ASO AC Teleconference 4 February 2015

ASO AC Teleconference held on Wednesday, February 4th 2015


ASO AC Attendees

Fiona Asonga, FA
Alan Barrett, AB (Vice Chair)
Douglas Onyango, DO

Ajay Kumar, AK
Tomohiro Fujisaki, TF
Aftab Siddiqui, AS

Louie Lee, LL (Chair)
Jason Schiller, JS
Ron da Silva, RS

Jorge Villa, JV

Filiz Yilmaz, FY


Ernest Byaruhanga, AFRINIC
Adam Gosling, AG, APNIC
Einar Bohlin – ARIN
Sergio Rojas – LACNIC
Axel Pawlik, AP, RIPE NCC
Nick Hyrka RIPE NCC
Carlos Reyes, AP, – ICANN

German Valdez, GV – NRO

ASO AC Members Apologies

Ricardo Patara, RP
Hartmut Glaser, HG
Dmitry Kohmanyuk, DK



0. Welcome
1. Agenda Review
2. Review Open Actions
3. Approval of Minutes
a) January 7th 2015
4. Vice Chair Appointment
5. ICANN Board Seat 9 Election Process
a) IRC Appointment
6. PPFT Appointment
7. ICANN 52 Preparations
8. ASO AC Travel Plan 2015
9. AOB
10. Adjourn

0. Welcome

LL welcomed all participants in the call and opened the meeting at 12:04 pm UTC.

GV performed the roll call and quorum was established at 12:07 UTC.

1. Agenda Review

LL noted that reports from various committees have been sent to the AC-COORD list in the last 24 hours.

No other items were added to the agenda.

2. Review Open Actions

Action item 150107-01: GV to remove draft status from the December 3rd 2014 teleconference minutes published on the ASO website.

Status: DONE

Action item 150107-02: AB to update the 2014 work plan with the editorial changes suggested during the meeting and sends the edited plan to the mailing list.

Status: DONE

Action item 150107-03: The Secretariat to post the 2015 Work Plan on the NRO website.

Status: DONE

Action item 150107-04: GV send a message to the mailing list naming the QRC, describing the motion to appoint current members of the QRC to the IRC, and requesting members to confirm their willingness to serve as IRC members immediately after this January 7th meeting.

Status: DONE. GV confirmed that all QRC members were willing to serve in the IRC.

Action item 150107-05: GV to send a follow-up to LACNIC and RIPE members asking them to forward a name for the PPFT by next teleconference.

Status: DONE. GV confirmed that Jorge Villa would be representative of LACNIC in the PPFT.

LL said that RIPE NCC member could be confirmed during the teleconference at the PPFT appointment agenda item.

3. Approval of Minutes

a) January 7th 2015

TF put forth a motion to approve January 7th 2015 ASO minutes.

AB seconded the motion.

There were no oppositions or abstentions and the motion passed.

Action Item 150204-01: GV to remove draft status on the January 7th 2015 minutes.

4. Vice Chair Appointments

LL proposed the approval of AB and FY as vice chairs for 2015. LL pointed out that proposed vice chairs and the char, all were from different regions.

FA put forth a motion to accept LL suggestions for vice-chairs

DO seconded the motion.

There were no oppositions or abstentions and the motion passed.

LL congratulated AB and FY for the appointment.

5. ICANN Board Seat 9 Election Process

a) IRC Appointment

LL said that as GV reported previously, the QRC members have confirmed their willingness to keep serving in the IRC. LL reminded that RS suggested that for future elections the QRC could be also the IRC.

JS asked if there were a formal proposal to change ASO procedures.
LL said that the suggestion has not reach such point yet. LL suggested that someone could do a formal proposal during the year.

LL suggested formalizing the appointment of the IRC committee.

DO reminded that the motion to appoint the same members of the QRC to IRC was passed and accepted in the last teleconference.

LL accepted to move then to the update of ICANN Board Seat 9 election process and asked to any IRC members to provide an update.

FA said that the QRC is waiting confirmation from ICANN legal staff about the eligibility of one of the candidates in order to move forward.

LL asked if the QRC was able to review the other candidates.

FA confirmed that the QRC has established the qualification of the rest of the candidates.

GV reported that the ICANN selection process was currently in the comment phase. GV said that there are 6 candidates but in one case the QRC need confirmation from ICANN legal staff about the eligibility of the candidate as he already served in ICANN Board. GV asked for advise on how to proceed as there is not promotion yet of the comment phase and feedback from the community is currently reduced. GV asked confirmation from the QRC if the secretariat could openly advertise the comment phase in the different RIR communities.

LL asked what were the next steps in the process.

FA said that the IRC would prepare a written questionnaire and subsequently organize phone interview with the candidates. FA added that the IRC would report back to the ASO AC as they move along in the process.

GV reminded that interview phase started on February 1st.

LL advised the IRC to start working in the questionnaire as this might take some time to elaborate.

JS pointed out that the information of the candidate with the eligibility in question was published in the ASO website.

LL said that in case of any impediments the ASO AC could post ICANN legal answer for the sake of process transparency.

GV reported that the information was public because the candidate fulfilled all published requirements and the questions about his eligibility came after the conclusion of the nomination period.

LL suggested to wait for ICANN legal staff’s answer and based on that takes action.

6. PPFT Appointment

LL reminded that in the last teleconference the ASO AC was able to confirm three members to the PPFT having pending LACNIC and RIPE NCC appointments.

GV confirmed that LACNIC’s appointment is Jorge Villa. GV said that RIPE NCC was pending to confirm his member.

LL asked if there were a motion to appoint JV

AB moved a motion to appoint JV to PPFT

TF seconded the motion.

There were no oppositions or abstentions and the motion passed.

LL asked FY to follow up the appointment of RIPE NCC to the PPFT.

7. ICANN 52 Preparations

LL said GV was organizing the calendar with ASO related activities and RIPE NCC was supporting with the preparations of slides. LL said that the ASO would have 10 minutes to address the ICANN community during the opening session. LL mentioned that the time would be divided between the ASO and NRO activities.

AP said that he was not going to be able to do the NRO presentation as he was arriving to Singapore later the same day. AP confirmed Paul Wilson would do the NRO presentation.

LL said that he was not traveling to Singapore and confirmed that AB would do the ASO presentation. LL said he was going to share the slides set in the AC-COORD list for comments. LL thanked AB to adjust his travel time and being able to participate on behalf of the ASO in the early week activities in ICANN meeting.

CR confirmed that a room was assigned exclusively for NRO and ASO meetings.

GV reminded about the ASO shared calendar where all sessions of the interest of the ASO were included.

LL asked GV to share the links in the AC-COORD list.

JS asked if the calendar is the same where the monthly ASO Teleconference is scheduled.

GV confirmed that it was the same.

CR asked LL about the request from an IPv6 group in Singapore to be incorporated in the agenda of the ASO public session on Wednesday.

LL said he was not opposed to but he’d need more information about the focus of the presentation.

JS agreed with LL and reminded that Internet number resources policy discussion doesn’t take place in ICANN.

LL said that he would review the email and comeback to them with a response.

LL mentioned that for the ASO public session on Wednesday a topic of discussion could be about IANA stewardship transition. LL asked AB to follow up and coordinate with the CRISP Team Chair.

JS offered his support regarding ARIN’s discussion on IANA transition.

CR said that one of the suggestions was to present about the accountability mechanisms in the RIRs.

JS said that the accountability mechanisms of the RIR were not part of the CRISP proposal.

AB confirmed that the CRISP team didn’t check the accountability mechanisms of the RIR.

AP said that in some point there was a discussion on the potential role of the NRO NC in reviewing the accountability mechanisms.

JS said that it’d be difficult to move forward on this matter if there is no a clear request to the NRO NC.

AB suggested waiting for the NRO EC request, if any.

JS agreed with AB

LL asked whom ASO AC members were traveling to Singapore.

After a review RS, FA, AB, TF, AK, HG and RP were planning to participate in ICANN meeting in Singapore.

LL suggested working quickly in the agenda for the ASO public session on Wednesday

GV said that the allocated room for the ASO/NRO during ICANN meeting could be used for closed meetings. GV asked to be informed of any meetings so he could keep the control of the room timetables.

AB asked if the room was available for ASO business as well.

GV confirmed that the room was also available for the ASO. GV said he’d maintain the room timetable and share it to the ASO group.

8. ASO AC Travel Plan 2015

LL asked GV if the ASO need to have a consolidated travel plan.

GV said that according to the ASO AC travel procedures the information needs to be prepared. GV asked for any pending information to be submitted to him.

FA said that this year there would be a high demand of participation on various ICANN groups; especially the IANA transition related ones. FA said that there are budget constraints in ICANN so the NRO EC should be aware of this and provide support if need it.

AP acknowledged the situation. AP said that the NRO EC would support the running of business as efficient as possible.

LL suggested FA also to pass a heads up to his region RIR CEO.

9. AOB

AK asked about the appointment of the 4th ASO representative to the CCWG. AK reminded of his willingness to serve in the CCWG.

LL said that the NRO EC considered four representatives to the CCWG. LL reminded that he was part of the group appointed to the CCWG but due to his current workload the declined the invitation.

AP mentioned that the NRO EC was in the process to appoint the fourth representative.

AK asked about the reason his name was not considered as vice-chair in the ASO.

LL said that AB and FY expressed also interest in serving as vice-chairs. LL mentioned that both have been members of the ASO for long time and are familiar with the internal procedures and have established relations with ICANN community.

AK thanked LL for the explanation and expressed his interest to contribute in other roles to the ASO.

LL thanked AK for his support. LL said that he was looking forward to work with AK in any capacity.

AS asked if it was a requirement to have all ASO AC members at the moment to select the vice-chairs.

LL said that it was not a requirement to have all members of the ASO AC in the call. LL reminded that ASO procedures are open for improvement.

AS said he would like to put some text for changes in the ASO procedures

AK agreed to have procedures to guarantee representation and opportunities for all regions.

LL said that the general criteria in the ASO committee are to have representation and voice from all regions.

AK reiterated his willingness to cooperate and take over any responsibility that could be given.

FY said that there was an opportunity of participation in ICANN CCWG in Internet Governance now that Naresh Ajwani left the group.

AK volunteered to participate in ICANN CCWG-IG

FY moved a motion to appoint AK to ICANN CCWG-IG

JS seconded the motion.

There were no oppositions or abstentions and the motion passed.

JS asked for clarification if the motion was to replace Naresh and it was not an addition to.

LL confirmed that the appointment was to replace Naresh position.

FA said that she has been participating of the ICANN academy working group. FA mentioned that the group was going to be a permanent WG and they could have another address community representative in it.

LL suggested to FA and AG, as former member of the WG, to draft a message to the AC-COORD and EC describing the group and looking for the appointment of an ASO AC or RIR staff member.

AS asked if the annual face-to-face meeting was already decided to be in Buenos Aires.

GV confirmed the annual meeting would be in Buenos Aires.

AS suggested to incorporate as part of the ASO procedures to hold the annual meeting in the second ICANN meeting of the year.

JS said that the meeting was subject of the NRO EC approval so the meeting could or not happen.

LL agreed that the annual ASO AC meeting was not automatic so it was difficult to incorporate it to the ASO procedures.

LL asked if there were any points that the ASO AC would like to discuss with ICANN Board in Singapore.

AK volunteered to send a list of topics to be considered as part of the meeting with ICANN Board in Singapore.

10. Adjourn

LL adjourned the meeting at 14:00 UTC.

Action Items

Action Item 150204-01:
GV to remove draft status on the January 7th minutes.

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