Krishna Seeburn (Kris)

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  1. Theo Geurts says:

    I’ve worked with Kris for some time now in the RDS WG, not the easiest WG on the planet for sure.

    And it has been a pleasure. Kris is dedicated, supportive and has a lot of knowledge. A good team player for sure, which is crucial in my opinion.

    In short the right person for the right spot.

  2. Niel Harper says:

    I have known Kris for 7 years, and during this time I have come to respect and admire him tremendously as an
    outstanding leader with in the realms of Internet governance & policy, cybersecurity, and enterprise governance, risk and control (GRC). During the time I have known him, I have been amazed by Kris’ deep intellect, broad worldview and ability to build and foster relationships. He has also contributed his broad array of competencies to the community through his participation on the AFRINIC Board, The New Security Foundation Advisory Council, ISACA Government and Regulatory Advocacy Committee, ISO ICT Standards Development, and other areas. I have the deepest personal and professional respect for Kris, and strongly maintain that he will bring his unique energy, optimism, passion, and strong work ethic to the ICANN ASO.

  3. Mukom says:

    I’ve known Kris for over 8 years as a professor, board member and active member in Africa’s Internet governance scene. He brought highly professional and much needed skills to the board and helped others see what could be better.

    He was also very engaged with the community thus bridging the chasm that typically exists between boards and constituents. How do I know? …because as I’ve travelled far and wide in Africa, I’ve found people who know him by name in pretty much every African country I’ve visited.

  4. Owen DeLong says:

    Kris has been a friend, a mentor, and a strong contributor to the development of the internet for many years. I think he would be an excellent addition to the icann board and I wholeheartedly endorse and support his election to this position.

  5. Fouad Bajwa says:

    I have had the opportunity to work and interact with Kris on a number of occasions at ICANN. He brings important skills and credentials to the ICANN community. I have been a keen follower of his work in the AFRINIC community and while serving on its board for as long as he could. I fully support Kris for this ICANN board position and feel that he makes a strong candidate while carrying both the skills and credentials that the responsibility needs one to display. I wish him all the best!

  6. Hi all !
    I too fully support Kris Seeburn at this position. He really deserve it. And our region RIR, AfriNIC, is well known for its engagement and efficient work done on PDPs, Kris is a discrete part of this success. I warmly think that, it is the moment for him to give more and more of him again and again for the good of ICANN community. Such an integrated person is very rare by these tome …
    En plus, Kris est polyglotte. Kudos to Kris Seeburn !!!

  7. Kris Seeburn says:

    I am going for the seat not to ruin my colleagues status and it is Ron da-Silva. He is a worthy person who has fought for the RIRs / ASO. I beyond any doubt think he is worthy. But i decided to come up because i’ve had a similar experience with Afrinic on the reserves and how money and projects and so much went wrong for some times. Obviously i have the most respect for Allen as much as Adiel they have done their share. But the board in any company has Fiduciary duties. Bottom up no doubts but its time to revisit how ICANN financials work. I’ve worked for the top 4 anyways involved in Financials, Audit and technical. That is what i want to bring to ICANN than see it roll back and bailed by the USA government. My intentions are very clear and i’ve always worked that way.

  8. I have known Kris as a member of AFRINIC board and he has shown a high level knowledge of the office he held previously at AFRINIC.
    He is very resourceful and I highly recommend him for this position.

  9. Sander Steffann says:

    I know Kris from when he was on the Afrinic board. He is a dedicated and knowledgeable participant in the global internet community, and his experience would be of great value to the ICANN board. I therefore fully support his application.

  10. I met Kris for the first time five years ago and it looks like we’ve known each other for a long time the current has come with his cordial and friendly nature. He is an integrated person who respects the word given. He represented once me for a vote and he has voted for the motion even if he was against it. He is already active in ICANN structures (At Large and GNSO among others) and has already proven his ability particularly as a member of Board of director of AFRINIC. This board position on the ICANN Board fit to him.

  11. Chuck Gomes says:

    I hope that it is okay for someone who is not an At-Large participant to comment. I am commenting as a long time participant in ICANN and the current chair of the Next Generation Registration Directory Services PDP WG.

    I will let Kris’s credentials speak for themselves. Instead I want to comment on one of the things that is a critical area of ICANN’s responsibilities, policy development. Having directors on the ICANN Board who have had first hand experience in policy development can be a big asset. Kris has been an active and constructive participant in the RDS PDP WG, one of the most challenging policy development efforts in all of ICANN’s history. He has demonstrated good communication skills, has shown that he works well with others even when there is disagreement, and he has expertise in multiple areas that are very relevant to ICANN’s mission.

    On this basis, I believe that he would be a strong asset on the ICANN board.

  12. Daniel K. Nanghaka says:

    I highly recommend Kris for ICANN Board, I have known him as an important resource and provided constructive feedback and whose opinions matter in the current development of ICT and Technology. With his vast skills and experience, he has been key in mentoring young leaders selflessly with adequate knowledge and proffessional advice.

  13. I worked with Kris on the Afrinic Board for 6years. During this period, he showed dedication and demonstrated utmost professionalism. He would be useful on the ASO.


  14. Nigel Titley says:

    I have worked with Kris for a number of years in his capacity on the board of Afrinic. (I’m the Chairman of the RIPE NCC board). Kris has always been a sane and rational voice on the Afrinic board, able to steer a path through the somewhat rocky journeys of African politics. I was deeply saddened when he lost his board seat. I would strongly support his application for the ninth seat on the ICANN board.


    In my personal opinion, Kris has all the qualities that deserve this kind of promotion.
    He is one of the resourceful people who is retained as a speaker at our upcoming sessions on computer security in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
    His curriculum is very expressive and deserves a lot of considerations.

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