Nurani Nimpuno

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  1. Lena Hägglöf says:

    Nurani Nimpuno has been a valued and trusted participant on government delegations at the ITU Plenipotentiary conference in Busan 2014, and on several Internet Governance Forums. On these occasions Nurani has shown understanding of policy aspects in technical matters, effective communication skills and sound judgement. I believe she will be a good representative for her constituency on the ICANN board and I support her candidacy.

  2. I would like to strongly support Nurani’s nomination to the open ICANN board seat. She has the right or even perfect experience for the task and she is a true community builder. On top of that she is an Internet governance expert, and very passionate about Internet development and governance as well as understanding the technology. We meet quite often in her role with Netnod.

    Her understanding of both the Internet’s technical aspects as well as Internet governance and public policy issues, outreach and capacity building is a truly valuable asset for anyone working with Nurani. I stand behind her all the way as a valuable member of the ICANN Board.

  3. Like many who have worked with her, or met her at one of many industry events she has attended, I think Nurani would be a great addition to the ICANN’s board.

    Not only does she have an impressive knowledge of the internet ecosystem thanks to her background and current engagements, but she also has the ability to quickly grasp new and complex issues – whether they are technical or social.

    My interactions with her have always been very enjoyable and fruitful and I am therefore happy to provide her with my unreserved support for this nomination.

  4. Danny Aerts says:

    I fully support Nurami’s nomination. She will be an excellent board member with broad understanding of the internet governance landscape and the different communities needs and values. I really think she is a perfect candidate.

  5. I fully support Nurani’s nomination to the ICANN Board. Comments posted above amply document her technical competence, general knowledge of the issues and her remarkable level of expertise. I can only confirm them.

    But I would like to offer here a complementary perspective, regarding the human qualities demanded from ICANN Board members and what she would bring in that regard. The ICANN Board is a collegial entity and a body in the service of a global community. It demands selflessness, dedication, respect for others, a capacity to see the larger picture and a deep, constant, and personal commitment to serve the global public interest and foster consensus. It is a service to the world and requires to be able to see beyond the interests of any particular group, however legitimate.

    In all my interactions with Nurani in more than 10 years now, I have measured how sincerely and profoundly she embodies these values. Her presence on the Board would not only bring competence, it would also bring a spirit and a principled approach that are essential to its functioning and the fulfilment of its important mission. Furthermore, she would both have a calming influence because of her thoughtfulness and drive people to efficiency, and this is a rare combination.

    The ICANN community would greatly benefit from her designation.

  6. Nurani would be a fantastic asset to the ICANN board.
    Her agreeable personality and open mind always makes her very pleasant to work with.
    She has a deep understanding of the internet ecosystem and has always shown a very strong capacity to understand every facet of complex issues, be they technical or social.

  7. Östen Frånberg says:

    I fully support Nurani´s nomination. I have known Nurani over 10 years from the contacts she had with ISOC-SE. I have viewed her result from internet governance and Internet reports. She has extremely clear and pedagogic in the material she has presented. She is also bright and sees the important stuff in complex material, and she isn’t afraid to pick it up and bring it on the table. She is also a strong voice in the Swedish internet community! Aging I strongly recommend her as member of the ICANN Board

  8. Cathy Aronson says:

    I originally worked with Nurani 15 or so years ago when she was the Internet Address Policy Manager at RIPE NCC. We worked together on many policy issues. Nurani is very active in internet governance and and IP address policy. She is easy to work with, technically knowledgeable, and has deep ties in the Internet community. In addition Nurani also has direct experiences which give her the knowledge to navigate the politics as well. I believe that Nurani will be an excellent addition to the ICANN Board!

  9. Having worked with Nurani for more than a decade, I confidently recommend her for the ICANN Board and believe she would contribute positively and constructively to the organization. Nurani possesses the right blend of technical knowledge, business acumen and policy development experience to serve ICANN, its staff, and its global constituency well. Given the pending IANA transition and need for experienced, steady hands to help complete the ongoing processes, Nurani would be a sound choice for the Board and I wholeheartedly support her candidacy.

  10. Emma Frost says:

    I would like to support Nurani’s candidacy and agree with all the positive comments already made by so many people from the community.

    Nurani is a dedicated and hard working individual and would be a great asset to the board. I believe she would bring great integrity, and due to this, would also bring support for any work that she is involved in.

  11. Wim DEGEZELLE says:

    Nurani’s broad experience, knowledge and deep involvement in the community have been rightly described by the previous submissions. I fully endorse each of them.
    In addition, I want to highlight that I know Nurani as an open and accessible person. This is an essential quality and attitude that can make the difference between a good and excellent Board member.
    I fully support Nurani’s candidacy.

  12. Lynn St.Amour says:

    I have worked with Nurani for over 15 years. Her broad and international experience in policy, communications, and community building, combined with her technical knowledge has enabled her to make many significant contributions to the governance of the Internet and its development globally. She has held key roles in virtually every major Internet Governance initiative over the last fifteen years.

    Nurani’s understanding of the Internet community, its principles and processes would be a great asset to the ICANN Board, particularly given the pending IANA transition and continual need to focus on acting in the public interest. She is an extremely principled person, and a strong bridge builder who is very adept at working cross-community. Nurani is one of the “go to” people in the Internet Community. I support her candidacy, and believe she would be a real asset to the ICANN Board.

  13. Amar Andersson says:

    Nuranis long experience with Internet governance, combined with her technical knowledge, is a rare asset. She has always been working for fairness and transparency in all of the things she has been involved in. I fully support her nomination and think she will is a great candidate for the ICANN board.

  14. Thomas King says:

    Nurani and I have worked in different I* communities such as IETF, Euro-IX, RIPE etc. Her commitment to push these I* communities to the next level was/is always impressive.

    I believe Nurani is a perfect candidate for the ICANN board.

  15. I definitely support Nurani´s nomination. I’ve had the privilege to work with Nurani in ISOC-SE.

    Nurani’s qualifications and personal abilities has already been laid out in detail. I support the positives things that has been said.

    Let me just add that Nurani – when it comes to internet governance – is very good at bridging the gap between insiders and outsiders. She can explain complicated policy issues in a way people understand. And her open attitude gets people engaged. We need more of that in the internet community!

  16. Timothy McGinnis says:

    Nurani would be an important and extraordinarily useful resource as an ICANN Board Member. As others have commented, I have watched fulfill ever increasingly responsible Internet Governance roles for the Internet technical community. This has given her a global perspective on Internet policy issues as well as a deep understanding of technical infrastructure administration issues and the diplomatic skills neccesary to succeed in this position.

    I wholeheartedly support Nurani’s candidacy and election to the ICANN Board.

  17. Mervi Kultamaa says:

    I have known Nurani for several years from various UN meetings on internet governance. She is warm, people-oriented professional who works constructively across stakeholder groups and interests. Nurani has contributed to successful results in challenging circumstances where one has to find the smallest common nominator from between different views and positions. I fully support Nurani´s nomination.

  18. It’s more than 10 years that I know Nurani and I saw her incredible professional growth during the time. She’s prepared, active, willing to contribute and to cooperate with the others, always smiling even in the more delicate situations. She’s a strong person always able to give efficient and punctual contributes to the community. I’m sure we all will have benefits having her within the ICANN board, and I fully support Nurani’s nomination for the next ICANN board election.

  19. Jeanette Hofmann says:

    I am glad that somebody as skilled and socially competent as Nurani is willing to serve on the ICANN board; a position that requires a lot of time and absorbes a significant part of one’s working time. I have known Nurani for a decade or so and can only confirm what all her supporters said before. She is a very attentive participant and also a very good translater between the technical and the non-technical worlds coming together in Internet governance. She would be a board member I would fully trust to act with integrity and responsibility.

  20. Gordon Lennox says:

    I feel I am a little late to the party. Much has already been said by people I know and respect about the qualities that Nurani would bring to this position. I feel no need to simply repeat what has already been said by them. But I too fully support Nurani’s candidacy for the ICANN Board.

  21. I fully support Nurani’s candidacy for the ICANN Board.
    I knew her about 10 years ago within Euro-IX and since then I appreciate her strong capacity of community builder, in any contest she operates.
    In addition to her competence and skills I really like her empathy that is very important in each community, also focused on tech aspects.

  22. Sander Steffann says:

    Nurani has been an active member of the RIPE community, where she has done a lot of good work. All the praise I could give her has already been given above by others so instead of repeating them I will just voice my agreement. Nurani is very competent and I wholeheartedly support her nomination.

  23. Desiree Miloshevic says:

    I have known Nurani for more than a decade in her various roles at RIPE NCC, APNIC and NetNod as well as I worked with her more closely in the Internet governance arena. I support her candidacy and believe she will be a great addition to the ICANN Board from the numbers community. She has stamina and will bring the necessary policy, technical and business expertise.

  24. Andrei Robachevsky says:

    Nurani is a long-time passionate member of the Internet technical community with the excellent knowledge and understanding of its history, culture, values and needs. I had several opportunities to work together with her and know her as a strong actionable and experienced leader. I support Nurani’s nomination.

  25. Lesley Cowley says:

    I’ve not got a lot to add to the many other statements of support, but agree that she is a strong candidate who would do a great job!

  26. Dmitry Burkov says:

    Nurani is a good candidate for ICANN Board.
    I support her nomination.

  27. Putting tech to one side – which Nurani has been immersed in for her career thus far. I would like to focus on her convening power and empathy.

    In this environment, the most important qualities are those human qualities which allow the academic understanding of subject authority and achievement but also those elements which are about bringing people together and mediator and diplomacy.

    Nurani provides a valuable link within the extremely talented community which creates synergy and cooperation.

    She’s the right person for the job and has my unreserved support.

  28. Carlos Friacas says:

    I fully support Nurani’s nomination.
    The several roles she had within the (global) community along the years prove she is a good candidate.

  29. Niall Murphy says:

    I fully support Nurani’s nomination. She’s got what it takes.

  30. Mike Blanche says:

    I support Nurani’s candidacy for the ICANN Board. Her knowledge and experience in many areas of internet governance, wide respect within the community, and commitment to the multistakeholder model will I believe bring great value to the ICANN Board.

  31. Nurani would make an excellent addition to the ICANN Board. She is without doubt one of the most principled people I have had the pleasure of working with in the Internet community.

    Her committment to the development of effective and inclusive policy for the future of the Internet has been demonstrated over many years, not only in her everyday work but also in the various community organisations and committees she has contributed hugely to. It’s this community work, in particular, that makes her an ideal candidate for Seat 10 on the ICANN board. It takes a particular type of personality and intellect to work progressively and positively with often dispirate views and Nurani has proven, beyond doubt, that she has these skills in huge amounts.

    Her diplomatic and personable approach to resolving issues and seeing complex challenges to their successful resolution will make her an invaluable contributor to the ICANN Board.

    I fully support Nurani’s nomination for this ICANN board seat.

  32. Jorma Mellin says:

    I fully support Nurani’s candidacy for the ICANN Board. She has in-depth experience from various Internet issues as well as excellent presentation and social skills. I’ve being enjoying working with Nurani for years, she’s truly an Internet citizen and professional who is respected worldwide.

  33. Christoffer Karsberg says:

    As former Head of Section at the Swedish telecom regulator, part of the Swedish delegation at WSIS and active in IGF, I have been working with Nurani for several years in the internet governance area. My first impression of her is that she has an eye for people. She is very social and at the same time humble and she recognizes and gives attention to people. She is creative and she makes things happen. Her knowledge and competence in technical and policy aspects of the internet governance area is unquestionable. She is also bright and sees the important stuff in complex materia, and she isn’t afraid to put the tricky questions on the table. As member of the ICANN Board, ICANN and the internet community would get a valuable resource. I would highly recommend her.

  34. Christina Chu says:

    I strongly support Nurani to be the seat 10 of the ICANN board. ICANN will benefit from her expertise and leadership.

    I have known Nurani for years and have the pleasure to see her in action in various conferences. She is Internet savvy, technical as well as governance. She is articulate and gives good speeches. She is friendly and fun to work with. I have confidence that the Internet community will benefit from her service in ICANN.

  35. Nurani is a team player! We served together in the CSTD Working Group on IGF Improvement and she trucked me as a dependable defender of the bottom-up consensus driven multi-stakeholder approach of Internet governance. She has passion, intellect and dexterity to handle the multi-tasking and maturity workload requirement of being a board member of ICANN, most especially the post-IANA ICANN.

    I support Nurani’s nomination to the open ICANN Board seat.

  36. Gert Döring says:

    I fully support Nurani’s nomination and appointment to seat 10 on the ICANN Board of Directors.

    I’ve worked with her on internet policy matters for over 16 years (RIPE, APNIC, Netnod, etc.) and know that she really understands all aspects coming into play. With the work on the ICANN transition, she has gathered experience with long-winded ICANN political processes – and since that hasn’t scared her away, I’m sure she’ll do a great job on the ICANN board.

  37. I’ve known Nurani for several years via her role with NetNod.
    She’s a hard-worker, with deep knowledge of both the technical, business and policy aspects of the internet.
    I feel that she would be a very good representative on the ICANN Board and that they would benefit greatly from her presence and her skillset.

  38. Nurani is one of the most skilled and “sensible” people I have worked with in the internet governance sector. I first met Nurani at one of the early IGFs when she was working at APNIC. Later I had the opportunity work with her closely when we both served on the CSTD Working Group on IGF Improvements. She has the capacity to deal extremely well with situations in which there are conflicting views and interests. She is a person of great integrity, and approaches problems rationally, and analytically, and always listens to the views of others with respect and a genuine will to understand where they are coming from. Her approach to difficult situations is always constructive and solution oriented. Her experience of working in different parts of the world, her base in the technical community combined with her experience in policy work will makes her, in my view, an ideal ICANN board member.

  39. LARS LUNDGREN says:

    I strongly recommend Nurani for this position. I worked with Nurani in the board of the Internet Society Sweden Chapter where her competence and international experience in the Internet governance area was of great value to our work in Sweden. I also experienced Nurani is also a very pleasant and constructive person to work with.

  40. Constanze Bürger says:

    Nurani is an ideal candidate for the Board of ICANN. She has many years of experience in the Internet technical, political community and is a wonderful colleague. I support Nurani nomination for the ICANN Board.

  41. Maria Hall says:

    I fully support Nurani’s candidacy for the ICANN Board!
    She has been doing a great work on the international Internet Governance arena for many years! She has been an important representant for the the bottom up, open and inclusive multi-stakeholder process but also a strong voice from our swedish internet community! I have been lucky to work with her for many years on different arenas and she has always contributed with sane and clear ideas! Always with energy and passion! I absolutely know she will do a fantastic work at the ICANN Board! Go, Nurani, go!! :-D

  42. Michuki Mwangi says:

    I have known Nurani for at least 10 years. During this period, she has been at the forefront of supporting various Internet development initiatives. Her tenacity and contributions thus far exemplify the real meaning of collaboration.

    Nurani is an asset to the I* community and pays close attention to issues that affect the Internet. It is for this reasons that I support Nurani’s candidacy to the ICANN Board.

  43. Jan Flodin says:

    I absolutely support Nurani’s nomination. I got to know her both in her capacity at NETNOD and when she served as board member at the Internet Society Sweden Chapter, where I served as chairman. I am impressed with her insight in both technology and Internet Governance matters in a broad sense. Her international personal network in the Internet Community is outstanding. Despite her full time work at NETNOD, she devoted time and engagement to our society and really delivered to make a difference. With her positive and cooperative attitude, it was a pleasure to work with her on different matters.

  44. Remco van Mook says:

    I strongly support Nurani’s nomination for one of the ASO seats on the ICANN board. Her knowledge about and network within the numbering community are second to none, and her years of work on behalf of this community in the internet governance space, notably the IGF MAG and co-chairing the CRISP team have done us all a major service.

  45. Ole Jacobsen says:

    Nurani would make an ideal candidate for the ICANN board. She has many years of experience in the Internet technical and policy community. I support Nurani’s nomination for the ICANN board.

  46. Bijal Sanghani says:

    Nurani has always been a pleasure to engage/interact with.

    Her concise communications and ability to translate the complex into something that is understandable by all stakeholders solicits ‘buy in’ from a wide and varied audience which drives the innovation and collaboration that makes the i* community thrive. It’s hard to find someone who has such a broad range of skills and experience in the community.

    Her personal style and technical skills would be an asset to the ICANN board and I fully support her nomination.

  47. Nick Hilliard says:

    Nurani would be an ideal candidate for this position. She draws on a vast wealth of experience in Internet governance and an uncommon level of common sense, rationality and expertise in the area. I’ve known her for many years and have worked with her on several occasions. I fully support her candidacy for appointment to seat 10 on the ICANN board.

  48. Martin Hannigan says:

    Nurani has demonstrated an ability to serve the Internet community beyond reproach. I’ve been privileged to observe her participation and in particular, her leadership organizing the CRIPS team. As a past leader of the ASO nomination committee working to appoint candidates to seats 9 and 10, it a rare opportunity that candidates as qualified as this group and Nurani are presented.

    I fully support Nurani’s nomination and appointment to seat 10 on the ICANN Board of Directors.

  49. Seiichi Kawamura says:

    I fully support Nurani’s nomination to the ICANN board. She has put in a lot of effort and time for the internet community in many fields such as operations, governance, registries, etc. She has deep knowledge of critical resources of the internet, and is talented in collaborating with both technical and non-technical bodies.

  50. Antonio Godinho says:

    Nurani is a person of great character and would be a good choice for the ICANN board. I first met Nurani in my interaction with Netnod and Euro-IX as I also run an IXP. I think she has also done a great job with the CRISP team.

  51. Joe Abley says:

    I have known and worked with Nurani for the better part of two decades. Her experience and background in technology and in policy speak for themselves, and the wide list of organisations that have benefited from her involvement help illustrate her adaptability and range.

    Nurani has the rare talent of being able to draw people with no existing context or background into complicated topics as contributors and participants, and to do so sensitively and well. She invites people into conversations so that their perspectives can be heard, and builds communities without preaching.

    We need people with these skills as ambassadors for ICANN, and as thought leaders to help guide the Internet’s growth and future development. I struggle to think of any better person to do the job than Nurani, and I whole-heartedly support her nomination to the ICANN board.

  52. Emily Taylor says:

    Nurani would be a first-rate candidate for the ICANN board. She has a broad and deep knowledge of Internet Governance issues, from infrastructure to content, from bits and bytes to human rights. She has a lot of range – from mastering technical detail, to moderating a panel discussion.

    I first met Nurani when we were colleagues on the IGF MAG, and subsequently worked with her in relation to Internetdagarna and the Stockholm Internet Forum. Nurani is always calm, professional and well informed. Her opinions are considered and worth listening to. She is also great company and a pleasure to work with.

  53. Avri Doria says:

    I have worked in projects and groups with Nurani for many years now and always found her voice to be one of most principled and rational. She knows how to listen and to help people find their way to consensus without abandoning principle. I think she has a personality that will allow her to fit in with the Board while also having a chance to avoid being drawn into the group-think that sometimes is exhibited in that institution. I also think she will be able to bring the perspective of the Numbers community to the Board while adhering to the Board’s mandate of deciding on what is best for ICANN and the Internet in the larger sense.

    While I am not of Numbers or of the ASO, I recommend you give her careful consideration and vote her onto the Board.

  54. John Souter says:

    I fully support Nurani’s candidacy for the ICANN Board. She brings a wealth of experience and common sense, and has a wonderful way of dealing with the often complicated politics of our sector.

  55. Nurani is a person every organization would like to have on board, as she is dedicated, focused and committed, but also enjoyable to work with. She is an active member in the Internet community for ages, I know her personally for at least ten years. Her expertise is unique as she has the rare knowledge to span the gap between political, commercial and technical aspects of the Internet as a whole. I fully support Nurani’s candidacy for the ICANN board.

  56. Nurani has provided very insightful ideas and suggestions for the African marketplace to ensure that the correct policies are implemented from day 1. I definitely support her nomination to the board and see her as a strategic candidate to guide our market in the future

  57. George Michaelson says:

    I have worked with Nurani across her time at the RIPE NCC, as a member of the APNIC staff, and subsequently in her role at Netnod. At all times she has shown herself capable, focussed and motivated. She has a good understanding of public interest governance, and a strong commitment to the multi-stakeholder and inclusive processes. She is a fluent speaker, cogent and easy to follow.

    Nurani is well known in the RIR, IETF and i* community and will be able to reflect views from these sectors by her understanding of the issues, and ongoing participation in their activity. Nurani can be relied on to fulfill the obligations of a board member.

    I’m delighted to support her candidacy.

  58. Shane Kerr says:

    Nurani has been involved with Internet governance for many years, and has consistently supported the principles of the RIRs and generally worked towards making the Internet a better place. I trust her completely to represent the best interests of the address community and all Internet users at the board of ICANN.

  59. Christian Kaufmann says:

    I know Nurani since many years and have worked with her in many roles, as Customer, as a Board member, as a Colleague in the RIPE community and in the IGF environment. In all this roles she has shown the highest level of professionalism and integrety.
    Her knowledge and expertise in the I* and IGF environment is second to none. As am member of the technical and numbers community I would be delighted to know that Nurani is representing us at the ICANN board.

    I fully support Nurani’s candidacy for the ICANN Board.

  60. Eva Örnberg says:

    All the work Nurani has done within the Internet community makes her a perfect person for the ICANN Board. Her great experience and knowledge about Names and Numbers, all the way from her work at the RIRs until today at Netnod, is unique. I have known Nurani for many years and think she is a very intelligent, efficient and likable person with a huge network within the Internet Community, all this would contribute to and benefit the ICANN Board.
    I fully support Nurani’s candidacy for, and election to, a seat on the ICANN Board.

  61. Salam Yamout says:

    Nurani is the voice of reason…

    First, she is fully knowledgeable in the technical aspects of names and numbers, as demonstrated through her leadership along Izumi Okutani of the CRISP team… I am not going to dwell on that because her biography clearly reveals the technical aspect of her qualifications.

    I want to stress the human and social aspects of the nomination. Nurani is a firm believer in the bottom up, open and inclusive multi-stakehoder process. She always avail herself to support the cause and help others; taking the time to listen, reflect, and contribute… often taking from her own personal time… She is a fine negotiator and consensus builder, and this makes her nomination so valuable at this time.

    Therefore, I fully support Nurani’s candidacy for the ICANN Board.

  62. Stacy Hughes says:

    To state that Nurani Nimpuno is an expert in International Internet Governance would be not only accurate, it would be stating it mildly. Nurani’s extensive experience in both the Names and Numbers communities, from APNIC’s Registration Services to her work with Netnod and i.root, and into the realm of International Internet Governance fora, gives her a crucial broad perspective on our global Internet.
    I fully support Nurani’s candidacy for, and election to, a seat on the ICANN Board.

  63. Rob Evans says:

    Nurani is an excellent representative of the technical and numbers communities within the Internet governance arena as her work in the CRISP Team has illustrated. I believe Nurani is a perfect candidate for the ICANN board.

  64. Nigel Titley says:

    I have worked with Nurani for many years. Her commitment to bottom up Internet Governance, her energy and attention to detail are second to none. I would like to heartily support her in standing for the ICANN board.

  65. Nurani is a rare person within the I* community. She’s consistently provided the global Internet community with excellent support, both via the employment positions she has held, along with the community support and committee work she’s so excellently contributed too.

    Nurani’s latest roll as vice-chair of the CRISP Team showed just how valuable she is in an area that the ASO/NRO values deeply. She has shepherded the proposals and paperwork for the Internet numbers community handing of the upcoming IANA transition with gusto and gravitas. Her work (along with the other vice-chair and committee members) showed ICANN just how a transition process should be handled. Efficiently and on time. If you consider just that one involvement along, you would instantly elect her to the ICANN board!

    However there’s more. Nurani’s past work within the RIR community allows her to bring to the table the depth of knowledge, appropriate history and vast community connections that would provide her with a perfect base in order to handle the requirements of an ICANN board seat.

    I support Nurani’s nomination to this open 2016 ICANN board seat.

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