William Manning

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Bill Manning has been involved in Internet Operations since 1978, building two global IP networks for Texas Instruments and EDS. He moved to Rice University where he was part of the team that built and ran one of the NSFnet regional networks. He then moved to USC/ISI to work with Jon Postel and the IANA function. While there he was part of the team that developed and deployed the initial country code TLDS, built and operated the first IPv6 network, and then the 6bone, was on the team that approved and created the first RIR (RIPE-­‐NCC), worked on the design of the first IRR, and helped plan the IANA transition to ICANN.

He has served on both the ARIN Advisory Council (1999-­‐2000) and the Board of Trustees (2000-­‐2008). He managed the “B” root nameserver and created the “J, K, L, and M” servers and was part of the team that distributed them to Verisign, RIPE, ICANN and Wide. He is active in the IETF, having served as the Procedures for Internet/Enterprise Renumbering (pier) WG chair and has been author or editor for numerous RFCs. He participates in ICANN committees, as a charter member of RSSAC, SSR/RT (2009-­‐ present), and NOMCOM (2007-­‐2010).

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