Ron da Silva

Ron da Silva was selected by the ASO AC to serve on the ICANN Board of Directors for a three-year term from October 2015 – October 2018. He was subsequently selected by the ASO AC to serve a three year term in Seat 9 from October 2018 – October 2021.

Ron da Silva is an executive leader, international board member and internet technology expert.  He brings extensive experience leading network architecture & engineering, internet backbones, broadband networks, cloud infrastructure, and corporate and internet governance. Over twenty (20+) years of proven business experience, culminating in senior executive leadership. NACD certified Board Governance Fellow.

Ron is CEO and Founder of Network Technologies Global LLC, providing Internet, broadband and telecommunications advice and expertise.  He currently serves on the Board of the Internet Association for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).  Ron brings to the Board extensive experience in Internet governance and policy development, financial discipline, broad business acumen and an understanding of cyber-security risk.

Ron was previously the Group Vice President of Network Engineering, Architecture & Technology for Time Warner Cable (acquired by Charter Communications). At TWC he drove major technology initiatives and was responsible for all networking from customer premise to internet peering, access networks, routing, switching, optical and clould infrastructures. During his tenure with the company, Ron led network convergence, constructed a national backbone, oversaw the implementation of IPv6, helped define and implement DOCSIS 3.0/3.1 and many other major network programs.

Ron previous held architecture, engineering and operations roles with America Online and Sprint.  He further served in technical and planning roles for Bauer Compressors in Norfolk, Va. while completing his Bachelor of Science in applied mathematics and English at Old Dominion University.

Ron is well known in the service provider and cable industries and is very active in various industry organizations. He previously served as Chairman of the Advisory Council for American Registry of Internet Numbers, co-chair of the L2TPEXT working group in the Internet Engineering Task Force, member of the Number Resource Organization’s Number Council (aka Address Serving Organization Address Council), is a member of the SCTE, IETF, ISOC, past speaker and participant at NANOG, CableLabs, NCTA.  Ron has experience volunteering on the Board of Directors of various not-for-profit organizations.

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  1. Kris Seeburn says:

    I have no doubts and loads of respect for Ron. IN the RIR meeting we have talked about him and he has beyond any doubt filled in the shoes of the ASO rep on the ICANN board beyond many. He also has the expertise.

  2. Alan Greenberg says:

    As indicated by many of the comments here, Ron has not only been a diligent Board member, but has taken the time to be involved in the various constituent parts of ICANN, something that I believe is essential, but not all that common. I support his reappointment.

  3. Julf Helsingius says:

    While I was initially a candidate as well, seeing Ron is prepared for another term, I was happy to stand down, as I strongly support Ron continuing his excellent work in the board.

  4. Ayden Férdeline says:

    It is with great pleasure that I support Ron da Silva in his bid to be reappointed by the ASO to serve a further term on the ICANN Board. As a board member, he has consistently and positively engaged with non-commercial stakeholders and been both attentive to and understanding of our concerns. I believe he is like this across the ICANN community, working with representatives from all the stakeholder groups to build consensus and to understand their viewpoints. He has both my confidence and my appreciation.

  5. Ron Kaiser says:

    Ron has always been a “thorough listener” and “thoughtful responder” in my conversations with him over the past several years. I can count on him to be objective and persistant with good questions. I welcome perspectives and skills like his to any board that i serve on and am happy to endorse him for continuance on the ICANN board.

  6. Erika Mann says:

    I had the pleasure of working with Ron on the ICANN Board for few year. Even before he was appointed chair of the Finance Committee, Ron’s knowledge in particular in technical and management matters impacted the work of the Board in a very positive way. Ron has a very long and distinguished career in the broader Internet industry environment and in combination with his intensive knowledge about ASO, ARIN and NRO/ASOAC he brings knowledge to the Board that would be otherwise be missing.

    I full heartedly endorse his candidacy for another term on the Board.

  7. Brian Cute says:

    I happily endorse Ron’s re-election to the ICANN Board. I have come to know Ron as an engaging, thoughtful leader who really knows how to listen to various stakeholders. He has demonstrated his commitment to the community and Internet through his first term. We would be well-served to have Ron continue and bring experience and continuity to the Board.

  8. Jan Zorz says:

    I endorse Ron’s candidacy for another term at ICANN’s board. In his previous term he showed much dedication in making the Internet a better place and he was involved in many activities that helped achieving this goal. He’s a great man with a heart at the right place.

    1. Brian Cute says:

      I happily endorse Ron’s candidacy for a second term on the ICANN Board. I have come to know Ron as an engaging, thoughtful leader who really listens to stakeholders. He has demonstrated his commitment to ICANN organization and the community in his first term. ICANN would be very well served from Ron’s experience by his election to a second term.

  9. I strongly endorse Ron da Silva’s candidacy for another term on the ICANN Board of Directors. Ron has the right expertise and professional experience. Ron reaches out easlily and frequently to the different constituencies, is an excellent listener and a strong relations builder.

  10. Steve Crocker says:

    I had the pleasure of working with Ron on the ICANN Board. It was immediately clear he was knowledgeable about both management and technical matters and focused on the strategically important issues. He was at ease with everyone. He quickly earned the trust of his colleagues and was appointed chair of the Finance Committee, one of the senior and sensitive positions. He should definitely continue on the Board, thereby continuing ASO’s tradition of providing ICANN with thoughtful, stable leaders.

  11. Farzaneh Badii says:

    I would like to endorse Ron da Silva candidacy for the ICANN Board’s position.As an ICANN board member, Ron da Silva is exemplary in being responsive and attentive to community issues. He goes out of his way to engage with the ICANN community. Despite the busy schedule of Board, Ron always sought to engage with the Noncommercial Stakeholder Group meetings and outreach activities.

    Farzaneh Badii
    The Chair of Noncommercial Stakeholder Group

  12. Marilyn Cade says:

    Marilyn Cade

    I am pleased to lend my endorsement in support of Ron da Silva to be reappointed by the ASO to serve a further term on the ICANN Board. Ron brings an excellent and deep understanding, and acceptance of the uniqueness of ICANN’s role, while also lending his engagement to the role that ICANN must play in the broader Internet governance ecosystem. Ron is a role model of being an approachable Board member, but, importantly, also demonstrates the importance of understanding the various parts of the ICANN community. I also believe that continuity of some of the Board members, particularly from the technical community who actually come from the community is needed, at a time when many of the more senior and experienced Board members are rotating off the Board. Ron is also one of those technical types, who never criticizes the less technical, but works to improve the understanding of the technical underpinnings and does so in a positive and engaging manner, with respect, but also to ensure that facts are clarified. I especially want to commend that Ron, in addition to his rather impressive engagement in Board activities, has also also demonstrated actively his interest in key community committees at ICANN, including the Budget Working Group, as well as others, where the Board’s attendance in a listening role, is a very important contribution. Ron is an active contributor to IGF-USA – the national IGF Initiative in the US – where he has acted as an individual participant, and has contributed to the important continuation of the engagement of the numbering community in the IGF-USA. I strongly endorse his candidacy for another term on the Board.

  13. I am delighted to add my name and endorsement comments here in support of Ron Da Silva to be reappointed by the ASO to serve a further term on the ICANN Board. I have over the years observed many ICANN Board Members, noting from a Community perspective (and the occasional Nominating Committee view) how effective they are not only in their ‘good governance’ of ICANN, but also in how well they interact with the ICANN Community, both the appointing bodies and the other Advisory Committees, Support Organisation and Groups, as well as taking their measure of their approachability, willingness and frequency of interactions (including most importantly in PDP and Cross Community activities) and of course their understanding of ICANN’s functions, Core Values and Mission, as well as how much they hold the Communities *trust* and *respect*.

    Ron from my point of view and observations has been an exemplary performer on the ICANN Board, does hold the trust and respect of the wider ICANN Community, is approachable, helpful and an effective and willing communicator and of course comes with much needed technical expertise and experience.

    He has been a true pleasure to work with and at a time when Board experience and history is important to ICANN would be an ideal person to continue in the ASO representative role.

  14. Paul Vixie says:

    In any room full of Internet technology people, Ron is always thought of as “the sane one”. He knows when he’s speaking in a personal capacity and when he’s representing his profession or his company, and it is always worth asking him what he thinks and why. His mind can be changed by new information. ARIN’s history would have had more drama and less glory if Ron had not dedicated so much time to it.

  15. Warren Kumari says:

    I have known and worked with Ron da Silva in various capacities for around 20 years. During this time I have always been impressed by his technical skills, knowledge, experience, and ability to work through the tough issues. He has great leadership skills and leads by finding or building consensus. I believe that he is doing a great job representing the ASO on the ICANN board.
    I am more than happy to endorse him.

  16. Jon Nevett says:

    I wholeheartedly endorse Ron Da Silva’s re-election to the ICANN Board.

    We are entering a period where the average tenure of ICANN Board members is at a low point and Board members with a history with ICANN finances is of paramount importance. More importantly, Ron has been a great Board member. He is thoughtful, intelligent, easy going, and hard working. While we don’t agree on every issue, he is open to understanding various viewpoints and approaches issues with an open mind. He possesses the most important and best qualities of a successful ICANN Board member.

    I join the chorus of folks endorsing him without hesitation.

  17. Ron da Silva has earned my endorsement through demonstrated dedication, not just to the numbers community, but the Internet community at-large. His professional accomplishments are indeed sufficient to earn my personal endorsement, but it’s his other traits that have earned these endorsements on behalf of ICANNWiki and ISOC-DC. At both organizations, we believe in the importance of giving a voice to all community members and work hard to ensure that this happens. When I was new to the Internet governance space, Ron took the time to help me understand what was happening, introduced me to other community members, and generally facilitated my growth in the space. This willingness to help others and make ICANN a welcoming space makes Ron a great example of the type of leader that we need on the Board. I am very pleased to endorse Ron for continued service to the community as a Board member and believe that it will be a great benefit to the community as a whole.

  18. I have known Ron from my nine years on the ARIN Board of Trustees. He is calm, he listens, he is mature, and he makes an excellent board member. More of his kind are needed. I warmly recommend voting for his continuing on the ICANN Board.

  19. vint cerf says:

    Ron da Silva has established a solid reputation as an ICANN Board member, serving now as chair of the finance committee. He established a similarly fine record in his work for ARIN as chair of the Advisory Council. He has a long and constructive record of technical work in our industry and knows the Internet ecosystem well. I strongly endorse his candidacy for another term on the Board.

  20. Besides being a good professional, Ron has been very active during his term in the Board, always concerned with motivating and facilitating that the ICANN community, including the Board, engages and learns more about the numbers community. He has been instrumental in maintaining these groups close and communicated to each other, as well as very active in other matters that are important to the whole Internet community.

  21. My interaction with Ron has been in my capacity as the Chair and now current secretariat of NARALO. He has been one of the few ICANN Board members who had a genuine interest in the community participation at ICANN and we exchanged a number of tangible ideas for the NOMCOM review which I was a past participant. I also know Ron through our MOU with ARIN and our General Assembly in New Orleans last year which saw again Ron’s genuine interest in stimulating discussion on all levels of the ICANN ecosystem. Also I have seen Ron in action in his active involvement with IGF USA in Washington.
    Ron is a determined and dedicated member of the community beyond his inherent technical skillsets. He combines solid technical expertise with a high level of emotional intelligence. It’s my pleasure to endorse him

    onfidence and my appreciation.

  22. Bill Woodcock says:

    Ron’s work leading the ARIN Advisory Council and in the NRO/ASOAC has been invaluable. Ron has been an exemplary advocate for the interests of the Internet Numbers community and the global community of Internet users more generally. Ron’s excellent judgment and depth of experience are an asset to any board. I heartily endorse his candidacy for his incumbent seat on the ICANN board. He has my confidence and my appreciation.

  23. PAUL WILSON says:

    During his term on Seat 9 of the ICANN Board of Directors, since September 2015, Ron da Silva was done an excellent job on behalf of the ASO, with outstanding professionalism and dedication. He is ideally suited to continue in this position, given the quality of his service to date, as well as his outstanding qualifications as a technical and business expert, his previous service on the ASO Address Council, and his extensive record of involvement in the ARIN and NANOG communities.

  24. ​Re:​Applicant Mr. Ron da Silva

    To whom it may concern:

    ​I wholeheartedly endorse Mr. Da Silva.

    ​I met and have come to know Mr. Da Silva within the ICANN context.

    Mr. Da Silva’s notable technical skills are complemented by great interpersonal skills, a rich general culture, and a willingness to engage and volunteer in tasks large and small without much hesitation: from well-respected ICANN Board Member to just another guy in the ICANN Community Band (GEMS).

    I can confidently and without hesitation predict that he shall excel in any endeavor he undertakes.

    ​Javier Rúa-Jovet

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