Andile Ngcaba

Andile Ngcaba withdrew his candidacy for ICANN Board Seat 10 on 18 February 2019.

In accordance with privacy guidelines, the personal data that was published on this page has been removed. All comments and statements of support that this candidate received during the course of the ASO AC ICANN Board Seat 9/10 Election process remain available below.

For more information about the ASO AC ICANN Board Seat 9/10 Elections, please see here.

If you have any questions about this, please contact the ASO Secretariat at secretariat [at]


Last modified on 04/02/2020


  1. Mike Silber says:

    I have worked with Andile for ~ 18 years. During that time I have always been impressed by Andile’s agile and inquiring mind. We have disagreed many times (often strongly) but I have never lost my respect for his leadership and his clarity – even when we did not agree. In fact, I think Andile’s ability to engage in debate and consider other opinions is one his his greatest strengths.
    I currently serve on a Board of Directors of a not for profit corporation with him, and he displays the qualities one would expect of a non-executive board member.
    Andile is not well known in the numbering community (other than a cameo appearance during the formation of AfriNIC), however he is a worthy candidate with many impressive qualities and warrants your consideration.
    * I will also make comments on other candidates, to the extent my opinions may help you in forming your own.

  2. Vika Mpisane says:

    I’m particularly glad that Andile has accepted nomination for the ICANN Board. I personally think ICANN will benefit from his level-headed, open & consultative leadership that fits hand in glove with ICANN multi-stakeholder model. He’s a passionate comrade who values balance between personal achievement and community development. He’s certainly well equipped for ICANN leadership having been there at the birth and infancy of ICANN and the African and international internet community. In South Africa, the success of the multistakeholder .ZA ccTLD governance and the stable national ICT policy and legislative framework all result from Andile’s diligent, calm and inclusive leadership. His familiarity with the technical, policy and economic side of the Internet will certainly be of great value to further penetration of the Internet, and should help ICANN enhance its contribution to Sustainable Development Goals.

    I will be really honoured to see Andile giving his experience and expertise to the ICANN Board.

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