opinion– there had been enough exposure about what’s going on within the board to get a sense of what the answer would be.

Action Item 150610-02: GV and LL to work on the ASO AC face-to-face meeting agenda – COMPLETED

Action Item 150610-03: GV to request a time slot change for the ASO AC Public Session at ICANN 53 within the next five hours and cc Ray so that he can help with this change of time for the Public Session. – COMPLETED

Action Item 150610-04: LL will work with AP to see that the CRISP team’s activities on the IANA transition is in the report, at least as a teaser. – COMPLETED

Action Item 150610-05: FY to work with GV on the workshop scheduled for Wednesday 15:30 to 17:00 and keep LL in in the loop. – COMPLETED

Action Item 150610-06: DO to send a written report of the AFRINIC meeting to AC-COORD list. – COMPLETED.

Action Item 150307-04: The Chair to send a message to the CCWG-IG Chair informing them of AK’s appointment. FY to coordinate with LL to get this done. – ONGOING

3. Approval of minutes

GV observed that he’d received one comment from Ricardo Patara saying that, in the draft minutes for the June teleconference, his and Ray Plzak’s initials were the same, adding that he would correct the issue.

RS proposed a motion to approve the minutes of the June teleconference after implementing RP’s suggestion (avoid the use of the same initials for Ricardo Patara and Ray Plzak). TF seconded the motion.

No objections or abstentions were heard and the motion carried.

New Action Item 150701-01: The Secretariat to update the status of the June teleconference minutes from draft to final.

GV noted that the face to face minutes had not been circulated yet.

4. Removal of ASO appointee

LL noted that the AC had had a good discussion on this topic in Buenos Aires, where they’d concluded that it would be best to have something simple first and tweak it later as they don’t anticipate that they’d be using such a procedure soon but they do see the need to have a procedure in place. He added that the question was whether they wanted rough consensus, unanimity, super majority, simple majority, etc. and asked whether anybody felt that setting a bar at unanimity among all the members present at the meeting was high enough (e.g., better than, for example, 2/3).

DO agreed, adding that in his opinion unanimity among those at the meeting was a pretty high bar.

[FA joined the meting 12.26]

AS said that Jason Schiller had explained that they might have a lot of abstentions if dealing with a removal and asked how the AC would deal with that issue.

DK asked whether AS was referring to abstentions or non-voting.

LL said that, if they approved a procedure with 2/3, they could then tweak it later to say whether abstentions would be counted or not (there might be valid reasons for abstention). LL mentioned his fear that a simple majority might make it too easy to remove an ASO appointee.

LL suggested that somebody could draft something very simple with the simple majority, send it to the mailing list, and use that as a starting point for a simple procedure for removing an ASO appointee.

DO volunteered.

New Action Item 150701-02: DO to draft a very simple text regarding the procedure for removal of an ASO appointee with the simple majority rule.

5. Leadership training program

LL said they’d received interest for participating in the program at the Dublin ICANN meeting from ME and FA, adding that FA had said she’d also like to be part of the working group that manages this training program. He noted that during the f2f meeting in Buenos Aires he’ heard from WW that he might also like to be part of the working group.

DO suggested making use of the selection process the AC had put into place, and proposed the following motion:

The AC will do a simple majority vote for sending FA and ME to the leadership-training program in Dublin.

TF seconded and the motion carried.

GV performed a roll call vote with the following results:

In favor of the motion: FA, DO, TF, AS, RS, RP, JV, DK, LL (9/9 AC members present on the call). None against, no abstentions.

The motion was approved by unanimous decision.

Conclusion: The AC will send FA and ME to the leadership-training program in Dublin.

LL asked about the other part – whether anyone else had expressed interest in the ICANN Academy working group.

LL suggested appointing FA for the ICANN Academy Working Group and then follow up with WW via email to see if he also wants to participate. If so, WW could be allowed to participate in the working group until the AC formalizes his appointment later.

DO proposed the following motion: To appoint FA for the ICANN Academy Working Group.

TF seconded the motion.

GV performed a roll call vote with the following results:

In favor of the motion: FA, DO, TF, AS, RS, RP, JV, LL (8/9 AC members present on the call, one vote not recorded – DK). None against, no abstentions. The motion carried.

New Action Item 150701-03: GV to let ICANN staff know that FA is officially appointed to be part of the ICANN Academy working group.

6. NomCom appointment

LL said they had briefly talked about this at their f2f meeting and they’d like to know the results in time to make travel arrangements so the appointee could start working at the Dublin ICANN meeting. He added that they could close the nominations and do the appointment during their August teleconference. LL noted that he’d seen that HG would like to be reappointed, that HPH’s term was coming up, that he’d also received interest from people outside the AC, namely Bill manning, who is available to be voted by the AC to the NomCom as a voting member.

The chair also asked whether any other AC members would like to serve on the NomCom and whether there was any reason not to allow non-AC members to be appointed to the NomCom.

Because the AC didn’t have a large number of members willing to be appointed, LL suggested that it might be prudent to consider people from outside the AC.

AS said they should send an invitation to the AC mailing list before assuming AC members didn’t have much interest.

New Action Item 150701-04: LL to send an invitation to the AC mailing list to see whether there are any other AC members interested in being appointed to the NomCom.

LL stressed that he was trying to gauge whether they should just say no to people outside the AC or not.

LL concluded the topic by telling members who would like to know what the position entailed to feel free to contact HPH or HG.

7. Mailing subscription

LL noted that they only had 13 minutes left before concluding the meeting. To move the conversation forward, LL suggested that they could have something sent to the mailing list first.

Action Item 150701-05: GV to send a full list of the mailing lists that the AC uses and the intended reason for each list.

8. Reports

LL noted that there hadn’t been any RIR meetings since the last ASO AC teleconference. He then suggested that perhaps FA might report about her participation in the accountability working group.

FA said they’d had their first conference call after the ICANN meeting in Buenos Aires the day before; that they’d identified issues that are going to be given priority; that the chairs had developed a template of what the communities have gathered, what needs to be considered; and that they’d be meeting in Paris on July 17-18 and going through the proposals they’d presented. She noted that, in addition to Work Party 1 and WP 2 (mission, bylaws and independent review), WP 3 (new issues that are stemming from public comments) was established. She commented that the agenda until the Paris meeting was to go through all the comments they receive, after which they’ll put together what should be the put in the proposal which has to go out for public comments by August.

LL thanked FA for the report and also for her hard work.

FA gave a brief update on the ICANN Academy WG, saying that the new curriculum was now out and that she’d send it to the mailing list so the AC can send comments to help improve it for the next round.

9. Ron da Silva’s term

LL introduced the topic saying that, as they were aware, RS had been appointed to start serving on the ICANN board at the end of the ICANN meeting in October.

RS expressed his appreciation for the AC’s confidence, adding that his position on the board would obviously conflict with his presence on the ASO AC, so he was effectively resigning from his position on the AC at the conclusion of the day’s meeting. He noted that the ARIN board would be looking to appoint his replacement, possibly before the next AC meeting. He said it had been a pleasure to serve on the AC.

LL thanked RS for his participation throughout the years and said he looked forward to working with him in his new capacity as ICANN board member.

AS also thanked RS for his participation and looked forward to seeing him on the ICANN board.

LL invited RS to remain on the AC-COORD mailing list as an observer.

10. AOB

No further business was proposed for discussion.

11. Adjourn

There being no further business to discuss, TF proposed adjourning the meeting. The motion was seconded by DK. No objections were heard and the meeting was adjourned at 13.00 UTC.

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