2022 ICANN Board Seat 10 Elections: Comment Phase Open

In line with the ICANN Address Supporting Organization (ASO) Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and the ICANN Bylaws, the Address Supporting Organization Address Council (ASO AC) has issued a call for nominations for Seat 10 of the ICANN Board of Directors.

The selected candidate will serve for a three-year term, which will begin at the conclusion of the ICANN Annual General Assembly during the ICANN 75 Meeting, scheduled from 17-22 September 2022 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Following a call for candidates, the ASO AC is pleased to announce that the following candidates have been nominated (sorted by their first name):


Comment Phase
The comment phase began on 30 December 2021 and will end at 23.59 UTC on 30 March 2022. Comments can be submitted for candidates by clicking on their name above and adding a comment at the end of their biography page.

Please note that, as per section 9.4.5 of the ASO AC Operating Procedures, all comments will be moderated by the ASO Secretariat prior to being published on the ASO website.

For more information on the ICANN Board of Directors Seat 10 election process, please go to < https://aso.icann.org/icann-board/icann-board-elections/2022-icann-board-of-directors-election/ >


– Address Supporting Organization Address Council (ASO AC): https://aso.icann.org/aso-ac/

– ASO Memorandum of Understanding: https://aso.icann.org/documents/memorandums-of-understanding/

– ICANN Bylaws: https://www.icann.org/resources/pages/governance/bylaws-en

– ASO Operating Procedures: https://aso.icann.org/documents/operational-documents/operating-procedures-of-the-address-council-of-the-address-supporting-organization/

Last modified on 30/12/2021