Johan Mikael (“Julf”) Helsingius

Born 4.3.1961 in Helsinki, Finland
Resident in Amsterdam, The Netherlands since 1997

2015-present Member of ICANN GNSO Council (Nominating Committee appointee to Non-Contracted Parties House)

2002-present Member of the Board, BaseN Networks Oy, Helsinki, Finland (

BaseN is an international technology company that develops and markets a scalable, inherently distributed and fault tolerant Internet of Things (IoT) platform software as a service (SaaS).

2014-present Member of the Board, Technologia Incognita (

Technologia Incognita is a hackerspace association in Amsterdam, with a membership consisting of IT professionals, freelancers, consultants, artists and students, with interest in computer hardware and software, electronics, security and privacy, hacktivism, physical production such as 3d-printing and DIY in general

2002-2004 Member of the Board, Viola Systems Oy, Helsinki, Finland

2004-2015 Chairman of the Board, Viola Systems Oy, Helsinki, Finland (

Viola Systems provides solutions for remote data monitoring, visualization and control, using an existing public infrastructure such as GPRS/EDGE/3G/LTE. Company successfully sold to ABB Group in 2015.

2001-2009 Founding Member of the Board, Bits of Freedom, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (

Bits of Freedom is the Dutch digital rights organization, focusing on privacy and communications freedom in the digital age. Bits of Freedom strives to influence legislation and self-regulation, on a national and a European level. Bits of Freedom is a founders member of European Digital Rights (EDRi).

2002-2007 Founding Member of the Board,, Washington, DC & Cape Town, South Africa was an international non-profit organisation that promoted the effective use of ICT in the developing world to reduce poverty and improve people’s lives by spanning the Digital Divide

1998-2001 KPNQwest, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President

Responsible for technology strategy, research and product development as
part of the executive management team at global networking infrastructure
and service company formed by Qwest Communications (Denver, Colorado) and
KPN (Netherlands)

Budget and result responsible for the technology, development & research division, with over 115 employees across 15 national operations

Judges Award for Outstanding Contribution, European ISP Awards 1999

Managed participation in several research projects in the EC ESPRIT research program

1997 EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) Pioneer Award

1996-1998 EUnet International BV, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Director of Product Development, Member of Management Team Responsible for product research & development at first Pan-European Internet Service Provider, with operations in 14 countries.

Responsible for technology choices, standards and infrastructure, as well as policy issues such as anti-spam and privacy measures.

Participated in work of OECD DSTI Committee for Information, Computer and Communications Policy work to formulate network policy guidelines

1993-1996 Penet Remailer

Implemented and operated one of the most widely-known and popular e-mailbased pseudonym servers,, with over 600.000 users.

1992-1996 EUnet Finland Oy, Helsinki, Finland

Managing Director/CEO Responsible for starting up the first commercial Internet Service Provider (Eunet) in Finland. EUnet also managed the .FI TLD and coordinated IP address allocation.

Founder of Finnish Internet Exchange (FICIX)

Responsible for developing first pan-European dial-up roaming Internet Access system (EUnet Traveller (1993)), with more than 400 dial-up and ISDN POPs in Europe and North America.

Participated in setting up network connectivity to the former Soviet Union

Member of Finnish TIVEKE National Data Network Development Program steering group

1984-1989 Oy Penetron Ab, Helsinki, Finland

1991-1992 Oy Penetic Ab, Helsinki, Finland

CEO and principal owner of Open Systems consulting and training company

Strategic specification of IT standards and environments for government agencies

Responsible for content and organisation of several major international computer conferences

Member of IEEE Std 1003.1-1988 (POSIX) standardisation committee for Portable Operating System Interface

Co-founder and chairman of Finnish UNIX Users Group Member of management board, European UNIX User Group / EurOpen Managed the UUCP/USENET node for Finland

1985-1988 Helsinki Polytechnic

Lecturer, Operating Systems, C and UNIX

1979-1986 Helsinki University of Technology (now Aalto University)

Studies towards Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science