Raimundo Beca

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Expressions of support for Raimundo Beca
Received from Oscar Robles Raymundo has shown a high level of commitment in all the responsibilities he has been elected for. His background is technical but he has proven to be fluent in the kind of consensus building and decision making process related with the Internet resources

Received from Fidel Venegas
  1. He has served as a member of the ASO Addres Council since 1999.
  2. He has a large experience in telecommunications and Internet in general.
  3. His experience and disposition to work should be of great help to the ICANN Board.

Received from Maria Regina J F Leite I have known Raimundo Beca for quite some time now, since the time when I was a telecommunications lawyer consulting with Telefonica Brasil.

Having followed his work, I wish to express my support, as he is a person of wi dely acknowledged understanding of the world of the Internet, with which he is especially familiar.

His academic and professional background, his enormous experience in dealing wi th national. multinational and governmental organizations, his capability and c ompetence have been of great worth for the unceasing and arduous job he has bee n developing in the organizations of the Internet community, with which he is d eeply involved.

Because of his contributions to the field, his dynamism and dedication, allied with his great knowledge and vast experience, he is certainly the person that I CANN needs on its board.

Received from Oscar A.Messano Raimundo has been involved in the ICANN process since it’s inception. He is well versed in all matters relating to IP addressing and ICANN issues in general, and is an excel lent professional. Consequently he will be a very effective ICANN Board member.

Received from Anthony Harris I have known Raimundo for several years, and he is a very qualified expert in Internet policy issues, as well as being highly regarded by the Internet stakeholder community. He has a balanced and thoughtful approach to matters, that make him an ideal candidate to contribute to the ICANN Board.

Received from Jacques Rosselin I have known Raimundo Beca professionnaly for more than 20 years. He was responsible for the French electronic information policy at the Ministry of Industry. I was working in the same field for the Ministry of Research. During the eighties, I had the opportunity to work with him on projects regarding the development of French and European databanks.

We represented France in several commitees of the European Commission including the Commitee for Scientific and Technical Information and the Commitee for Innovation and Technological Transfer.

I believe that Raimundo has several essential qualities for the job : he always as been a devoted civil servant, he knows the meaning of Public Service and he as the indispensable vision, in a fast evolving field; long before the birth of the Internet Raimundo anticipated business and consumer usage of information technologies.

Last but not least, Raimundo is a wonderful and loyal human being.

I hope for ASO and Icann that he gets the job.

Received from Sebastian Bellagamba I have know Raimundo Beca for several years, through his contributions to the growth of the Internet in Chile, a nd also as a key stakeholder in the formation of LACNIC as a recognized RIR. Since he has been involved with ICANN proceeding s for quite some time now, I feel he is perfectly qualified to make a significant contribution as an ICANN board member.

Received from Adiel Akplogan I fully support Raimundo Nomination. He is a very professional and committed person. Every time I had a chance to chat with him I’m impressed by his professionalism. He also acquired a broad view on Telecommunication and Internet Policies related issue from his International working experience. He can really play an important role seating on ICAN Board at this moment where there is a lot of discussion on ICANN internationalization.

Received from Maurice Ronai For many years, Raimundo has been active in the field of information technologies and information policy.

He spent many years in France. From 1977 to 1989 , at the french Ministry of Industry of France, he was in charge of the Information Industry issues (Minitel, Hypertext, Smart Card CD-ROM, among others).

He took an active part in preparation of the visionary Nora-Minc report on the Impact on Society of Information Technologies. Raimundo Beca has the knowledge and the experience and serving efficiently and wisely the Internet Community.

Received from Nii Quaynor A representative from LACNIC region will strengthen ASO and ICANN at this time. His experience with establishment LACNIC is also noted.

I have known Raimundo as objective, fair with interest in advancing the Internet in developing countries. He is committed to private sector development of techni cal policies for the Internet.

Received from Marcelo Bagnulo As chair of the IPv6 working group of the LACNIC region I have worked with Raimundo in several ocasions. He is a very active person in the LACNIC region and he has a lot of experience and knowledge about addressing issues. In my humble opinion, Raimundo will provide the vision of the addressing community to the ICANN Board and he will provide a significant contribution, as he usually does.

Received from Roque Gagliano As a young participant in ICANN meeting I had the chance to met Raimundo. Since the beginning I was overwhelmed by his hard work and enthusiasm.

He has successfully participate in several challenging positions, specially at ICANN, ASO and LACNIC.

I strongly believe he is an excellent candidate for this position.

Received from Geoff Huston Raimundo has had extensive experience within the addressing community, and has been an active member of this com munity, particularly within the Latin American region where he has been a member of the Board of LACNIC.

Raimundo is committed to the principles of responsible management of the Internet’s number resources and has been an able exp onent of these principles in a wide set of fora.

I believe that it is in the interests of the addressing community, and the interests of ICANN that we draw upon active, willi ng, qualified and committed members of the addressing community to serve as the ASO-nominated members of the ICANN Board of Directors. In my experience in working with Raimundo Beca over many years, I believe he would be an assset to the ICANN Board in bringing relevant experience from this community to matters relating to the governance of ICANN at the Board level, as we ll as being a diligent and committed Board member.

Received from FRANCISCO GOMEZ ALAMILLO No additional text was supplied.

Received from MAEMURA Akinori The APNIC Executive Council (EC) expresses its strong support for Raimundo Beca’s appointment to the ICANN board. Raimundo is directly and actively involved in the Internet addressing communit y, and is therefore ideally positioned to understand and represent current pract ices and experiences from this specialised and dynamic field. Raimundo has shown his commitment to Internet development in general through h is long and continuing involvement in broader Internet matters including the DNS at generic and country levels, Internet organisational issues, and global developments such as ICANN and the WSIS. His broader and diverse involvement in UN matters, telecommunications carriers and general ICT areas would provide valuable assets to the ICANN board. We therefore ask the ASO AC to appoint Raimundo to this position on the ICANN Board.

Received from Bill Darte I have observed Raimundo Beca in his dealings with ARIN since early on. I have witnessed his willingness to accept responsibility and his consiste nt dedication to the principles of open participation in address policy. His con tributions to the organization of LACNIC are important as is his experience with the ASO. Becoming a Board member of ICANN is a logical step in his involvment a nd I support his candidacy completely.

Received from Waldo Maldonado Raimundo has participated since 1999 in the ICANN community, he is an expert in the field of Telecommunications and Internet, he has contributed to the development of these areas from different perspectives and different institutions. I believe he is the right person to contribute effectively to the ICANN board.

Received from José Enrique Díaz Jolly I know Raimundo as an Internet person who has given his time to support and guide public and private organizations for Internet fair and trustable government.

Since I first met him I have had several proofs of his integrity and dedication to the internet improvement and growth in his country, Chile and the Latin american region.

Received from Ghazwa Malhas Motivation =

  1. to contribute to ASO and ICANN development and the Internet in general;
  2. help inject ideas for development that will serve developing countries.

Received from Patricio Poblete Raimundo is a very knowledgeable person, with a long involvement in Internet matters. He is experienced both in IP address management, having served in the board of LACNIC, and also in domain name matters, as a former member of the Advisory Board of NIC Chile. I believe he is perfectly qualified to serve in the ICANN Board.

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