Johan Helsingius

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  1. Erik Evrard says:

    I’ve worked many years with Johan – he was my direct superior at one of Europe’s pioneer ISPs. In addition to a long experience from the community, Johan will bring also significant management experience that would be most essential to the ASO position on the ICANN board! I believe that this makes him a candidate who sticks out.

  2. Torbjørn Ose says:

    Having worked with Johan in the past I know him as one of those rare people who seems as much at home at the C level as among the commoners. His Internet experience is nearly unmatched from the very early days through boom, bust and back to entrepreneurship. He knows just about everyone who built the Internet. He has not spent years in the various Internet organizations allowing him to bring new thoughts and views. He will do a good job in that 10th ICANN board seat.

  3. Aleksi Suhonen says:

    Johan Helsingius has started driving several important issues in Internet technology and privacy a decade or more before they have become widely recognized. I am sure he will continue to do so and as such he will be an asset to the ICANN board.

  4. Barry Shein says:

    I’ve known Julf for more years than I care to admit. He’s very smart and actually understands the underlying technology at issue which would be useful. Of course, many people imagine they understand this technology but Julf actually does. He’s also a very reasonable person and his primary interest I am sure is to make this global internet ecology work better for everyone, something he has been committed to all the years I’ve known him. You really can’t do better.

  5. Anthony Stone says:

    If luck is when opportunity meets preparation, then ICANN is very lucky to have the opportunity to confirm a board candidate who is so well prepared for the responsibility, Johan Helsingius. Julf is not only one of the internet’s original ISP pioneers who understands all the technical and policy issues of today, he’s also a concerned global citizen. I’ve watched him skillfully navigate the rough seas of organizational change in fragmented, culturally diverse, rapidly growing international companies. In that environment he earned everyone’s respect across the entire spectrum of shareholders, corporate management, employees and customers because he has the finely tuned skill of knowing when to compromise and when to lead. This is what ICANN needs now. Furthermore, his EFF award and decades of volunteer activities on behalf of new young internet pioneers prove his life-long commitment to social responsibility in the technical community. I wholeheartedly recommend Johan Helsingius for ICANN board seat 10. Carpe diem.

  6. Pasi Hurri says:

    Johan is uniquely qualified to serve at ICANN board and ASO, with his vast experience from the very beginnings of the Internet all the way to today’s IoT/spime world. His views come with perfect explanatory power and authority, and extend from technical to political, while not excluding philosophical questions which our rapidly emerging digital world now faces.

  7. Rich Salz says:

    It’s great to see someone with such interest in privacy on this list! I heartily support him.

  8. David Cake says:

    I’ve served on the GNSO Council with Johan, and I have no reservations at all in recommending him as a board candidate. He has been consistently knowledgeable on the broad range of ICANNs activities and functions, has shown such a broad range of skills (particularly technical and business) that he is able to add to almost every discussion, is always engaged and constructive in all council discussions, and has shown, thanks to both strong interpersonal skills and a broad range of experience, the ability to connect to many of the broad range of stakeholders in the GNSO. I think he would be an ideal candidate to deal with the many issues the ICANN board has to deal with.

  9. Dmitry Burkov says:

    Johan can be considered as one of the Internet pioneers in the space of ISP development. His broad and extenive knowledge of the Internet environment puts him in an adventagous position. I believe that Johan can bring a fresh prespective and independent thinking which i feel is needed at this time in the ICANN Board.

  10. Kurtis Lindqvist says:

    Johan has a long and broad experience from the community, and a background that will be a value to both the ICANN board and the ASO. Having the grassroots view as well as a long experience in management will be a valuable asset to the ICANN board and the ASO. I believe Johan is an excellent candidate for the ASO position on the ICANN board.

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