William Manning

In accordance with privacy guidelines, the personal data that was published on this page has been removed. All comments and statements of support that this candidate received during the course of the ASO AC ICANN Board Seat 9/10 Election process remain available below.

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Last modified on 04/02/2020


  1. Calvin Browne says:

    Bill has a couple of traits that would make him suitable for this position and which mean I have no qualms endorsing him:

    He is able to listen and comprehend.
    He is able to debate and understand technical (and other) arguments.
    He is able to heed advice.
    He is civic minded.

    All of these traits would serve him, and the ICANN board well, should he be appointed.

    –Calvin Browne

  2. Kuo-Wei Wu says:

    It is great to have Bill to offer his serve in ICANN board member, and I support his candidacy.

  3. Michael Sinatra says:

    I am happy to support Bill’s candidacy. Bill has been a tireless contributor to the Internet community for many years, and I am happy to see that he is continually willing to put his valuable skills, experience, and talent to good use at ICANN.

  4. I support Bill’s candidacy.

    I’ve known Bill for many years, particularly through the ccTLD DNS training and ccNSO TechDay.

    I think he would be a good ICANN Board Member from the ASO

    Nigel Roberts. ccTLD Manager .GG and .JE

  5. Martin Hannigan says:

    I happily support Bill’s candidate to the ICANN Board.

  6. Frode Greisen says:

    I’d like to support Bill’s candidacy for the ICANN board. From my time with the Ebone network and the RIPE NCC board I appreciate his understanding and common sense in issues with Internet addresses and names.

  7. Hong Xue says:

    I cordially support Bill’s candidacy for Seat 9 of the Board. His capable experience and vision would be very valuable to the Board management.

  8. Hiroshi Esaki says:

    I am so glad to see that Bill is on the list of ASO election of ICANN board, and I truly and sincerely support his candidacy toward, based on his long time contribution to Internet society.
    Of course, his technical, Internet backbone operational experty shall be truly the value to ICANN operation.
    We, WIDE project, has closely worked with him, regarding a lot of topics, which are related with ICANN operation.

  9. Marcus Sachs says:

    I’m proud to support Bill’s nomination for the board seat. He has strong rapport with industry and government on a global scale and will bring that asset along with his deep technical knowledge to the board. I have enjoyed working with Bill over the years and know that he will continue to serve the community well in this position.

  10. I am glad to see Bill is standing for the ASO election, and I fully support his candidacy.

    He has been among a very small core of people who have formed the backbone of apricot, and other ops conferences around the world, and I admire his energy and commitment in this.


  11. Douglas Otis says:

    Bill has been extremely helpful in supporting efforts to track exploited resources used by malefactors. His talents and resources proved invaluable.

  12. I’m glad to see Bill has offered to serve, and I support his candidacy*.


    * as well as my own.

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